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Monday night there will be two broadcasts at 01:30 from the transmitter of the departure from the space station to the Dragon spacecraft, 03:30 the disconnection of the Dragon. The article also includes videos taken during the mission
Today, Tuesday 19/4/2022 at four o'clock in the afternoon Israel time, Eitan Stiva and his three companions will enter the private space mission AX-1. They are supposed to land tomorrow, Wednesday at 15:17 Israel time
With a short break for Seder Pesach, Eitan Stiva was busy all weekend with the Israeli experiments
Throughout the day, Eitan Stiva performs a variety of scientific experiments from the International Space Station, in the field of remote medicine.
Eitan Stiva, the first Israeli on the International Space Station who also received an astronaut badge from the International Astronaut Association, said during the welcome ceremony held upon the arrival of the Ax-1 team at the International Space Station: "Welcome to the station
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