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Six Olympic medals for the Israeli team in the Mathematics Olympiad

Over 100 countries participated in the International Mathematics Olympiad, and at the end of it Israel was ranked 18th in the world

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An achievement for the Israeli delegation in the Mathematics Olympiad: in the competition that ended last night, in Cape Town, South Africa, the Israeli mathematics team won 6 Olympic medals, including 5 silver medals and a bronze medal. This was announced this evening (Sunday) by the Ministry of Education.

Over 100 countries participated in the International Mathematics Olympiad, and at the end of it Israel was ranked 18th in the world. The first place was won by the Chinese team, followed by the United States (2nd place), Taiwan (3rd place), Russia (4th place) and Japan (5th place). The Minister of Education, Rabbi Shay Piron blessed the Israeli delegation and thanked the students for their great investment and achievements in the international competition.

The team has 6 members: Amots Oppenheim, Tomer Novikov, Omri Solan, Dor Shmoish, who study at Tel Aviv University as part of the Beno Arbel program for outstanding students in mathematics, as well as Nitzan Tor and Dor Metzer who study at the Technion.

Oppenheim, Novikov, Solan, Shamoish and Tor won a silver medal. Dor Metzer won a bronze medal. This is the fourth time in the history of the Olympics that all members of the Israeli team return with medals from the Olympics.

Members of the Olympic delegation:

  • Coach: Lev Radizoilovski.
  • Omri Solan: XNUMXth grade student (Rashonim, Herzliya).
  • Amots Oppenheim: XNUMXth grade student (Excellence Praise, Ramat-Gan).
  • Dor Metzer XNUMXth grade student (The Open School, Haifa)
  • Nitzan Tor: XNUMXth grade student (Alliance, Haifa)
  • Dor Shmoish: XNUMXth student (Ort Gutman, Netanya).
  • Tomer Novikov - XNUMXth student (Shabh Moft, Rehovot).

If any of the members of the delegation or the companions would like to add details, we will be happy to update the readers of the science website.

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  1. Chaim P
    This is the spelling from birth ... I was born with a spelling error.
    The teachers union will not allow a salary increase for the good teachers. On the contrary - all the Histadrut's actions mean that mediocrity is celebrated. Look at "Ofek New" - the program hurt those who invest, and contributed to those who are lying where the sun doesn't shine. Consider that this agreement includes an "industrial silence" clause. So that they don't accuse me of slander - I suggest reading in the press about concerns (so to speak) against the chairman of the teachers union.

  2. (Why do you write nisim and not nisim, which is the plural of "nisim"? And this is the origin of the name nisim.)

    It seems to me that nothing prevents the Ministry of Education from giving preference to a good math teacher. "Instead of 10 take 18 thousand per month".
    But, in the Israeli labor market, with all these committees, I would not be surprised if it turned out to be impossible.

    To Mirum Golan:
    My words were written regardless of the achievements of the talented group. Your criticism is not clear because we were talking about the present student and not about the "raisers". And the situation of the student is in a bad state. Just these days, the fact that there is a hidden dropout of high school students was revealed in the press. Don't forget the ultra-orthodox schools. We're in trouble, bro. And our youth is wonderful. in part only. The rest walk around with knives.

  3. Mirom Golan
    Israel is in terrible retreat. Of course there is a small minority of geniuses in every country. The problem is that the average is declining shockingly. The education system is at a terrible low.

  4. Mirom, so let's look at weighted indices like the Pisa index. What place are we there?
    Reminds me a little that the State of Israel in the early years only allowed gifted classes to be tested in it
    This competition is a bluff to reality in the field...
    Just as you don't believe that most Americans are athletes despite the Olympics, so don't believe that the situation is different

  5. Chaim P
    The problem is more complex than you say, and much more worrying. The terms of employment of teachers are determined in negotiations between the Ministry of Education and the teachers' union and the teachers' organization. These are 3 corrupt bodies.
    Enough said……

  6. To the two commenters before me, I just have a question:

    Do you seriously believe that the representatives of each group are faithful representatives of the situation in their country? It is clear that none of the participants in the competition represents the average student, so no more demagoguery. Israel is thriving and winning in a series of competitions, our youth is wonderful, and this is of course in complete contrast to the predictions of the detractors who claimed that we are on the way down.

    But of course no amount of medals will break a misconception.

  7. You're right, Eran, and you even had the benefit of expressing yourself.
    We don't have math teachers. Everyone is in high tech. Neither do physics and chemistry teachers.
    Because the Ministry of Education does not acknowledge that it has to pay well to bring in good teachers.
    Another problem: the Ministry of Education does not know how to identify good students and not good teachers. Why? Because he wears glasses with thick glass. how is it?
    When the student is required to answer 3 questions out of five, and this after reducing the material from the beginning ("focusing"), can someone explain to me what the real score is for a student who received a 70 on such a test? With such tests, who is a good teacher and who is a good student?

  8. And once again, Israeli society is based on tooth towers, and not on the average situation.
    Even if the entire team realizes its full potential 15 times, it still won't change the fact that the Israeli economic system is based on millions of students who are unable to solve equations, and who fail to think outside the box.
    Maybe our towers are in 18th place in the world, but what is the place of the average Israeli student?
    There are no real supermen.
    Only people who make mistakes and understand the magnitude of their mistake...

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