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Why are the aliens silent? Because they are dead!

A new theory known as the Gaia Bottleneck holds that life on other planets may with a high probability become extinct shortly after their formation due to accelerated warming or cooling of the planets on which they formed

alien planet Life may be extinct before a stake is driven in. Illustration: shutterstock
alien planet Life may be extinct before a stake is driven in. Illustration: shutterstock

The universe is probably full of habitable planets, which leads scientists to estimate that they are inhabited by aliens. But life on other planets may be short-lived and die out fairly quickly, say astrobiologists from the Australian National University (ANU).

In a study designed to understand how life might have developed, the scientists estimate that in most cases life becomes extinct shortly after it was created due to rapid changes in climate - the warming or cooling of the planet on which it was created.

CSIRO's Parkes radio telescope will search for extraterrestrial civilizations as part of a groundbreaking $100 million listening project. Photo: Wayne England
"The universe is probably full of habitable planets, which leads scientists to estimate that they are inhabited by aliens." Says Aditya Chopra from the School of Earth Sciences and lead author of the article published in the journal "Astrobiology" "Early life is very fragile, and therefore I believe that it is rare that they evolve fast enough to survive."

"Most early planetary environments are unstable. To develop a habitable planet, life needs to control greenhouse gases such as water and carbon dioxide to keep the surface temperature stable."

"4 billion years ago Earth, Venus and Mars were all habitable. However, about a billion years after their formation, Venus became a furnace and Mars froze.
"Early bacteria on Mars or Venus, if there were any, failed to stabilize the rapidly changing environment," says the second researcher in the study, Charlie Lineweaver of ANU's Institute of Planetary Sciences. "Life on Earth probably played an important role in stabilizing the planet's climate. said.

Dr. Chopra said that their theory solved the puzzle. "The mystery surrounding the question of why we have not discovered signs of extraterrestrials (intelligent aliens a.b.) depends less on the question of the plausibility of the creation of life or intelligence, but more on the rarity of a rapid appearance of biological regulation of a feedback system on the surface of a planet." said.

"Wet and rocky planets that have all the ingredients and energy sources necessary for life seem common. However, as the physicist Enrico Fermi pointed out in the XNUMXs, no signs of the survival of extraterrestrial life have been found."

A likely solution to the Fermi paradox, the researchers say, is that there is an almost universal extinction, which they call "Gaia's bottleneck"

"One of the intriguing predictions of the Gaia bottleneck model is that most of the fossils in the universe will be of extinct bacterial life, not of multicellular creatures like dinosaurs or hominoids that require millions of years of evolution," Linweaver says.

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  1. You are helping to increase the number of educated people - you are not rich, so what?!!! It's enough for you to eat and read.

  2. Avi Shalom, if you have so many logins, why don't you do Google Ads? You can earn a lot of money and invest in the site and improve it!
    If you want help contact me

  3. A total economic boycott. Despite ten thousand views a day - 3.4 million for example in the whole year 2015 from 1.3 million different surfers they still treat me as a blog with 2.5 readers and claim that every penny they give me is in the form of social assistance. Most of the marketing managers of the universities even got together and made a joint decision that everyone stands by. I know that in other fields there are websites of the same size and less that make a good living and can even employ several employees. I write as a freelancer in some of them. Unfortunately presidents and CEOs of universities that I contacted decided to defend the decision of their marketing people without thinking about its meaning.

  4. Thank you Or. I have an occasional problem of replacing letters with letters that sound the same. I usually notice right away and correct. However, the absence of a linguistic editor for the site is one of the victims of the boycott imposed by the universities on the one who is supposed to be the most important means of communication for them.

  5. Avi Cohen
    Read what I wrote again, and respond accordingly. I have no intention of responding to your responses to things I did not write.

  6. Communication with extraterrestrials? Is it a frequency? Why do you think that if there are no communication options you will be able to communicate on the right frequency and in general what will be understood from the communication? Even autistics are misunderstood as if they were given from another planet. Who will you understand and who will understand you

