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The World's Greatest Virus Presents: The Invasion

How do viruses invade living cells? What are the production processes of new viruses? New insights may help develop ways to stop the cycle of infection

Mimivirus during the division process
Mimivirus during the division process

The process of infecting a living cell with a virus takes place in two main stages. In the first stage, the virus invades the infected cell. In the second stage, the cell produces new viruses that leave the host cell on their way to infect other cells. At the beginning of the virus production process, the cell produces the proteins of the virus envelope that make up a kind of "boxes". The cell then replicates copies of the viral genetic material and "injects" them into the "boxes". In this way, complete and active viruses are created that are ready to leave the cell and fulfill their purpose: infecting more cells. Understanding the process of infection of the cell with the virus, and the production processes of new viruses in the cell, will perhaps, in the future, help prevent the cycle of infection and reproduction of viruses, something that will curb viral diseases. One of the difficulties standing in the way of realizing this vision is the fact that the existing knowledge about the invasion methods of certain viruses is not necessarily valid for other types of viruses.

One of the interesting virus families in this context is the mimivirus family, known among other things for their extraordinary size - five to ten times that of any other known virus. The family was identified only at the end of the 20th century, because the unusual dimensions of the "members of the family" made it impossible to identify them by conventional means. The amount of genetic material they contain is also much greater than that found in normal viruses. This feature requires them to develop effective methods, both for introducing the viral DNA into the host cell, and for packaging the "viral genetic delivery" intended for "injection" into the new envelope protein boxes that are formed inside the host cell. Prof. Avraham Minsky and research students Natan Zauberman and Yael Mozafi, from the Department of Organic Chemistry, and Dr. Eugenia Klein and Dr. Eyal Shimoni from the Electron Microscopy Unit at the Weizmann Institute of Science, recently revealed details about some of the methods of action developed by these viruses. In an article published in the online scientific journal PLoS Biology, they present, for the first time, XNUMXD images of the openings through which the viral genetic material is transferred from the virus to the infected cell, and of the process in which the viral genetic material is "injected" into the envelope protein boxes.

In the viruses that have been tested up to the current research of the Institute's scientists, the exit of the genetic material from the virus to the cell (in the infection process), and also the entry of the genetic material into the protein boxes of the envelope, in the process of producing new viruses inside the cell, are done through one channel, which crosses the envelope of the virus .

The researchers found that the giant aquatic virus uses two different openings - a unique opening for each of these tasks separately. The scientists also discovered that the DNA helices that are transferred (in both directions) are not organized as a long thread (as is the case with other viruses), but as a compact and tightly packed block. The scientists believe that these differences are due to the large amount of genetic material of the virus, which required him to develop efficient and fast methods for transferring it to the host cell, as well as for injecting it into the protein envelopes of the emerging and developing viruses.

Images taken using an electron microscope, during the invasion of an aquatic virus into an amoeba cell, show that the furrows of the "envelope protein box" of the virus (built as a polygon made of 20 triangles) separate and open outward - like flower petals - and form a large star-like gate . As a result, the inner membrane of the virus fuses with the amoeba cell membrane, and a wide channel is formed, leading into the cell. The pressure released by the sudden opening of the wigs (a pressure 20 times greater than that released by opening a bottle of champagne) pushes the DNA into the channel, the large dimensions of which allow a rapid passage of the genetic material. Additional images show how copies of viral genetic material are "injected" into the newly formed protein boxes inside the host cell. In this process, the viral genetic material is transferred to its certificate through an opening located in the opposite face to the opening of the star of the emerging virus envelope. This process is done while resisting the existing pressure inside the box. The researchers hypothesize that the "engine" that enables this process is located on the wig where the opening is located.

The scientists say that studying the life cycle of aquatic viruses (the processes of infection and production of new viruses) may yield insights into many other viruses, including those that cause disease in humans.

Much more than a virus
Mimiviruses are an intermediate stage between viruses and more complex cellular parasites. Researchers check their life cycle, and especially the phase in which the viral DNA is inserted into the host cell

Dr. Dror Bar-Nir, Galileo, Issue 120, August 2008

One of the most striking differences between viruses and bacteria is the size (there are of course other differences - much more significant). The diameter of most bacteria is 5.0-0.5 micrometers (5,000-500 nanometers), while the diameter of most viruses is in the range of 200-20 nanometers, although there are exceptions.

