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After 340 days in space: Scott Kelly grew 5 cm

The person who broke the record for a continuous stay in space for an American astronaut became taller while on the International Space Station. NASA promised that it will return to its original height soon. At the same time, President Obama congratulated: "I hope gravity does not weigh you down"

Kelly with Jill Biden, Dr. John Holden from the White House and with NASA Administrator Charles Bouldin (Photo: NASA)

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The American astronaut Scott Kelly, who returned to Earth yesterday (Wednesday) after spending 340 consecutive days on the International Space Station - raised his back during this period by 5 cm. This is what a NASA senior revealed.

Kelly landed yesterday morning together with the Russian cosmonauts Michael Kornienko (who also spent 340 days in space) and Sergey Volkov (who this time spent "only" 172 days on the International Space Station). As soon as the three landed, the three underwent preliminary medical examinations.

During the tests it became clear that Kelly had a back injury, but this is not good news for basketball players. NASA's Jeff Williams explained in an interview with CNN that Kelly is soon going to return to his normal height and thus he will be the same height as his twin brother Mark Kelly, who was also an astronaut in the past. "It was expected, a temporary increase," added Williams.

Scott and Mark Kelly are identical twins. Therefore, when the twin brother offered to undergo the same tests that his brother would undergo on the space station, NASA immediately jumped on the idea. However, the two did not maintain the same eating regimen. Mark, who is married to former congresswoman Gabriela Giffords (who survived an assassination attempt four years ago), made it clear that he has no intention of consuming "space food" and running two hours every day on a treadmill, as his brother did during the 340 days on the International Space Station.

The medical tests that the two will undergo in the coming year will provide NASA personnel with a lot of information about a prolonged stay of humans in space, especially in preparation for the mission of sending humans to Mars - a mission that should last a long time.

The one who rushed to congratulate Kelly upon his return to Earth is the President of the United States, Barack Obama, who spoke on the phone with the American astronaut and also tweeted: "Welcome back to Earth, @StationCDRKelly, the year you spent in space is essential to the future of American space flights. I hope that gravity will not weigh you down."

Kelly responded in a tweet while flying from Kazakhstan to Houston: "Thank you Mr. President. About the support and the phone call. Now I fly at a lower altitude." In another tweet, he posted a picture of a salad and noted that the vegetables were fresh.

In Houston, Kelly was welcomed by senior NASA officials, including Director Charles Bouldin, who held a United States flag in his hand. The one who welcomed the astronaut was Jill Biden, the wife of the vice president of the United States.

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  1. A question for Elisef Kosman and the other surfers, how long were Scott Kelly and Makhal Kroninko at the station and how did the stay affect them

  2. Does anyone know how long it takes to recover from something like this in space?
    How soon can we say go?

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