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Sediment studies in the Mediterranean reveal the existence of a green corridor in the Sahara desert that emerged at the exact time when our ancestors migrated from Africa about 2.1 million years ago
What could aliens pick up from the radio leak from Earth? How would Earth look to an alien civilization light years away from us?
Using rigorous and detailed collection methods, the researchers were able to place the remains of fossilized apes, such as Morotopithecus, in detailed reconstructions of habitats. Credit: Corbin Rainbolt
Between 2010 and 2020 more than 170 million Africans were affected by drought and at the same time more than 40 million Africans were affected by floods. Because of the climate crisis, by 2030 about 40 million will deteriorate
In recent decades - after reaching a peak due to the population of Lake Victoria with the predatory fish that was not there before, the fishing productivity in Lake Victoria is decreasing due to overfishing and mortality due to water pollution.
Researchers were looking for new varieties of coffee in Africa, which could replace the Arabica variety whose cultivation was damaged by climate change * A candidate was found in Sierra Leone
In the past I have already referred to the need to reduce meat consumption in the face of the significant differences between the industrial form of farming in large farms in Western countries and nomadic herders, mainly in African countries. They are still not considered
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