Until not long ago, the pox viruses of various kinds (pox, monkey, cattle - poxviridae), which are a family of enveloped viruses with double-stranded DNA, over 300 nm in diameter, were considered the largest viruses. (The chicken pox virus, Varicella zoster, does not belong to this group but to the herpes virus family.)
Between viruses and parasites

In 1992, in a study of Legionella bacteria, which are normally housed in amoebas of the species Acanthamoeba polyphaga, huge and unknown naked viruses (lacking a lipid envelope derived from the host) were discovered, which may be among the causes of lung infections, the cause of which in humans is still unknown. Initially, they were thought to be bacteria, due to their diameter - 800 micrometers (like streptococci!) and due to the size of their genome (1.2 Mb, encoding over 900 proteins). They were even given a bacterial name - Bradfordcoccus, after the county in England where they were found.
DNA Antibiotics Africa Life in the Small Dealing with Diseases Viruses Infections Bacteria Treating Bacteria Science Food Diseases Diseases Children Microscope Immune System Viruses Threat of Extinction Alternative Medicine

Only in 2003 did it become clear to Bernard La Scola's group at the University of Marseille in France that these were viruses. The viruses were called Mimiviruses (from the English word Mimic - to imitate). The complexity of the viral genome - the length of the sequence and the amount of genes - prompted some researchers to propose defining them as an entirely new group of creatures - Giruses - which are an intermediate stage between viruses and more complex cellular parasites.

Currently, one virus is defined in the genus Mimivirus, called, after its host, Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus (APMV). In the laboratory of Prof. Avi Minsky (Minsky) from the Department of Organic Chemistry at the Weizmann Institute of Science, the life cycle of these giant viruses in amoeba cells, and especially the initial stage - where the viral DNA is inserted into the host cell, is studied, also through electron microscope photographs.

DNA is compressed and not unfolded

Minsky and his group discovered that unlike other viruses, which use a single opening in the virus box both for injecting the DNA into the reservoir during infection and for entering the DNA into the box during "assembly of the offspring", APMV has two different openings for these purposes. One opening opens outwards and is shaped like a star, and it allows the viral DNA to exit through a channel formed in the host cell membrane; And the other, whose structure is different, is placed in front of him in a box.

The two different openings are "exposed" as a result of a change in the spatial structure of the virus box. The viral DNA is packaged in a box compressed in a spherical structure, and not as an unfolded DNA coil, as is done in other DNA viruses, whose DNA length is much shorter.

The researchers believe that this difference is due to the amount of viral DNA transferred. The DNA "case" is released from the box due to the pressure differences created due to the sudden opening of the star's hatch. It is not yet clear what the energetic mechanism is that allows the DNA of the "descendants" to enter through the other opening.

The size of these viruses will certainly facilitate their research, but due to the significant differences between them and other viruses, they cannot be used as a general model for virus research.

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  1. tilapia:
    No one denied the influence of the soul on anything.
    The placebo phenomenon is well known and accepted and it is a clear example of the influence of the mind.
    The truth is that apparently there is no soul separate from the body, but the separation between body and soul in conversation may be useful.
    You look for opposition in a place that doesn't exist at all and for that purpose you deliberately express yourself in an outrageous way with stupid sentences like "what confuses science is the routine of assumptions that consists of the assumption that a virus like HIV strives to reproduce" as if science is someone who can be confused, as if someone relates aspirations to a virus, as if the virus is not Multiplies like any virus - and that's just the tip of the iceberg.
    You invite the resistance - and then pat yourself on the back as if you foresaw it when the resistance is not what you attribute it to.
    So it's not over, Amnon.
    I repeat that science is not created in this way and until you have conducted the experiment there is no point in presenting the theory that you hope (in my opinion in vain) to prove.

  2. To Michael.

    "What we know is in quite strong contradiction to the fact that this is a psychological illness." With your permission, let's put things in order.
    Aids is not a "psychological disease" but a pattern of symptoms that in the most natural way (it is a system that is a body and mind in its scientific definition) participate in its production - in the presence of a specific virus - psychological sources.
    "Psychological illness" for the sake of understanding is, for example, "mania depression".

