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The technology developed by Prof. Yuval Shaked's research group was registered as a patent and is now in the process of being commercialized
Weizmann Institute of Science scientists have developed a new approach to immunotherapy based on communication between the cells of the immune system
The cell's garbage disposal system changes in cancer and allows it to escape the immune system
His important contribution included a host of breakthrough insights and discoveries, publications and collaborations in the field of cancer research
Immunotherapy treatment may cause the spread of cancerous tumors
Prof. Ronit Sachi-Painero: "I believe that in the future the small molecule will be available and will make immunological treatment accessible and effective for cancer patients."
The method that may make the new generation of cancer treatments accessible to more patients
The researchers found that the negative destructive properties of eosinophil-type white blood cells can also be used to damage and destroy cancerous tumors * The researchers discovered that eosinophils fight cancer cells in two ways
Enalivex reports positive results in a clinical trial of Allocetra for the treatment of corona patients in severe/critical condition
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