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Scientists recently revealed how butterflies drink

It looks like a drinking straw, acts like a paper towel. This is how researchers describe the proboscis of the butterfly - that rolled appendage that insects use to drink. Butterflies feed on a variety of liquids, so they need a versatile mechanism to pump these liquids into their mouths. The stem fits the definition because its capillary action gently absorbs/draws the liquid - water or juice from a rotting fruit - without creating reverse pressure on the liquid.

If the butterfly had tried to apply a suction action (like a straw) on the heavy fruit juices, the excess pressure would have caused the stem itself to tear and break.

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  1. Real.
    As soon as I published it, I saw it as a flaw. In any case, I searched a little more and unfortunately did not find ancient references to this. Unfortunately, all I have is my present notebook that will testify that I wasn't dreaming, which brilliantly writes my claim there (next to the description of the properties of hypnosis and the Huan-der-Walls forces that hold them close to nanometer surfaces).

  2. More:
    Rather, further publication of the news as new confirms the claim that it is indeed what they knew in the past.

  3. Eran:
    This is an article from the end of November this year.
    It cannot establish a claim that it is ancient knowledge.

  4. Eran:
    Are you sure this has been known for a long time?
    If you look at this site (which specializes in butterflies)
    You will see that there it is written that they drink like straw and capillary forces are not mentioned.
    Capillary forces have been known for a long time but was the application in the butterfly stem really known for a long time?
    Do you have a relevant link?

  5. The capillary mechanism of butterflies has been known for quite a few years.
    This is equivalent to opening an article in - Scientists have revealed for the first time that "things heavier than air can be made to fly".
    Without offending the author, it is possible that there is a study that has tested this now, like studies that come to verify conclusions that are years old.
    In the field of medical devices, one of the main goals of which is to produce micron-sized pumps for administering medicine through the skin, precisely these types of mechanisms have been studied for a long time.

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