    What we know does not contradict the fact that the mind is involved. The exact opposite is true. What we know only strengthens this knowledge. The question is to what extent the person who is interested controls what we know and through which glasses he chooses to read what we know. Is it through glasses: "It's really not relevant", "doesn't belong", "what's the connection", "doesn't make sense", etc., or through - "let's examine this new logic in the light of all the knowledge we have".
    Science has a tendency to fragment knowledge and sometimes it loses its connection to the whole.

    As you can notice the overwhelming common denominator of the responses is a strong opposition to the very possibility that the mind is involved in creating the pattern of symptoms known professionally as AIDS.

    This very opposition is a subject for the study of science itself. In the book I plan to publish, this very objection has a special section, in the chapter on the history of the development of the Western concept of medicine and the a priori objection to including the mind as a "factor" component in complex systems such as the one in which we are concerned with an external virus.

    It was a very interesting experiment for me.
    My initial intention was to share and see if anyone is willing to ask questions and be curious. I believed that would be the response. I contributed the main points - there are other issues and especially the very method of treatment that I propose that I did not share with you since it is a matter for professionals so that it is not used irresponsibly. I was not surprised by the resistance, but by the intensity of it. Before my eyes I saw what this resistance looks and sounds like.
    For the purpose of demonstrating the opposition to the insight I offer, I will quote from the book.

    To you Michael, a special thank you for the opportunity to produce an ending, I have a special affection for the angel whose name you are named after.

    With love to all of you
    Happy New Year
    Amnon Yusting

  3. tilapia:
    I don't think it is productive to define every word that is used.
    Do you want a good Jew to ask you to define the word define? Or the word "I will"?
    There is a place for these requests if there is evidence that we are talking about other things.
    I claimed that reality is revealed by experiment and see it's a miracle - you also offer an experiment.
    It means you agree with me, so why just argue?
    You are trying to "sell" us an idea that you have not proven experimentally and I say you will not succeed in this until you prove it experimentally because it does not follow logically from anything we know.
    In fact, what we know is in quite strong contradiction to the fact that this is a psychological illness (even if only in part - as I had to admit when I suggested that you try your method on yourself because if it were completely psychological, the blood transfusion would not make you sick at all).
    Why is this quite a contradiction? Because the first AIDS patients did not even know they were sick and therefore thought positive thoughts until the disease overwhelmed them.
    And by the way - people maintained the same lifestyle even before the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic and did not get sick because there was no virus and not because of anything mental.

  4. Michael Shalom.
    The experiment you propose invites an act of defiance by gambling.
    Defiance by betting is a dynamic of extreme limit testing "come on let's see what happens with my life".
    Such a dynamic falls under the definition of a person's greatest irresponsibility to himself which is a basic dynamic of an unbalanced mind.
    The mind is made up of balanced healthy elements with the possibility of them getting out of balance. Since this is something that has a physiological expression it is called "psychophysical". Today there is a very special and complex scientific field called "neuro-psycho-endo-immunology" - or a combination of the neurological understanding with the psychological one in combination with endocrinology, which is the theory of the hormonal structure and behavior in the body-mind system and finally how this complex is expressed in the immune system. That is, the scientific understanding that the neurological structure is related to the psychological structure and there is a connection to the hormonal conduct, and all of this is expressed in the way the immune system functions.

    Regarding the application of my insight for the purpose of curing AIDS, this is the goal.

    No one will be harmed since it is a therapeutic synergy that contains as a component the continuation of conventional treatment ("First of all do no harm" - a key phrase that medical students learn).
    At the same time, the patients should undergo a personal diagnosis to identify the direct mental dynamics involved in the creation of the symptoms. Such a process will be done by professionals - a qualified psychologist.
    At the same time as these two components there are two other components, one nutritional and one energetic.
    The basis of success is the patient's commitment to the process. Such commitment is a deep mental dynamic that serves as one of the foundations of this comprehensive treatment.

    The way to show that my insight works and is accurate is through pilot groups moderated by a team that will include: an infectious disease specialist, a licensed psychologist with extensive experience, a clinical nutritionist and me. These groups will be in the status of patients, which means that their identity is completely confidential.
    Throughout the process there will be a follow-up that will be documented.

    The people who gave their consent to accompany or act in front of such a pilot group are: on the side of the infectious diseases, a professional figure (MD) at an international level, a psychologist with a lot of experience, and a clinical nutritionist with a rich professional background.

