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"Scientists should be open to considering miracles in their theories or explanations. "

This is what more than a third of the respondents claimed in the survey examining the state of the relationship between religion and science in the US and which was presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference. Although according to the survey it appears that religious and scientific communities may be less militant than is depicted in the media and American politics, but this does not mean that the scientific worldview is accepted by the majority

The hand of God creates the universe with the big bang. Illustration: shutterstock
The hand of God creates the universe with the big bang. Illustration: shutterstock

One of the largest surveys of Americans' views on religion and science suggests that the religious and scientific communities may be less militant than is commonly portrayed in the media and in politics.

Only 27 percent of the respondents in a new survey said that science and religion are in mutual conflict. A similar proportion of respondents stated that they take a position either on the side of science or on the side of religion." This is what Eileen Howard Eklund, a sociologist from Oakland University, said at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science held last week (February 13-17) in Chicago. The survey was commissioned by the Dialogue Between Science, Ethics and Religion (DoSER) project of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).
Perhaps more important, given the large population of evangelical Christians in the United States (up to 30 percent by estimate). Almost half of the evangelicals who participated in the survey said that they feel that religion and science are in a cooperative relationship.

But there are still some significant differences between the survey participants. According to Eklund, who also serves as director of the Religion and Public Life Program at Rice University, evangelicals "were more than twice as likely as the rest of the sample to say they would turn to a religious leader or text if they had a question about a scientific issue." The survey also found that 43 percent of evangelicals hold the strictest creationist worldview according to which "God created the earth, the universe and all life within the last 10,000 years."

More than a third of the survey respondents agreed that "scientists should be open to considering incorporating miracles into their theories or explanations. "

The study included over 10,000 people who filled out a 25-minute online survey, along with 300 personal interviews with Christians, Jews and Muslims. About 5 percent of the respondents defined themselves as scientists.

"The DoSER program commissioned the survey with the opening of the project designed to bring together scientific and religious communities for a more fruitful and less burdened partnership as a result of misconceptions about each other's views" said project manager Jennifer Weissman.

"In the past, studies have focused on the question of what different groups think about a certain scientific issue such as evolution or climate change, but this survey is different because it asks where people expect to find qualified information about science, and how important they think scientific issues are in their daily lives," Weissman said.

The DoSER advisory committee requested that the project include a special emphasis on evangelicals, "who generally show an interest in national science policy, but are significantly underrepresented in the sciences themselves," Weissman noted.
(The editor of the site of the knowledge comments: the politically correct language may have caused Weisman to say vague things, but the intention is quite clear - the evangelicals want to influence science studies, but do not know what science is, and therefore the result is known in countless attempts, even by legislation in different countries, to decide what will be taught in science classes , even if it is anti-scientific)

Galen Carey, vice president of government relations at the National Association of Evangelicals in Washington, said he was satisfied with the survey's findings. "There is a lot of room in our two communities to learn more about the other community, to fight ignorance through cooperation."

Another meeting at the conference discussed the public's views on science and technology through surveys conducted by the National Science Foundation, the PEW Company and the Gallup Survey Company.

More of the topic in Hayadan:


The 2014 NSB Science Index study, released earlier this month, reveals that roughly seven in 10 Americans believe that the effects of scientific research are more positive than negative for society, a figure that has remained stable since 1979.

However, other polls reveal a partisan political gap in views on scientific issues such as evolution and climate change. Between 2009 and 2013, the gap between Republicans and Democrats on evolution widened by 11 percentage points, said Cary Funk of the Pew Research Center. . "There was a party gap in the past, but today it is much bigger. Fewer Republicans said that humans and other living things evolved over time. "

Recent polls on climate change reveal a similar kind of gap, said Gallup researcher Lydia Saad. "What we've seen in the last ten years is a polarization of opinions, with Democrats clearly becoming more supportive of climate science and Republicans less supportive."

"With such politicization it is no wonder that many Americans are skeptical of the work of scientists and claim that scientists are partisan or influenced by politics." added relief.

