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Coming soon: Calling on scientists to propose new ideas for space research

Among other things, it was then believed that it would be possible to launch a second Israeli astronaut

When NASA resumes the space shuttle flights, probably in late 2003 or early 2004, a request will also be submitted to authorize the launch of a second Israeli astronaut, said Minister of Science Eliezer (Mudi) Zandberg. If and when the approval is received from the US, the Air Force will begin the process of screening and selecting the candidate.

The Ministry of Science will publish a call for research institutions in Israel to propose ideas for the scientific research that will be carried out on the same space flight. The screening and selection process of the candidate will continue throughout 2004. In the coming days, the Ministry of Science said, the head of India's space agency is expected to arrive in Israel, to complete the negotiations with Israel regarding the launch of the Tovox space telescope, built by Tel Aviv University scientists and Al-Op. using an Indian missile. The original plan to launch a Russian missile was postponed many times until it was canceled due to lack of budget. A budget of 3 million dollars was made available for the launch.

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