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Psychopaths behave in a lack of empathy similar to people with a frontal head injury

"The behavioral analogy for people who suffer from a known brain injury can lead to the treatment being similar," said Dr. Simone Shamai-Zuri, who conducted the study

The cerebral hemispheres
The cerebral hemispheres

People diagnosed as psychopaths have difficulty behaving in an empathetic manner, similar to people with frontal head injuries, according to a new study conducted at the University of Haifa. "The research findings show that, in fact, the people with the psychotic disorder behave as if they have a frontal brain injury," said Dr. Simone Shamai-Zuri, the study's editor.

Psychopathy is a type of personality disorder that manifests itself in extreme antisocial behavior and planned abusive behavior, including lack of compassion and lack of empathy. One of the explanations for this behavior is that psychopathic people cannot understand the emotional world of other people. However, the fact that many of them act with sophistication and deception towards others with the aim of harming shows that they understand well the mental world of the other person and even use this knowledge to hurt and harm them.

In previous studies, Dr. Shamai-Tsuri dealt with people with frontal head injuries - the area of ​​the brain associated with emotional thinking. These studies have shown that people who suffer damage to this area of ​​the brain have difficulty showing empathy - the ability to feel the emotions of others. Following the similarity of non-empathetic behavior, the researcher asked to see if there is a similarity between the groups.

17 people diagnosed by a psychiatrist as suffering from a psychotic disorder and 25 people suffering from a frontal brain injury participated in the study, i.e. - one group does not have any brain injury, at least not one that can be diagnosed with the help of the equipment available today, and a second group has a diagnosed and known brain injury.

All the subjects underwent a computerized test in which they have to show whether they have the cognitive ability to understand emotions in the other and the empathic ability to feel emotions in the other. Also, the test tested the ability to understand the other's thoughts. The results showed that the patterns of difficulty in showing empathy for the two groups were similar and that these patterns were different from those of the control groups - people without a mental disorder or brain injury and people with non-frontal brain injuries. "The behavioral analogy for people who suffer from a known brain injury can lead to the treatment being similar," Dr. Shamai-Tsuri noted.

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  1. Islam and Judaism represent anti-moral and psychopathic masculinity. It's just a shame that they destroyed the women and they go after them, because of their enormous fear of "God".

    When there is no Judaism/Islam, then men without empathy go in the direction of inslims. They already find a way to trample women and abuse them individually and as a group.

    Many men will deny, because they do not suffer (in their view) from male evil (and they even benefit from it. Since male evil serves the multitude of men who are supposedly less evil). But there is no limit to male evil and the reversal of creativity they promote.

  2. It is not clear, for a long time and even now Baron Cohen and others are trying to trace human evil, in the Eben Stoschen dictionary they have not yet corrected the entry autism and Baron Cohen claims that antises are not able to feel empathy and hence the evil. Forget about it when you're diagnosed with Asperger's. Lack of ability to understand situations is not evil, it is actually your understanding and abuse of the turtle, beyond that, once things are understood, most of the autistic people around me have much more understanding and empathy, you are confusing.

  3. "Suffer" from a type of anti-sociality. They are just sure that if they are cold/hot, then everyone else is cold/hot. If it doesn't hurt them, then nobody else does. If they have a high muscle mass that protects them, then the little girl in front of them also has such physical protection. If they are horny, then "she is horny too".. and it won't help how much she tries to explain to them... even hundreds of thousands of times (really) that there is such a thing as "reluctance" or "lack of attraction". They really really won't understand..and will try to convince again and again at best.

    I wish they would find a cure for this.

    PS - you wrote psychotic disorder, instead of psychopathic disorder, in paragraph 4 - line XNUMX.

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