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  1. Wondering
    If I see fit I will intervene in this conversation even if you don't like it. Why do I have the impression that in your youth you were a secular person and that over time you became a religious person. In all your approach you want to be more righteous than the Pope. Rabbi Hillel said "Do not do to your friend what is hateful to you is a great rule in the Torah" and in the Torah it is written "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself". You are capable of neither this nor that. If Rabbi Kook, the Rabbi was alive today, he would say about you: I did not kill this child.

  2. for miracles
    You invent sentences that did not exist and were not created. There is no such sentence in the Torah that one who is raped, commits to punishment. For you, to purify your soul from transgressions, by studying Babylonian Talmud. Maybe you will be able to learn and say things that make sense. It seems to me that your mental state is unstable.

  3. To Shmulik, and to Haim who intervenes in a conversation that is not his, and to Nissim, who is similar to a student I had 30 years ago who knew everything and nothing, because all his words were a lot of nonsense, but that did not prevent him from always interfering in conversations.
    You repress your consciousness into a deep sleep state, because of the serious transgressions you are going through against God's will.
    But you should know that God accepts all those who return to Him with love, even if they go down to the bottom of the earth. Naughty boys are back. Maybe you will be saved from the great and terrible day of the Lord. Do not turn to the evil instinct in you, because the end of all man is death.

  4. Wondering
    Many lies do not become the truth. The fact that the stories of the Torah are similar to the stories of other peoples in the region, only strengthens their being stories.
    The Jewish people is a small nation, and far from being the oldest nation.

    The Torah is not a source of knowledge, justice or morality. Quite the opposite. Do you really think that anyone who did not observe Shabbat should be stoned to death?
    Do you really think your daughter should be murdered because she refuses to marry a man who raped her?
    God murdered babies... this story is unscientific, unjust and immoral. I don't want to believe in the existence of such a cruel being.

  5. Wondering
    With all the mixing you do between things that have nothing to do with it, it can be said with certainty that you are not at all familiar with the Eruvin tractate. Emmanuel Volikovsky's books are completely unfounded. Papyrus Ipobar is quite problematic, it is earlier than the ten plagues of Egypt which are themselves legendary stories. Why do you mention the prophets? They are not relevant at all. Three things can be said about your words, your ignorance is absolute, the way of the land preceded the Torah. If someone defines you as an idiot it will be a compliment. The important question. Do you even know how to read?

  6. wondering,
    What questions, are you serious?
    Sherlock Holmes has also been with us for quite some time, and Zeus, and Bad. Does that make them real? There is not a single external testimony to the stories of the Torah (I emphasize Torah and not the Bible). These are the facts.
    You can predict the future, forecasters do it quite well, as Mark Twain wrote: Before you run to pray for rain, consult the forecasters first. The newspaper, which publishes movie broadcast times, is also doing quite well, but yes, in the Prophets
    I am an infidel. You see, there is history and there is invented history. I don't have a problem with history, although of course it doesn't predict everything (just because my ancestors did something in a certain way, doesn't mean I have to be exactly like them. I have to be better) but I have a problem with invented history and another one that runs my life.
    By the way, this is your important question, am I Jewish? That's what it says on my identity card, but only there.

    In it we wondered about something more fundamental. I will ask what I asked Nissim Cohen. I am not asking for anything but your personal assessment or your personal desire in these issues:
    In a little while the religious/Orthodox will be a majority: a majority in the people, a majority in the Knesset and the Prime Minister will be an Orthodox/religious. When that happens, what will happen to democracy here in Israel? Can I continue traveling on Saturday? Can I continue to buy pork head outdoors? Will freedom of speech be preserved? Freedom of association? Gender equality? Will gays be able to walk around without fear? Will the religious try to apply a Halacha state here?
    What do you think? We'll see if you answer without getting upset (remember the new word you invented?)

  7. to Shmulik
    Why is there no evidence for the Sefer Torah, the book has been in our hands for thousands of years, and furthermore, do you dispute the possibility of predicting the future.
    That is, you disbelieve in the prophets
    And also, are you Jewish, or of another religion? It's just hard for me to believe that there is a Jew who uproots the history of his people.