  7. Miracles,
    I'm sorry I can't respond right away, I don't have all the time in the world to devote to the subject. When you say that most scientists "have no doubt" it is not scientific. It is possible that they believe this, it is possible that statistically (relative to the data we know today) the chances of this are high, but "there is no doubt" in science is only when proven by empirical data that cannot be interpreted in any other way. This is also why I say that there "may" be or have been visits from extraterrestrials, or I believe so, but I have no conclusive proof, only circumstantial evidence that points to it. This is the essence of my argument with Hanan.
    Additionally, the point I wanted to make is that this was not always the case. Not long ago the situation was the opposite, and most scientists in the world laughed at the issue of life outside of Earth, similar to the issue of extraterrestrial visits (I'm talking about the last 50 years). And this is of course because our knowledge has progressed since then, and as I tried to explain, it is progressing in the direction of accepting the possibility of such visits and not the other way around.
    Regarding the sightings, unfortunately you and many others are not exposed to most of the sightings. I have already said before that there is a problem with access to the appropriate information, whether it is due to intentional or accidental concealment it does not matter. If we take Vinet as an example, there have been a lot of articles lately on the subject of "extraterrestrials", but they only tend towards the "scandalous yellow", and do not include the more significant sightings that are taking place. These sightings are reported on less popular channels, which are accessed only by people interested in the subject. In addition to this, since there are no organized scientific bodies that deal with the subject, there are also many charlatans, gummers and eccentrics, who obscure the discussion on the subject.
    Regarding the use of stealth technology, I think it is a bit presumptuous of you to assume that such technology will "difficult" a technological culture that is hundreds if not thousands of years more advanced than us. This is similar to the claim of a technologist from 1980 who claims that in the future there probably won't be televisions that we can put in our pockets because the CRT technology will burden the user, not to mention adding a receiver in addition. After all, today we all carry mobile phones with many more functions than a television.
    In addition, the stealth function may be a side effect of their propulsion system, and indeed the goal, because the light creates seemingly "strange" effects as a response to the electromagnetic envelope that is created around these objects.
    Why do you think they don't know what they will meet? If indeed the observations indicate visits from their side, they have been happening for hundreds of years and they are repeated over and over again. The names given to them have been different over time according to our technological and cultural development, if today we call them spaceships, it is possible that in the past they were flying saucers, Poo fighters, ghost ships, chariots of the gods, electrics and wheels, fire shields, etc... The names I mentioned are not from my imagination, but Names of different phenomena at different times mentioned by humans. These may be the same phenomena under different names, since they have common characteristics.
    The claim that the observations are similar to science fiction movies belongs to the question: "Does art imitate reality or does reality imitate art?" All directors and effects people are exposed to the same stories and observations that we all know, and are influenced by it consciously or unconsciously. More than that, every serious director does research on the subject and is fed by the information that exists, and for example: at the time I heard accusations that the creatures that people meet in alleged abductions are similar to the creatures in the movie "Encounters of the Third Kind". A little research reveals that Steven Spielberg did some research on UFOs before he scripted the movie. In fact, he had a consultant in the film named Dr. Alan Heinke, who is one of the pioneers in UFO research, who started as a skeptic, and after the Blue Book project in which he participated we will become a believer (recommended to look him up to understand all the background I am trying to explain). He even has a guest appearance in the film itself. That's why the productions in the film are based on people's testimonies and not the other way around. Entire scenes in the film are based on reported incidents such as the incident of the police cars chasing UFOs, which I mentioned before, and Project Blue Book claiming (with a complete distortion of the facts) that they were chasing the planet Venus. Here is a link to the information I mentioned:
    I agree about the sleep paralysis you mention, but it still cannot explain all the cases, and I agree about the disinformation that several countries are doing in connection with their secret projects, which still does not explain all the phenomena, and I consider such observations to be conventionally explainable.

  8. Avi Cohen,
    The claim that there is a possibility that we were visited is hard to refute.
    She claimed that its basis is transcendental and it is difficult not to take an agnostic position on the subject (that is, it is possible that there are beings with such high abilities that they visit us without us noticing, and it is possible that they do not, either way if we have no possibility to be aware of it, what does it matter.)

    But, it is more difficult to believe, that of all the levels of intelligence and capabilities in which an "extraterrestrial" society can exist, the level will be such that it will allow them to reach here, to remain unknown to all of humanity, with the exception of (!) isolated cases.
    why? It can clearly be said that if they exist and are visiting, they do not want us to know about their existence, but nevertheless they have not been able to hide their existence from the governments of the world who need conspiracies to keep the truth a secret.

    If so, they are exactly at the level of ability and the level of intelligence that allows them to reach here from the ends of the universe without any means of humanity looking into space and being in space noticing them, they will enter the atmosphere, carry out kidnappings without being noticed, but sometimes, they don't like it and are discovered.

    This possibility, in which those who claim the truth of such and other conspiracies related to the subject actually believe, suffers from a narrow vision regarding the forms of existence of extraterrestrial intelligent life, and "dehumanizes" them.

