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Events for the whole family during the third Israeli Space Week, January 25-29

Israel Space Week events initiated by the Israel Space Agency

Space in the port: an exhibition of space photographs in the port of Tel Aviv during Israel Space Week 2014
Space in the port: an exhibition of space photographs in the port of Tel Aviv during Israel Space Week 2014


The Israel Space Agency at the Ministry of Science invites the public to a variety of space-themed events for the whole family: an academy for training young astronauts, observations of Jupiter, workshops for building satellites and spacecraft, displays in the planetarium, an intergalactic light show and other experiential complexes throughout the country - marked "so far that you can touch ". Among the guests of the events: NASA astronaut Nicole Stott and Japanese astronaut Suishi Nguchi.

The events are held every year close to the date of the space shuttle "Columbia" disaster in order to commemorate the legacy of Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut. "Through the magic and mystery that is hidden in space and through experiential and experiential activities, the events aim to ignite in the heart of every boy and girl the curiosity and the spirit of scientific research" says Ido Sharri, Director General of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space.

About 25 different events suitable for the whole family will take place throughout the week of January 25 to 29 free of charge:

Israel Space Academy: The main event of the space week will take place throughout the week in the complex that will be built around the planetarium at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv and will include a variety of tasks that astronauts are required to perform in space and now for the first time the general public will be able to experience them. Among the activities: a facility that simulates G force, performing routine operations in zero gravity, wearing a cumbersome astronaut suit, traveling between stars and satellites in augmented reality, and even building a personal satellite. The event will take place throughout the week at the Land of Israel Museum in Tel Aviv. This event requires pre-registration.

"Light up stars": An intergalactic light show in tribute to the artist Ezra Orion that will be performed by the Gil Teichman company, featuring a spectacular display of a journey through the solar system and the universe. The show will be presented throughout the week at the Land of Israel Museum in Tel Aviv.

Observations in observatories: Observations of the planet Jupiter and its moons at six observatories throughout the country accompanied by tutorials and lectures. Where and when: Givatayim, Be'er Sheva, Taiba, Givat Olga, Yerka and Ma'ale Adumim. at different times throughout the week.

Experiential complexes: Experiential activities in the fields of space including: building a model of a space shuttle and navigation devices, a tour between planets, a demonstration of life on the International Space Station, a planetarium, plays and films.

where and when: Technode in Givat Olga, Science Seeking Youth Center in Jerusalem, Carso Science Park in Be'er Sheva, Ort Brauda College in Karmiel, Medatech in Haifa and Medapark in Kiryat Yam. at different times throughout the week.
Online classes: live broadcasts open to everyone on the space agency website with Rona Ramon, with SpaceIL representatives and with NASA astronaut Nicole Stott.

In addition, the final stages of the Ilan Ramon Olympics and the Space Quiz will be held during the week, as well as the Ramon Space Education Conference, the Ilan Ramon International Space Conference for the Space Community and a memorial ceremony for Ilan Ramon at Ben-Gurion University.
More details and exact dates of all events on the new website of the Israel Space Agency

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