  8. to Shmulik
    What is more appropriate than the ten plagues
    Examples from the papyrus (in free translation):

    "Indeed, the poor were rich, and he who was unable to make sandals for himself, is now rich."
    "Indeed, many dead are buried in the river; The stream of the river is a grave and the embalming place becomes like a stream."
    "Indeed, public buildings are broken into and looted; The slave became a slave holder."
    "Indeed, the river is blood, but still people drink from it. People shy away from humans and drown in water."
    "All animals' hearts cry"
    "Indeed yes..they were eaten by the fire"
    "There is no fruit or vegetable to be found"
    "There was a great outcry in Egypt...the roar was heard throughout the land mixed with lamentation"

  9. wondering,
    From the end to the beginning.
    The studies are studies. They are statistics collected, in two different studies, the second large and comprehensive. You can ask what the hell IQ means but you can't whine about their "lack of proof". Go do an objective study (maybe at Ariel University?) that will show the opposite. Successfully.
    He who is a child who believes in everything is not me. There is nothing easier than accepting claims "in favor of interest" because what do I care to assume that I am elected and other such nonsense. I prefer to use a less childish approach. It is called the scientific method. You can continue to believe what you want.

    There is no doubt that some of the written things are extremely important for life and shared life (in particular, "Do not be angry" that you were somewhat unable to keep) but they are not exclusive to the Torah and a very large part of the mitzvot appeared earlier in earlier cultures. In fact, anthropologists have studied and have not found a single culture that was indifferent to murder, incest, perjury, etc., so some proportion please. The fact that some of the commandments are indeed precious and important does not change the facts: there is not a single testimony in the Torah, the existence of a commandment does not indicate the existence of a higher power and the acceptance of their power is equivalent to the claim that Sherlock Holmes exists because London exists

  10. to Shmulik
    Please tell me, are you saying that a whole nation has been celebrating the holiday of freedom for thousands of years, they are idiots and you are the wise one who believes in articles, which have not been proven. You really are a boy who believes in everything.
    What do you say about the parallels between Sefer Shemot and Papyrus Ipoar on the website "The Bible and the Chronology of the Ancient World", the method of Dr. Emanuel Velikovsky.
    And also, what the Torah asks of you, you shall not be angry, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not answer your neighbor to the point of lying, you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, and most importantly, honor your father and your mother,
    Do you think this is absurd?

  11. wondering,
    There is not a single piece of evidence that any of the Torah stories ever existed. Regarding the Exodus, after the conquest of Sinai, Ben-Gurion sent the best archaeologists to dig in Sinai and nothing was discovered (against self-interest. Kudos to our academic honesty). These are the facts.
    The article I cited cites academic studies. The studies are the evidence. What is not clear?

  12. Wondering
    There was no Exodus. In the Egyptian records there is no mention of Israel's synagogues in Egypt, and the Egyptians recorded every grain of wheat...
    You should look for another site to preach your pagan beliefs.
    God will be very angry at your nonsense.
    I would not bring children into the world to be the slaves of a cruel god. It was not for nothing that he said "Pro and Bro" and then murdered them all.
    Great God you have.

  13. to Shmulik
    I read the article, there is no evidence here.
    The Bible is not only theological. It is also a scientific document, recording dates and events. Do you deny the Exodus from Egypt and the splitting of the Red Sea? Is there a historical book that contradicts what is said there.

  14. To the miracles and to Shmolik and to my father and to all the unbelievers
    You will understand that "Epsilon aspires to zero, in front of the great mass of the people of Israel from thousands of years of faith in the Creator of the world, observance of mitzvot, and the way of the land." The mass will continue on this path forever, you will not be able to change anything. You are zero

  15. Life
    If the Messiah comes to Bnei Brak, he will return home in shame.

  16. Miracles
    The problem is more serious. If the Messiah appears in Bnei Brak, they will ask him to undergo a proper and severe conversion, and the donkey would be checked to see if it breaks a hoof. And on a not-so-diplomatic note, they think that if they caught God by the balls, then justice is done to them

  17. Jesus
    The reason for poverty in these places is religion.
    The demographic balance they create is to our detriment. It is not the number of people that matters, but economic strength and security strength. The free food in the neighborhoods you mentioned only detract from Israel's ability to survive.