    Aids is a sophisticated and multidimensional warning system. To understand it, you don't need to be a genius or a scholar, you should just try to make the assumption and follow the scientific path that can confirm it. Anyone who is interested can gather the collection of scattered scientific findings and make a complete picture of them.
    It is impossible with an a priori rejection of the possibility. In science in general, asking questions is a basis, curiosity is a basis, the answers to go for the "illogical". Logic is very much something acquired. Just because a lot of people including scientists recite something doesn't make it scientific truth.

    In a conversation I had with an infectious disease specialist, I said that even without CD4 - the receptor to which the virus binds and which is the representative of the body-mind system in synergy - the phenomenon cannot exist, and then it can definitely be scientifically considered "the cause" just like HIV, without which the phenomenon cannot exist. The answer, of course, is that from a scientific point of view we have two factors without which the phenomenon cannot occur.
    The question is no longer whether we are ready to see CD4 as a representative of the body-mind system, but to what extent it is subject to the influence of the mind in general and specific dynamics in particular. Defining the specific dynamics can produce the research that will show whether indeed CD4 behaves in a certain way without this mental dynamic or another when it is diagnosed. There is no scientific problem to see a difference in this conduct.

    Regarding "reality", I would appreciate it if you shared with me your definition of "reality".

    I wish you all the best and thank you for the opportunity you gave me.

  5. Michael
    Amnon, most likely will do to the best of his understanding, and others will also act according to their level of understanding.
    Life is indeed an array of experiment and wonder! , experience - and yield in scholars. And all at many levels of the ranks of the "dispersed" (who are drained today on this site).. My words do not contradict the processes that have taken place so far!. Mekumi adds to you insights and the minds are tested and a lot of experience and peripheral study in order now! In this time! To allow you to conduct yourself in a more compatible and conscious manner with the frequency and vibration that are necessary and required to proceed more easily and in order to reduce levels of unconsciousness. And this is the main point!!
    It is possible that there is a load of "intellects" flowing in. I mentioned to you a time and a time. My writings are the signal and the example and the keys required so that you can contain and internalize while the "protections" that my place encrypts your site. There is nothing idle or unnecessary in my words. Everything is pure and exemplary!!
    All "modesty" is unnecessary on my part at this time! may worsen your condition and the condition of people who trust you
    It is my duty to inform you - for your benefit - for everyone's benefit.

    Hugin: In fairness.

  6. Hugin:
    Your words, of course, are not true, and even people who have lost consciousness (and therefore, in particular, the "evidence for the roots of things from the metaphysical point of view" whatever that is) recover.
    Regardless of this mistake - do you recommend Amnon to conduct the experiment I suggested?

  7. tilapia:
    Science deals with reality and this is ascertained by experiment and not by arguments.
    How about applying your theories and curing AIDS?
    More than that - so that no one gets hurt, how about taking a blood transfusion from the blood of an AIDS patient and letting your strong soul overcome the disease?

  8. Peace be upon you.
    There is a great deal we do not know about how viruses bind. What we know in the meantime is identified instances that we see or infer by the interpretation according to basic assumptions. The first that "viruses strive to reproduce like any living thing" and the second that they are "parasitic microorganisms in living cells...can cause disease in humans". It's a trap you can only get out of if you include the "soul" in the equation. As long as the status of the "mind" in the body-mind system as a factor in the creation of symptoms has not been clarified, we do not know whether HIV is the manipulator or both. In this situation the statement that he is the "cause" is not scientific. The statement that "the phenomenon exists only in the presence of HIV" is scientifically accurate.

    Science, by its definition, wants to ask "is it possible that the virus does not manipulate the immune system, but is manipulated to create warning symptoms with a distinct pattern".

    Molecular biology is a wonderful thing. She also does not know how to explain how under the influence of hallucinogenic substances produced from plants in Siberia you see sights typical of Siberia and how in those produced from plants in the rain forests you see all the typical diversity there.

    I respect your and Yehuda's and my father's responses. Your responses are representative of the perceptual barrier that hinders breaking free from basic assumptions about viruses, all this in a context where no one knows how life originated and whether viruses were there first or evolved later.

    The basis of the difficulty in connecting to what I am writing is the difficulty Western science has in thinking that "consciousness" exists independently of "material packaging", that is, if you will, "in the air". Among other things, with the help of quantum mechanics, we are not far from understanding the physical mechanism of how consciousness affects matter, or if you want to put it more simply, how telepathy works.