    I sometimes tend to claim that the more superficial a person is, the more superficial his God is, and this way of thinking is also expressed in such matters.

  9. Avi Cohen
    I think most scientists have no doubt that there is life outside of Earth. I would even say that there is no scientist who claims that we have not been visited, because there are no other life forms.

    The observations pretty much show that we were not actually visited. Today the excuse is that they use stealth technologies so that we don't discover them. It's an arguable stupidity - what civilization would burden its spacecraft with such technologies, when they can't know what kinds of detection they'll encounter?

    Look at the sightings throughout history - the creatures, for example, always match the latest MDB movie.

    We know how to explain a great many phenomena that have been told about, such as the phenomenon of "physical examination by extraterrestrials". We know about natural phenomena that were not known about before.

    And we know very well that certain countries prefer that the residents think they saw a UFO than the aircraft they are developing...

  10. Miracles,
    I suggest that you re-read what I wrote: "As time goes by, more and more studies in various fields show that the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrials is actually increasing and actually decreasing."
    I wasn't talking about a study that "increases the chance that we will be criticized".
    If we put the option "we are not visited by extraterrestrials" at one end of the scale and at the other end "we are visited by extraterrestrials", you will agree with me that in order for extraterrestrials to visit us, they must first exist. Therefore, any research that shows the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrials will move the marker on the axis of the scale in the direction "yes we are visited by extraterrestrials" and not the other way around.
    If it is not clear which studies I am referring to, a quick search on this site will turn up a number of studies supporting the hypothesis I put forward for example on the subjects of extremophiles (organisms that are able to live in extreme conditions), a number of recently discovered exoplanets and among them the number of planets that resemble the Earth, the discovery of flowing water and probably oceans in various bodies In our solar system, the discovery of ecosystems on Earth in places that were considered arid for life, that do not rely on the sun as an energy source, etc...
    I do understand how science works, which is why I referred to the aforementioned studies. I am not saying that science has "proved" that we are being criticized or that "there is scientific evidence for this". I say that we should be a little modest about the level of our knowledge at the present time. In addition, I believe that there is a serious body of incidents and witnesses and filmed and recorded material, to tell us that it is worth taking the issue a little more seriously than "grow up..."
    You will agree with me that if theoretically the scene you described happens, then it will be a huge piece of information in the puzzle that science is trying to put together, so we won't have to look for other small pieces under the rug...
    In addition, just by chance these days, the CIA published a number of studies and incidents that it investigated on the subject of the Abams from 50-70 years ago, when they told us all at the time that there were no such studies, and they were not following the issue. It is interesting that we had to wait 50-70 years for the publication of studies on "Venus and Mars" observations.

  11. Avi Cohen
    What research do you think makes it more likely that we will be visited?

    You probably don't understand how science works, and you're not alone. Researchers subsist on publications. The information about extraterrestrials will not be the discovery of a spacecraft parked in Roswell - it will be in the form of a compilation of many small pieces of information, and all of them will be published.

    Be serious….

  12. skeptical scientist,
    I do not support Hanan's bombastic statements, but I do think that it is possible that we are being criticized, and there is more than "Venus and justice" to the phenomenon of the masses.
    We are not old enough for milk yet, we are just starting to wean off breastfeeding, so we need to be a little more modest about our knowledge.
    If conspiracies are revealed then you can click that they exist, and the fact that a certain conspiracy has been revealed does not indicate that they are all revealed or even how long it takes for a conspiracy to be revealed.
    I actually think it makes a lot of sense for prime ministers not to publish information about extraterrestrials who visit, moreover, if I were prime minister I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to reveal the information. I have enough problems anyway, and I certainly don't intend to tell my voters that there is a power in the world that can do whatever it wants without our control, and I have no idea what their goals are... would you tell?
    Of course, not everything that is unexplained originates from extraterrestrial culture, it is nonsense to claim so...but an extraterrestrial explanation is neither something "supernatural" nor something "spiritual" despite some stakeholders who would like to present it that way...on the contrary, as time goes by more and more studies In various fields it is shown that the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrials actually increases and wow actually decreases (with the exception of the theory in this article of course)

