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Nobel Prize 2021

Prof. Ingrist Natural experiments help answer important questions for society. For example: people born in the fourth quarter of the school year have more years of education and higher income
The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded this year to Giorgio LaFerrisi for his scientific contribution in understanding complex systems alongside climate researchers. The prize committee decided to focus on the solution he proposed to the spin-glass problem on the grounds that this model is able to explain phenomena
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2021 was awarded to two researchers: Benjamin List (Benjamin List) and David MacMillan (David WC MacMillan) for "the development of asymmetric organocatalysis". (the news will be updated)
An accessible explanation of the science behind the Nobel Prize in Physics won by Syukuro Manaba from Princeton University and Klaus Hasselmann from the Max Planck Institute who perfected the climate models as published on the Nobel Prize website. Translation: Dr
The Nobel Prize in Physics awarded today to Prof. Giorgio Parisi is just a small number of the names of Nobel Prize winners over the years, who previously won the prestigious Wolf Prize, of the Wolf Foundation.
Half of the prize was awarded to Syokuro Manaba from Princeton University and Klaus Hasselman, the Max Planck Institute, who perfected the climate models, and the Italian Giorgio Frisi, who deals with the transition between simple and complex systems * Frisi said at the announcement event:
David Julius and Erdem Patapotian (born in Beirut, Lebanon) discovered the receptors TRPV1, TRPM8 made it possible to understand how heat, cold and mechanical force can initiate nerve impulses that allow us to sense and adapt to the world around us
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