    I respect you without knowing you as a person,
    It can be more pleasant and more fruitful if we respond
    To the point and respectfully, there were always automatic objections
    And they are part of the engine of science's progress, therefore any objection is very respectable.
    I would be very happy to meet you and your group of scientists, as far as I'm concerned, that's why you asked a lot of questions. Maybe along the way I might be able to teach something too.

  9. tilapia,

    There is no doubt in my mind that a person's mental health helps his physical health, and that the way he sees himself determines his future. At the same time, it is important to note that there are many diseases and many pathological conditions that 'being happy' is not enough to recover from. I don't know the man who recovered from heart disease because of his constant smile, or the man whose body was immunized against smallpox/AIDS/cancer because he was always happy in his part.

    We now know how viruses bind to cells, and we know how the immune system fights them, step by step. Although we don't know everything yet, this is no reason, in my opinion, to deteriorate into 'communication with extraterrestrials' treatmentsרפואה_אנרגטית_2/

    Shabbat Shalom,


  10. Higgs
    It's a shame that you will become a "blind particle", especially in the critical moments of the sum total of all human insights, summing up a great circle. If you seek science, you cannot afford to be fixated on anything
    Captive stigma, for your benefit.

  11. Mimivirus>Amoeba>Apes>DNA>20 wigs>Homospecies>Humanity carries scenario memory>Metaphysical expression>Physiological expression Preventive therapy: Sanctification of memory>Force chain reactions
    Side effects>consequences<reflections<<enlightenment upheaval>>
    Panama ((((recurring feedback> bite of "bee" death and metaphysical resuscitation)))))))))))))) (Total Lesson Bina) >>>>> -matrix).>)>)Continued cipher..Continued quantum-spontaneous quantum..Bionic and living.
    Hugin: For those who understand interest and matter only!!! (in summary)

  12. We try to at least link to the announcement from which we translated the news (usually press releases issued by the academic institutions where the researchers work), and from there it's easy to get to the article. In this case, the Weizmann Institute magazine from which the article is taken is not a soft practice and we don't always have a way to get to the article. By the way, not only them, nor Galileo and Scientific American and the other content partners.

    However, the materials we translate ourselves are the majority. We will be comforted by that.

  13. for tilapia
    Me, I really don't care if terminally ill patients feel good psychologically. But when they try to make it the main thing and even instead of medication, then my anger increases, and not only mine. There is a cynical exploitation of the plight of the patients here.
    It interests me that in the example you gave of Professor Norm Shelley's research on the treatment of the AIDS patient, there was drug treatment, which I see as the main thing.
    There is a limit to what the mood can do against serious diseases such as AIDS!
    Until recently, it was thought that peptic ulcer - ulcer arises due to psychological pressures, and it is not so, a bacterium that causes this disease was discovered and with antibiotic treatment we get rid of it.
    And regarding the quote you brought: - Einstein taught us that "problems cannot be solved by the same thinking you used when you created them." end of quote. Well, I don't know that quote, and even if he said it, I don't agree that clear thinking, with the help of which I created problems, can't help me solve them. So I don't understand the connection to our eyes. Do you mean that because the great Einstein said something then diseases arise from the mind? it's unacceptable.
    You did not address the right person at all with the statement about Einstein, the readers of Science know me and know that I am really, really, not a follower of accepted things. Dark mass, black holes, and even gravitation are propositions that can be agreed or disagreed with in my SA. The great Einstein said? , so good, so he said!, and now I will check what I think about it, it suits me, I will agree, it doesn't suit me, no I will agree.
    The same not only with Einstein, the same with the words of every person. Likewise with your words.
    Unfortunately, I do not agree with the great importance you attach to the mental and psychological side in the treatment of serious illnesses.
    Good Day
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  14. for tilapia With all due respect to the anti-scientific opinion, here we attach importance to studies published in the scientific press and not in popular books by people, even if they are scientists, who write in a field that is not their field of activity. Richard Feynman was the only one of his generation who could understand both physics and biology.

    Beyond that, I would not recommend people with incurable diseases to go to positive thinking courses. A British exporter recently dropped a lawsuit he filed against a newspaper for revealing that he made millions selling vitamins to Africans claiming it would help them fight AIDS. He realized that he had no case because the court would not help him.

