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gene therapy

two drops. That's all it took to cure Aisam Dam from homeland destruction, forever. Two drops that were instilled in his ear and gave the 11-year-old boy the ability to hear - for the first time in his life
Mice that received a gene encoding a telomere-producing enzyme extended their lifespan by forty percent, compared to a control group. Treatment with another gene, one that codes for the protein follistatin, resulted in an extension of life span
Vaccine technology based on DNA and RNA has already been in development for about thirty years, it happened to be ready to help develop a vaccine for Corona, but its potential is much higher, says a British researcher
A new study from Tel Aviv University presents an innovative treatment for deafness, which is based on the introduction of genetic cargo into the cells of the inner ear. As part of the treatment, the genetic load is inserted into the damaged cell in such a way that it actually "repairs"
Cancer medicine is moving to personalized treatment: patients will receive treatment that is specifically suited to their tumor
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