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Telescope for the discovery of dark matter

One eye on the surface of the Earth and the other in orbit * Andrew Gould (Ohio University) and his team made measurements using Spitzer to find out if one of the objects suspected to be made of non-luminous material in our galaxy actually resides inside our galaxy or if it is outside it

Yoram Ored, Galileo 108, August 2007

The bulk of our galaxy is probably made of dark matter. According to estimates, dark matter makes up at least 80% of the mass of the Milky Way. Some of the presumed material is of a type whose nature is unknown to us. Another part of it is ordinary matter. Ordinary matter appears in the form of objects that cannot be observed, and are found in the galaxy in various forms, such as stars that emit light too faint to be seen, massive planets and black holes. These bodies are called MACHOs - massive compact halo objects. Several possible candidates for the macho role have been discovered in the past thanks to the gravitational microlensing phenomenon. This is a phenomenon in which a body passes between us and a star, deflects the path of the light rays of that star and as a result the star appears brighter to our eyes, similar to light passing through a normal lens. The light of the star that is behind that body appears brighter when its light passes right next to the body orbiting it. When you see a sharp increase in the intensity of the radiation coming from a star, this may mean a dark body that causes the light to bend due to gravitational dusting (and see: Zafir Kolet, "Glass of the Universe", "Galileo" 40).

The problem with this method is that it is impossible to know if the body that bends the light is inside our galaxy or outside it. To know this, you can use the triangulation method. In this method, the body is viewed from two different positions. The angle at which the body will be seen from each of the two locations is different, which allows the calculation of the distance of the "lens" - the invisible body - from us (and in fact, the calculation of the velocity projection of the "lens"). To do this, the distances between the two locations should be large enough in relation to the distance between us and the body. This was made possible recently by using the Spitzer space telescope. Launched into space in August 2003, Spitzer is currently the only space observatory orbiting the Sun in an orbit outside the Earth's orbit. On top of that, he is also very distant from us. It is therefore suitable for measuring the distances of distant stars. Spitzer is now about 40 million kilometers from Earth, and is moving away from us at a rate of about 15 million kilometers a year.

Andrew Gould (Gould) from Ohio University and his team made measurements using Spitzer to find out if one of the objects suspected to be made of non-luminous matter in our galaxy actually resides inside our galaxy or if it is outside it. The object they studied is called OGLE-2005-SMC-001. To measure its distance from us, Gould and his team used a telescope on the surface of the Earth as one observing eye, and the distant Spitzer telescope as a second observing eye. The results they produced were inconclusive, but it is estimated that there is a 95% probability that the suspicious body is indeed within the confines of our galaxy. On top of that, the analysis of the data shows that it is actually composed of two bodies that surround each other. Gold and his team believe that it is possible that these are two black holes.

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  1. My opinion is the opinion of Sabdarmish Yehuda.
    The solution of dark matter is the solution of Einstein's cosmological constant formula, the formula "I am not ready for this to be the solution, so I write a small plus on the side to balance it in my favor."

  2. what did they find a quote:

    But it is estimated that there is a 95% probability that the suspicious body is indeed within our galaxy. On top of that, the analysis of the data shows that it is actually composed of two bodies that surround each other. Gold and his team believe that it is possible that these are two black holes.
    End quote

    I mean, something that distorts the light rays is maybe in the area of ​​the Milky Way, how do you know it's a dark mass?, maybe it's just a black hole (or years), or maybe something else?
    Everyone is talking about dark mass, so let's also say that it is dark mass, why?, because it is acceptable?
    For me and many others this is unacceptable!

    But your question is in its place, why in my opinion I do not believe in the existence of a dark mass,
    The answer is this:-
    The dark mass arises from an attempt to explain the too fast rotation of the spiral galaxies. Ten times more than what results from the visible mass in the galaxy. That's why already in the thirties, I think, Zwicky was the one who found a solution in the form of a strange, dark, invisible mass that increases gravitation and causes the spiral galaxy to rotate ten times faster.
    But this is only one of the possible explanations, there can be seven other "dark" explanations that can arise from three approaches
    A. An error in the measurement of one of the elements of the formulas such as in addition to the mass also in the radius, the gravitational constant and even differences between inertial and gravitational mass
    B. An error in the formulas themselves, such as an error in the acceleration formula, Newton's second law, as expressed in Professor Milgrom's MOND theory
    third. A mistake in equality, that is, in the knowledge that gravitation is the one that moves the spiral galaxy.
    When you analyze all these possibilities, you see that the possibility that the solution is the dark mass is not successful mainly because of the accelerated expansion of the universe, which requires us to pull another invisible "bunny" out of the sleeve in the form of dark energy.
    Did I spend one rabbit without looking, but two?, it seems excessive to me!

    If you would like a more exhaustive explanation, on October 21.10.2007, 2000 at XNUMX I am going to give a lecture at Technode, the observatory in Givat Olga on the subject: spiral galaxies, gravitation and dark mass. I would love to see you and others too, of course, there.
    I hope that in my explanations I cast some doubt on the "dark" opinion
    Happy new year to everyone
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  3. In reply to Sabdarmish Yehuda
    You ignore that the result of Gold's experiment is 95% likely!!! The meaning is that there is most likely a very massive mass that is invisible; Inside or outside the galaxy is already a matter for research. And finally, maybe you could explain why in your opinion, as you say, you don't believe in the existence of dark mass ???

  4. In the article, they speak with so much confidence about the reality of dark matter and invest billions in its search, but please don't forget that many among the scientific academy do not believe in its existence. For example:- Professor Milgrom from the Weizmann Institute, creator of the MOND theory, Professor Jacob Bekstein, winner of the Israel Prize and many more. All these phenomena can have another explanation, and not an explanation by a dark, invisible, frictionless mass, all it has is gravitation, and which also requires the existence of dark energy in order to reject the explanation of the accelerated expansion of the universe.
    I join others who do not believe this dark explanation.
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  5. This means that two telescopes at a distance of 20 billion kilometers from each other and from the Earth will bring a lot of benefit to our knowledge of what is happening in space!!
    Just thinking out loud! That should become a future plan ..and it will happen if they manage to create a propulsion engine built on nuclear fusion which means that first of all a mechanism for nuclear fusion must be developed and……….!
    Yesterday I read on a green website that the American House of Representatives passed a new (6.8) and revolutionary energy law (rights) which aims to expand the use of clean energy by reducing tax benefits totaling 16 billion dollars from the oil sector in favor of developing renewable energy sources!!
    It was quoted from the Marker website!
    I need "only" a billion dollars to develop a mechanism for nuclear fusion and with it to solve most of the energy problems.. for the information of Congress and other billionaires who have an excess of a billion on the side!
    If they look for me and offer me it will cost them cheaper than if I look for them and sell to them!!
    Hurry up while I'm on sale!!! And still in a friendly mood!
    If there is a solution I will find it because this is how my mental system is built to find a needle in a haystack this case also create it!
    In my opinion, the scientists have not been successful to date in developing a nuclear fusion system because they think in a purely scientific way which, among other things, squints towards scientific prestige and a Nobel Prize which they do not look at at all. of the problem !!
    According to all the signs, if the problem of energy production is not solved within ten years, everything will be fine... and then it really doesn't matter who had the billions and what he did with them!
    How did they tell a rabbi who didn't know how to swim? You've lost your whole life now! So smile because you ate it because a billion dollars was not transferred in time to the person who was able to solve the problem and ensure the future of humanity!!
    By the way, I look like someone worth barely a dollar! Which proves that looks don't always indicate fear!

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