  15. Dear Mr. Yehuda. Einstein taught us that "problems cannot be solved by the same thinking you used when you created them". The thinking that disconnects the mind from the body will not succeed in deciphering the synergy called body-mind.
    Medical science today knows much more about the influence of the mind on the physiological processes. It starts with the very general concept of "stress" and reaches the interest of the doctor treating the mental background of children with leukemia. The connection between heart disease and prostate cancer and the skills of creating intimacy that a person has was proven in the most scientific way by Dr. Dean Ornish. In the workshops he holds and which are funded by insurance companies, he teaches skills to create intimacy. Among other things, he showed a regression of blockages in the coronary arteries for those whose intimacy creation indices advanced. There is not a single cardiologist in the world who does not know about him and his work. Professor Norm Shelley - a famous pain medicine specialist in the USA and a neurosurgeon, showed in a combined treatment a complete cure of an HIV carrier, that is, HIV negative when the two significant components of the treatment - in parallel with the drug treatment, were psychological therapy and a radical dietary change. He published the findings in a book called "AIDS - Corridor for Transformation".
    AIDS has long since ceased to be a gay story. She became famous because she was discovered in gay communities in New York and San Francisco. It has become a chronic disease in the West like many other diseases. Western medicine is symptom management medicine.
    on the tip of the fork . You are invited to study the development of the concept that is still dominant in medical science, starting with Aristotle and the five senses as a basis for the perception of real reality, through the seal that the mathematician philosopher Descartes burned in it with the "one cause" and the complete separation between the mind ("consciousness") and the physical body, and up to Pasteur's confession On his deathbed, the truth about the cause of diseases lies with Claude Bernard and not with his "germ theory".
    The whole concept of viruses as exclusive agents of disease is an extension of what Pasteur himself realized was not true. Claude Bernard introduced the concept of MILLIEU INTERIEUR. In other words, it is the holistic state of the person that determines his health and thus his reaction to the presence of bacteria.
    Bacteria such as helicobacter or meningococcus or the EBV virus live in many of us regularly. In CFS - "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" this virus is identified without science being able to say what its role is in creating this syndrome. What is recognized by an Israeli doctor who is a first-rate expert on the phenomenon is that 65% of her patients - usually female patients - report sexual trauma. That is, it is likely that there are more that have not been reported and the percentage is higher.
    The professional literature is full of cases of complete recovery or significant benefit when emotional therapy of any kind succeeded in freeing the patient from anchoring dynamics.
    The body-mind system is a synergy - it is "more" than the sum of all its parts. She is very sophisticated. It produces symptoms and signs to warn of its holistic state, which of course also includes the mind. It does not matter with the symptom created in the presence of an external virus.
    In medical science, there is a lack of a definition of a communication system that can explain how the structure and nature of an external virus work in harmony with a specific receptor to create a physical symptom whose role is to help locate a violation of a specific dynamic in the body-mind system.
    Basically there is no difference between your reaction and the reaction of an infectious disease specialist. Neither of you were raised to allow the assumption that the mind is involved.
    In all the twenty-six years of experience in deciphering AIDS, not surprisingly, there is not even one serious study that tries to find out first of all the nature of the resistance to bringing the mind into the equation and then the way it is involved in the phenomenon called AIDS.

    Hello to my father Blizovsky.

    I recommend that you read about the "Flexner Report" from 1910 and its results following the aggressive move by the Carnegie and Rockefeller funds designed to remove from the market any medical institution that did not support "scientific medicine" that was based on the Cartesian - Descartes model. The goal was to support only medical institutions that would study the sequence that leads to drug consumption. They recognized the business potential in the pharmaceutical industry. The way most people - including the medical mainstream, think is largely a result of this story.
    I can understand that it is difficult to see and understand a sequence in which an unbalanced collective mental dynamic receives a personal interpretation and becomes physically externalized only in the presence of a specific virus. It has not yet entered our collective code of thought. See Max Planck on scientific truth.


    Peace to Roy Tsezana.

    In essence: a balance of her personal interpretation.

