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Obama's promise to remove restrictions on stem cell funding? Please wait

Even though there were those who believed that the issue of embryonic stem cells would have an important place on Obama's agenda, the ethics of government employees are more important and the stem cells continue to wait

Stem cells. Photo: The Stem Cell Laboratory at the University of California, Riverside
Stem cells. Photo: The Stem Cell Laboratory at the University of California, Riverside

On Tuesday, George Bush left the White House and his tenure ended, and the White House website immediately became Barack Obama's official website. Immediately after his entry, a long list of executive orders signed by Obama were removed from the website. Meanwhile, as of the time of writing this news, Thursday evening Israel time, two orders have been uploaded to the website - one that determines how to handle government records and the other deals with the ethics of government employees.

The expected order allowing federal funding for stem cell research has not yet been signed. Some of the restrictions on the use of stem cells were explained by Bush on scientific and ethical grounds. However, there is a scientific and political consensus that calls for researchers to be allowed to use pluripotent stem cells, which are separated from human embryos at the age of a few days, and other cell lines that have been discovered since Bush signed the order.

Stem cells are a target for the search for new treatments for debilitating diseases and for the research to be effective it needs federal support.

Obama said during the election campaign that he would favor expanding public funding for research involving the use of embryonic stem cells created during fertility treatments, but that everything else would be prohibited for practical and moral reasons.

The Denver Channel newspaper Scientists at the University of Colorado School of Medicine are said to be imagining the possibilities. "I believe as a scientist that this is the most exciting time in science that I have seen in my entire career," said Dr. Dennis Rupp, from the embryonic stem cell program. Dr. Rupp's excitement is related to the growing evidence that Obama will rescind former President George W. Bush's executive orders that prohibited the use of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. According to him, those who will benefit the most from this training will be the cancer patients.

In Rupp's laboratory, they discovered that the cancer itself is maintained by the stem cell population, and they are now working on ways to eliminate the cancerous stem cells without harming the normal stem cells.

What did the two election candidates think during their election campaign about stem cells
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  1. It doesn't matter anymore - because the production of stem cells is no longer conditional on removing the cells from embryos, the cells can be removed from human skin at any age and from each person specifically for the desired purpose.

  2. Interesting news in itself, of course not related to the financing issue because it is a private company and not a university. Private funding was not prohibited before either, although it was very difficult to obtain stem cell lines for such research in the US.

  3. His tenure did hurt, and it's good that it did.
    And in any case, I don't think there are any differences between the political parties. Everything is a mask.

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