  18. Without religion Bnei Brak and Mea Sharim would have turned into favelas if the amount of poverty there is. Besides, thanks to them, the demographic balance between the sea and the river is in our favor (or rather in their favor and still the alternative is worse)

  19. odorless
    I did not claim otherwise. I argued that it is a lie to say that there are no such cases among the ultra-Orthodox.
    I showed that Nissim Cohen lives in the film.

    What I am saying is that morality does not come from religion. In the Torah, people are immoral and God is immoral.
    It's not nice to hear, but if you want a moral religion, it's Christianity.

  20. Miracles

    "The pedophile Adrian Schwartz appeals: I did not rape a girl"

    "Rape and extortion by threats: a man from Kiryat Gat associated with Shalom Domarni's criminal organization was arrested last night on suspicion of having committed sexual offenses, including rape."

    "A 40-year-old Hadera resident was arrested on suspicion of raping two minors"

    "13 years in prison for a resident from the north who raped his daughter for years"

    "17 years in prison for committing sodomy on a toddler",7340,L-4492153,00.html

    "A woman who came with her friend for treatment at a spa in Tel Aviv was attacked during the massage by the 55-year-old therapist",7340,L-4491803,00.html

    "The 17-year-old complained: they tried to rape me in south Tel Aviv",7340,L-4486848,00.html

    "A resident of Hadera was arrested today (Thursday) on suspicion of raping his ex-wife's little sister."

    "Suspicion: threatened, starved and raped his partner's four daughters"


    None of them are ultra-orthodox. and not religious.
    It seems there are more secularists like you, rapists, than religious ones.

  21. I got the slime out of him, didn't I?
    Who would have believed that on the science website someone would write the following answer:
    "Then I will propose a bill that anyone who claims to be the son of a monkey should be placed in a nature reserve so that he does not harm the attribution of humans who were created in the image of God."

    This is why Nissim HaCohen is my enemy

  22. Nissim Cohen
    "The women decided not to complain about the rabbi. The case will be closed
    By: Yaki Adamker, Walla!
    Sunday, November 17, 2013, 13:30 p.m
    Facebook Twitter
    The police in London announced that the investigation file against Rabbi Haim Halperin, who is suspected of harassing women, will be closed. The women were afraid to complain because of the price they would have to pay - ostracism from their ultra-Orthodox society and family life
    Tags: rape, sexual harassment, police, London
    Another proof was received at the end of the week of the approach according to which in the ultra-orthodox sector, complaints are not made to the police or law enforcement about cases of rape or sexual harassment, but the problems are solved within the sector. The police in London announced that the investigation file against Rabbi Haim Halperin, rabbi of an ultra-orthodox community in the Golders Green neighborhood - who is suspected of harassing women who came to him for marriage counseling, will be closed."

  23. Nissim Cohen
    "A yeshiva guy harassed a girl on Ezerat Torah St
    Written by: Avi Simhon June 3, 2012 in Haredim, Mavezkim 2 comments

    A Lithuanian guy harassed a girl on Ezrat Torah Street in Jerusalem, now a chase is underway for the suspect, a resident of the neighborhood to 'Shtibel': it's scary, we can't know, this is what sometimes happens if there's no close supervision in the neighborhood • Shock. Ezrat Torah Street in Jerusalem, "it's scary to walk down the street" A few minutes ago, a report was received of a serious rape in the "Ezerat Torah" neighborhood on the main street."

  24. Nissim Cohen
    "What happens when an ultra-orthodox child complains about rape?
    Nine-year-old Isaac hid the terrible secret for months. When he told his parents about what boys in the neighborhood had done to him, they contacted the police in a rare step. Now they are afraid

    Tel Ariel Amir 8/5/2010 20:44 Add a comment Print an article Write to the editor Send to a friend
    On Purim this year, Yitzchak (pseudonym) decided not to dress up, for the first time in his life. He only asked his parents for a large plastic rifle, which he could take with him when he crossed the grove next to his house on his way to Torah lessons in the room. His mother was amazed, remembering how every year he planned the costume for many days. She hypothesized that nine-year-old Yitzhak's decision stems from the moods and instability that characterized him in recent times.