  13. Hanan
    From childhood to adulthood for the milk.
    It's time to wake up and shake off the naive and childish idea,
    Every unidentified object and unexplained phenomenon necessarily belong to intelligent creatures that are different from humans.
    Conspiracies on a much, much smaller scale do not hold water and are exposed, so it is unlikely that such a "secret" will last for so many years. (Wikileaks documents for example)
    Even if we would like to think that we are being visited, the distance to scientific proof for anything is long and currently lacks any evidentiary basis. According to the principle of "Okam's Razor" the simple explanation is usually the most reasonable and therefore until proven otherwise, we must grow up and understand that there are no aliens visiting us. Unfortunately or happily.
    Just as solar and lightning eclipses were inexplicable to the ancients and were explained by "gods", so too is the explanation that all the unexplained are aliens, probably with a high probability - fundamentally false.
    It is simply part of the primitive instinct deeply embedded in us to explain the sublime as something unnatural, but it is time to grow up from it. Or leave it to non-scientific frameworks other than this site.

  14. Hanan, apart from baseless slanders, you have nothing. Now you will either ignore it because you are afraid and have no answer, or you will make excuses why your "scientific studies" are not exposed to the public or why the scientific community does not accept them.

  15. Hanan,
    Every time an article about extraterrestrial life appears, the first thing you do is laugh at the content of the article, because as you claim: "Ignoring everything that is known and researched regarding the UFO phenomenon". Second, you publish the association's website, which turns out to be necessary to "register in the system" in order to see those "serious studies" or any other meaningful material...
    As you know and I hope you understand, the issue is controversial at best, and if there really is a conspiracy to hide the issue, why are you forcing people to sign up? Why not share the information freely as we do on this site?
    If you really want to spread knowledge that is hidden and not for profit, then why hide it yourself? (I don't accept the claim that you are trying to filter out "non-serious" people from commenting on the site, since it is possible to post material and block comments separately).
    In addition, it's hard to take you seriously when the association's spokesperson tried to sell silicone pendants that he claims are made from materials found at Avami landing sites (even if it wasn't related to the association)...
    I think that the disdain you show for the studies of serious researchers does not contribute to them taking your things more seriously. Take things as constructive criticism...

  16. one
    I think you are right. In addition to that - think about our signals, meters, telephones, radio transmissions, power lines, relay stations, navigation systems and so on.

    If you want to be discovered, you need to transmit a unique, strong and very directional signal, but then the probability that it will be directed specifically at you decreases. We already did it 🙂

  17. I think we are impatient. We discovered electromagnetic radiation only a second ago in terms of life's existence time, and we already want to discover signals. It is worth remembering that 95% of the universe, namely dark matter and energy, is not explained by our most advanced theories and who determined that those aliens are not hiding there. In the end it may turn out that we are the exceptions in the universe since we are made of "normal" baryonic and hadronic matter. The maturation process of the human race only begins with the realization that we are not the crown of creation, nor the center of the universe, nor singular, nor important, nor intelligent (DE'S?) and I hope that we will survive to discover the 95% of real matter and the size of the real universe (contrary to what it seems) and the physics beyond the bang The biggest one in my opinion is an event that happens every morning and we are too young to see or understand it. The edge of light we have right now is string theory and the hope that we don't destroy ourselves and the planet before shedding light on the great mysteries of physics.

  18. Miracles,

    I'm not sure. As the signals get further and further away from the planet, they scatter in all directions and their strength gets weaker. At such vast distances, I don't know if there will even be anything left to pick up from them, and if there are sensors sensitive enough to be able to pick up even the faint murmur that might be left of them.

  19. Destination
    Think about that that distant intelligent life precedes us by several thousand years. In this case, which is certainly probable, the signals would have already reached us.

  20. Joseph,
    Life does not necessarily have to originate from carbon, but it is statistically likely that naturally formed life would be carbon-based. Carbon is a very common element in the galaxy, there are only 3 more common substances - hydrogen, helium and oxygen. And two of these substances combine well with carbon. Also 90% of all known compounds include carbon! True, the stars are very far from each other, but many of them exist billions of years before the Earth. A radio signal takes at most 100,000 years to reach any point in the galaxy.

  21. I believe that even if there is intelligent life at about our level, hundreds or light years away, we have no way of identifying it now. Electromagnetic signals that they (we) send will take thousands of years to arrive, and there is really no other way for us to detect them, even if a few thousand light years from here, there is intelligent life.

  22. There is no doubt that we have not seen extraterrestrials also because the existence of life is complex - but the theory here is flawed: life does not have to be created from carbon. At least we don't understand enough to say so. Apparently the duration of life is thinning as the article says.
    Another thing: lives are separated from each other by tens of light years or numbers that we cannot conceive.

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