    And a little in detail.
    In the human collective there is one overarching common denominator - the skeletal structure of our emotions. We are different in everything, color, height, more or less hair, thin, fat, etc. Our ability to communicate in a developed way beyond the transmission of survival codes, is first of all the knowledge to express and decode feelings in a collective non-verbal language.
    Collective mental dynamics have a personal expression in each of the individuals. In Sparta the collective mental dynamic was militant and its individual interpretation was very uniform. We also have a completely different personal interpretation of a common mental dynamic called the attitude towards women. Giving or not giving respect to a woman's natural right to equality is a mental state. This is his collective mental personality. If we recognize a collective mental dynamic of disrespecting a woman simply because she is a woman, to contribute my part to balancing that dynamic I will look for my personal interpretation of that dynamic and check how balanced I am in that place. example.

  16. To my father
    To avoid misunderstandings, and as you suggested, this is indeed a civil matter, so I allow you to delete the above comment for the sake of good order.

    Good Day
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  17. to Judah In my opinion, the issue in question is civil and not criminal, so it is better to delete the comment and avoid problems. As for the rest of the response - there is no problem to answer and respond and on the contrary, it is mandatory to respond to anyone who makes an anti-scientific claim, see what is happening in South Africa because its current president believes in such things.

  18. It seems to me that the hidden intention of the first commenter is the claim that AIDS is a psychological disease and that psychological therapy will help here.
    It is also more than implied that the immunodeficiency of AIDS may be due to the psychology and way of life of the gays and if only they would mend their ways, everything would be fine and dandy and they would even recover completely!

    Quotes from Amnon Joosting's response on which I am basing myself:-

    ...that a retrovirus like HIV runs in the body and mind system,
    ...there is a definition of an overarching mental-psychological denominator in the human collective, which is the "cause" of AIDS
    ...a complete separation from the virus when it will finish its role as a necessary helper in the creation of the symptoms whose function is to lead to the unbalanced psychic source.

    In conclusion, giving a psychological show to the AIDS disease is misleading and dangerous and may lead to reliance on charlatans, idol doctors and even rabbis, in the treatment of this serious disease.

    And indeed, right before I sent my response, I decided to check who is the aforementioned Amnon Joosting whose response we are referring to, and really, apparently I was right in my gut feeling:

    For the attention of the science commenters!!

    Have a good day
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  19. A friend once showed me a vial of medicine that says aids cure
    Then he moved his finger and showed me that below it was written the name of some disease.
    He was of course joking but it turns out that people can be funnier when they don't mean to joke.

  20. To the previous comment - what does this have to do with the article and in general - what is this nonsense?

  21. To what extent is science willing to assume that a retrovirus like HIV runs in the body-mind system automatically until the stage of binding to the T-cells via CD4, a stage where the mind takes the lead and begins to steer it to create the warning symptoms, assuming that there is a psychological dynamic that is the common denominator in all carriers and which naturally accepts A personal interpretation for each of them, which enables a defined and specific treatment that can release the anchoring psychological factor?
    What confuses science is the routine of assumptions that consists of the assumption that a virus like HIV strives to multiply, and that it is a disease-causing factor since without its presence the Aids phenomenon cannot occur.
    There is a specific mental dynamic that is a common denominator in all the issues of the virus. There is a definition of a way to diagnose the personal interpretation that makes every subject of the virus the common psychological denominator. There is a definition for the components of a therapeutic synergy - which is based on the continuation of conventional treatment - that can allow a complete separation from the virus when it finishes its role as a necessary helper in the creation of the symptoms whose role is to lead to the unbalanced mental source.
    There is a definition of an overarching mental-psychological denominator in the human collective which is the "cause" of AIDS, the entire chain of events which is a chain of symptoms whose function is most naturally to lead to this critically unbalanced collective mental dynamic.
    Aids is a critical imbalance response system. Naturally, its role is to produce a process whose very decoding is the possibility of restoring the balance.
    In the process of restoring balance (to that critical unbalanced collective mental dynamic) it is only natural that exactly the same understanding of him being assigned by the psyche of the individuals of the collective to create the warning symptoms is the one that allows him to change by one hundred and eighty degrees to become a helpful factor in the healing of those suffering from symptoms the alerters This stage can be extremely fast if the function of the warning system is a tangible success.

    There is a full decoding of Aids and there is a way to strengthen the immune system - to the point of completely releasing the virus from its role.
    Now is the time to create pilot groups that can show that this is indeed natural and possible.

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