    Within a few weeks, the dreamy and introverted ultra-orthodox child became irritable and aggressive, unable to control his needs during the day and night. His teachers referred him for a psychological diagnosis, his parents talked to him for long hours, but Yitzhak was mostly silent and shrugged his shoulders. "

  25. Nissim Cohen
    "The dimensions of the horror of the pedophilia affair in the heart of one of the ultra-orthodox neighborhoods in the center of the city - was revealed the other day in the Knesset debate in its full horrific scope. More than 100 small children were severely sexually and physically abused by about 30 adult suspects, all within a small, closed neighborhood. A few of the suspects were arrested, but most of them continue to live and operate in the neighborhood almost undisturbed."

  26. Nissim Cohen
    "The Jerusalem police detained a 12-year-old boy from Beit Shemesh for questioning today, on suspicion of raping a 4-year-old girl. Neighbors in a shared building in the city noticed the boy standing over the girl in the yard of their house with his pants down. They called the neighborhood rabbis, who called the police. According to the police, the boy, who is not a resident of the city, confessed to raping the girl."

  27. Nissim Cohen
    You have no idea what the difference is between theology and science. The cocktail you concoct between science and faith overwhelmingly indicates how much your understanding of science is actually zero. You can see that you know things, but the connections you make are obviously far-fetched. I repeat, start reading books about it. Verse XNUMX of Chapter XNUMX of Genesis is not and cannot be science. The inevitable result of your concoctions is utter stupidity. I feel sorry for you.

  28. to the "smart" miracles
    I used to really appreciate you, but you run your mouth in an unusual way. So I will post on this respectable site that you can't even analyze a simple statistical study in depth, but are regurgitating incorrect things. When a person is asked in the Land of Israel if he is religious, then those who observe the Torah and Mitzvos will say yes, those who do not will say no. When asked in the United States what is your religion, he will answer without going into details whether he observes Torah and Mitzvot, whether he believes in God or not,
    But I will answer you and Shmulik Hared, definitively and I will not answer you anymore, because I have no free time.
    In the near future, when the Israelis will realize that they are on a lower level than monkeys, because the monkeys do not rape girls and do not murder their parents, nor their children, and there are no explosions in the streets. Then they will understand that the religious belong to the image of God, and behave completely differently. There will be many more who will fully repent and keep Torah and Mitzvos.
    Then in completely democratic elections, all the sons of God and not the sons of the monkeys. They will form a government and the prime minister will be completely ultra-Orthodox. Then in the media it will be forbidden to publish violence, and not sex, but Judaism and science. Then humans will realize that they are truly in the image of God and not monkeys.
    Then I will propose a bill, that anyone who claimed to be the son of a monkey, put him in a nature reserve so that he does not harm the attribution of humans who were created in the image of God. But the monkeys will not want to be in their company, because they have hurt their dignity. The monkeys thought that they were created by God with wisdom and understanding and knowledge, and the infidels claim that they live by chance.
    And if my offer is accepted, I promise you that I will come visit you once a week and bring you bananas, and I will take care of all your needs.
    Maybe it doesn't hurt you to rape a 12-year-old girl one after the other, but since the despicable incident, I can't speak at night because of the human horror and am considering staying away from the society of the apes, until the humans, who were created in the image of God, restore sanity to Israeli society.
    Shabbat Shalom.

  29. I'm dying of fatigue, miracles, so maybe I'll talk nonsense. Tomorrow I will check if I wrote
    Things make sense.

    I get your terrorist analogy.
    If a certain factor threatens the lives of your children - you have the right to fight him, without going into the question of whether it is malicious or not.
    agreed upon.
    However, I would like to encourage you to think in the following direction:
    If there is a crazy professor, who is sure that if he injects a tremendous electric current into your heart, he will win you eternal life.
    Of course you will be allowed to shoot him, as soon as he approaches you. Even if he is trying to give you eternal life.
    But - if you understand that he has good intentions - and you have the ability to talk to him - of course in a way that you don't endanger yourself at all -
    For example to say to him: Thank you, but I am interested in the invention of how to move faster than the speed of light.
    So it would be better. Because then he will harness your delusional talent to your advantage.
    Just a silly parable. I don't have the strength to think.

