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Spring festival in the garden in the science garden named after Klor

The event is intended for families with children, groups and individuals and will mark the holiday

One of the facilities in the Science Garden at the Weizmann Institute. From the garden website
One of the facilities in the Science Garden at the Weizmann Institute. From the garden website

The Clore Science Garden at the Davidson Institute for Science Education, which brings together the educational activities of the Weizmann Institute of Science, celebrates the Spring Festival, and invites families with children, groups and individuals to learn the secrets of the pyramids, make Egyptian-style optical illusions, learn about the science behind the four glasses, And to understand what "leaven" is and how Moses' ark floated on the water of the Nile. The event that will take place on April 12-13 will replace the traditional science festival that has been customary for the past decade at the Weizmann Institute every weekday during Pesach.

Another experiential activity that will take place in the garden during the Pesach holiday, will allow visitors to take part in scientific Pesach cleaning, watch scientific demonstrations of some of the plagues of Egypt (such as darkness and hail), and participate in a variety of workshops, experiences, demonstrations and demonstrations - all in a spring and festive atmosphere.

In addition to the special activity, there will be guided tours of the Science Garden facilities and Eco-Sphere - a unique ecological complex of its kind in Israel. The Kalor Science Garden is the first science museum of its kind in the world, operating under the dome of the sky. It includes dozens of exhibits that demonstrate physical principles and ecological phenomena in an experiential and active way. Visitors are invited to touch the exhibits, move them, climb and swing on them. The garden, the concept behind it and its design have won several prestigious international awards.

The activity will take place during Passover, on Sunday and Monday, April 12-13 between the hours of 10:00 and 17:00 andWeb site

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  1. I ask all the readers of the news not to go to the science garden at the Weizmann Institute until the institute reaches an agreement with its employees who are struggling to exercise their right to unionize, a right that is being blatantly and violently violated by the institute.

    It is appropriate that the "Knowledge Service" confiscate the public relations announcements of the Science Garden and the Davidson Institute until they stop their criminal behavior.

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