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First successful launch of a commercial satellite from the sea

First launch of a Masada satellite in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. The 1-DIRECTV satellite weighing 4 tons was launched from a platform located on the equator, 2,560 kilometers south of Hawaii, in the heart of the Pacific Ocean using a Russian Zenit rocket.

A new chapter was written on Saturday US time (Sunday morning our time)

passed in the history of the space age, when the commercial launch was successfully carried out

The first satellite to be installed in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Satellite 1-R

DIRECTV weighing 4 tons, launched from a rig located on the equator,

2,560 kilometers south of Hawaii, in the heart of the Pacific Ocean

using a Russian Zenit missile.

The satellite reached its orbit without any problems 62 minutes after launch.

In the meantime, it is not his regular route - at an altitude of 36 thousand

kilometers (geostationary orbit - in which the satellite is synchronized with

rotation of the earth so that it apparently stands at the same point), rather

to the route from which he will travel within a few days gradually to the route

the final "All systems are working properly," says a company spokesperson

Sea Lunch, an international company that owns and operates a service

The launch from Mel Yam - the first of its kind.

The satellite will slowly travel to its orbit at longitude 101 west above the line

the equation From this point the satellite will be able to transmit TV broadcasts

Direct to homes - recording in all US states.

"The launch is important both for the company and for every industry

The launches" says C Lunch President Alan Ashby. Ashby we are

We have always acted mutually to be in a position to be able to offer to our customers

Cheap and reliable dispatch."

Sea Lunch is a global partnership. In addition to Boeing Partnership

in which the Kverner Maritime Company from Oslo, Energy from Moscow,

and Yuzhmash KB Yuzhnoye/PO

from Ukraine Boeing established the rig's home port at Long Beach

Beach in California and is also responsible for moving the cargo there

The launch. She is also responsible for the project as the main integrator.

Russian Energy built the third and upper stage of the missile,

Ukrainian society the two lower stages, and society

The Norwegian is the one that converted an old oil rig and turned it into shipyards

Govan in Glasgow for a rig to launch rockets into space. Also she built

the command ship accompanying the launch. Boeing 40 percent

Of the company's shares, Energy owns 25 percent of the company's shares,

Kvarner 20 percent and Eusonia 15 percent.

C Lunch's future plans include signed contracts

19 satellites have already been launched - 14 for Hughes and 5 for the company

Laurel. Sea Launch joins the satellite launch industry whose value is estimated

5 billion dollars per year worldwide.

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