    Back to reality: the terrorist, and the ultra-orthodox - both disturb you in a destructive way.
    But if the terrorist - your only useful way is to fight, and kill.
    With your ultra-orthodox neighbor in the settlement - the private way would be to sit down with him for a conversation. respects. listening
    Certainly not with everyone, but with many yes. Skip controversial topics. Start with things they can get.
    Then bring them closer to your world. And you can mark X - I destroyed an enemy.

    The difference is simple:
    The terrorist - wants you dead. as a principle
    The Haredi - wants you alive and well. But I believe in the power of prayer and study as a life saver. You can talk to him.

    to your question I believe in the power of good to prevail over evil. Therefore - science will not disappear from the world. but will penetrate more and more into hearts.
    And likewise the moral people - many of whom are secular.
    If there is a religious majority in the Knesset, and a prime minister wears a kippah - it will depend on the leader.
    In the past - the leaders of the people of Israel were actually very tolerant. Aharon who loved humanity.
    Our Lord Moses asked that God not destroy the people of Israel. Rabbi Akiva taught: And loving your neighbor as yourself is a great rule in the Torah.
    and said that if the Sanhedrin was under his control - it would never have executed a person (even so it executed
    One person once every 7 years I think). The Chazon Ish also said that it is impossible to force secularists into something they don't believe in.
    And only once everyone believed - it would be justified to punish those who destroy the existing social fabric.
    Agree - that can be the opposite situation.
    I will tell you a childhood story:
    I don't live in Bnei Brak, but I once stayed there on Shabbat, as a young man. Halfway from the synagogue to the house on Shabbat night,
    We saw a car driving: an unusual sight. It was a secularist who lost his way. He was afraid: he had already driven ten minutes in the city
    that he does not see her as a one-wheeled vehicle.
    "How do we get out of here?" He asked.
    My friend's father approached him and explained to him how to go to Ramat Gan. 3 other people who were there told him: "Saturday,
    This is Bnei Brak, we don't travel here"
    But there was one man, who approached, and shouted at him,
    And suddenly he kicked the door. I'm sure he got a little dent.
    I was horrified by the behavior.
    Do you know who he was? politician. One of the council members.
    On the other hand, my friend's father gently offered him: "Come, come to our house for a few minutes. drink tea In a little while the street will be empty and you can go."
    He didn't want to. "I'll park here until it's quiet"... he was really scared.

    So I agree: there may be a leader who will abuse power. Hope there won't be one.
    By the way, today the ultra-Orthodox feel that this is what is being done to them...

  30. Nissim Cohen,
    Of course I can't prove through direct measurements that the speed of light is the same throughout the universe but it really doesn't matter. In this context, what is funny is that in this type of debate, the religious side (come on, a book that is not religious but Jewish and blah blah blah) tries to sow doubts, raises questions as if they are scientific with infinite expertise but does not for a second doubt the correctness of the book of the Torah for which there is not a single archaeological evidence. So, doubts disappear. So-called intellectual honesty.
    Also, you still avoid giving the personal and non-binding assessment to very simple questions. Torah authority Alak, as if they were waiting for Torah authority when they forced me to marry and divorce through the rabbinate. Do you know why freedom of speech is not enshrined in law here? Want to speculate?

    Let's try again, I'm not asking for proof, just the personal assessment. You know what, your personal desire in these issues:
    In a little while the religious/Orthodox will be a majority: a majority in the people, a majority in the Knesset and the Prime Minister will be an Orthodox/religious. When that happens, what will happen to democracy here in Israel? Can I continue traveling on Saturday? Can I continue to buy pork head outdoors? Will freedom of speech be preserved? Freedom of association? Gender equality? Will gays be able to walk around without fear? Will the religious try to apply a Halacha state here?
    What do you think?

