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A test for scanning the genome of tumor cells and adjusting a personalized medicine will be revealed at the IATI BIOMED conference

At the conference, which will be held on May 24-26 at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv, Oncotest, a subsidiary of Teva Israel, will exclusively reveal the GPS Cancer test that scans the entire genome of tumor cells and is able to identify any treatable component in it and tailor an innovative individual treatment for it

Cancer cure. Illustration: shutterstock
Cancer cure. Illustration: shutterstock

The test will be revealed for the first time as part of the IATI BIOMED conference, which will be held between May 24 and 26. The Teva company, through its subsidiary "Teva Oncotest", will offer an innovative test for cancer that makes it possible to optimize the treatment of cancer patients and adapt the exact treatment to them. GPS Cancer, the broadest and most comprehensive test available today that can detect every treatable component in the cancer cell, the revolutionary development will be revealed for the first time as part of the IATI BIOMED conference that will be held between May 24 - 26 in Tel Aviv at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv.


The test makes it possible to accurately identify which changes and mutations exist in the DNA sample extracted from the cancer cells, and which changes are translated into abnormal proteins and against which it will be effective to treat.

With the technologies that exist today, it is possible to examine individual genes up to panels of genes, counting only 10-300 genes at the same time, while the new GPS Cancer test scans the entire genome of the tumor cells, which includes about three billion bases and more than 20,000 genes in three layers: DNA, RNA "A and protein. The test allows the sequencing of the entire cancer genome taken from the biopsy sample, and compares it to the patient's normal DNA sequence taken from a blood sample, also in the test sequencing and quantification of all RNA molecules (transcripts of all gene sequences) and analysis to identify proteins that participate in the cancer development processes And this in order to identify mutations in the genes that cause the development of cancer.
Cancer is a complex disease, but with the help of the information obtained from the test, the doctor will be able to personally adjust a treatment plan for the patient and the direction of the treatment with all the therapeutic tools available today: chemical, hormonal, biological or immunotherapy.

The test which was developed by the company NantHealth and is at the base of the American government project called Cancer Moonshot 2020 and represented in Israel by Oncotest-Teva is already available to the general public in Israel.
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