  31. Nissim Cohen
    You will not recognize evidence even if it comes and gives you a contradiction.... What about you and the evidence honey? 🙂

    Unlike you - I am not afraid of God, because if he exists, and if he is good, then he will understand that I have contributed infinitely more to society than you and your friends.

    I explained to you - the fact that the ultra-Orthodox think that the lives of their children are better than the lives of my children, makes them enemies, just like any terrorist organization.

    I will stand upright before the Creator. You, on the other hand, will be just like the snake...

  32. for miracles
    What you brought is not evidence, you claimed that there are more religious people in prison, this is slander.
    I discussed the area of ​​violence. You brought evidence from research that was done abroad and does not belong to us.
    If you get down to personal lines, you once again prove to me that the unbelievers do not base their opinion on logical evidence, but on emotional evidence. I will not be verbally violent like you, but wish you a good and happy life. Just think all your life what to answer after your death before God, because you dared to lie to Him.

  33. Nissim Cohen
    But what does all this have to do with it? The basic thing is that you lie all the time.
    You have the right to believe in God, but why base it on lies and stupidity??

  34. Nissim Cohen

    Dear Mr. Swift:

    The Federal Bureau of Prisons does have statistics on religious
    affiliations of inmates. The following are total numbers of
    inmates per religion category:

    Response Number %
    —————————- ——–
    Catholic 29267 39.164%
    Protestant 26162 35.008%
    Muslim 5435 7.273%
    American Indian 2408 3.222%
    Nation 1734 2.320%
    Rasta 1485 1.987%
    Jewish 1325 1.773%
    Church of Christ 1303 1.744%
    Pentecostal 1093 1.463%
    Moorish 1066 1.426%
    Buddhist 882 1.180%
    Jehovah Witness 665 0.890%
    Adventist 621 0.831%
    Orthodox 375 0.502%
    Mormon 298 0.399%
    Scientology 190 0.254%
    Atheist 156 0.209%
    Hindu 119 0.159%
    Santeria 117 0.157%
    Sikh 14 0.019%
    Bahai 9 0.012%
    Krishna 7 0.009%
    —————————- ——–
    Total Known Responses 74731 100.001% (rounding to 3 digits does this)

    Unknown/No Answer 18381
    Total Convicted 93112 80.259% (74731) prisoners' religion is known.

    Held in Custody 3856 (not surveyed due to temporary custody)
    Total In Prisons 96968

    I hope that this information is helpful to you.


    Denise Golumbaski
    Research Analyst
    Federal Bureau of Prisons

    The percentage of atheists in the general population is 8-16%, the percentage in prison - 0.21%

  35. Peace be upon you
    I already told you that I appreciate you.
    But bring evidence that the prisons have more religious people, in the area of ​​violence.
    Best regards

  36. To the cute Shmulik
    The proof you brought is indeed proof that the speed of light is constant in the measurement domain, but it is still not proof that there is no local change, so the integration over the speed remains constant in the measurement domain.
    And more about your anxieties, be calm. To the best of my knowledge, in order to apply the Halacha to the general public who are not Torah and Mitzvo observant, Torah authority is required which is not yet found.
    Best regards

  37. Nissim Cohen,
    There is nothing special outside the solar system and the boundary is just a definition. Tell me where you want an answer from and I'll try to check with NASA. There is at least one spacecraft that has left the solar system (again, by definition) and it is communicating with us exactly as expected.

    Let's try again, I'm not asking for proofs but assessments.
    In a little while the religious/Orthodox will be a majority: a majority in the people, a majority in the Knesset and the Prime Minister will be an Orthodox/religious. When that happens, what will happen to democracy here in Israel? Can I continue traveling on Saturday? Can I continue to buy pork head outdoors? Will freedom of speech be preserved? Freedom of association? Gender equality? Will gays be able to walk around without fear? Will the religious try to apply a Halacha state here?
    What do you think?

  38. To the cute Shmulik.
    You are really anxious, I am a citizen just like you, I have no idea what will be called in the future. I believe with complete faith in the coming of Messiah I believe. I believe that it will be good, that there will be no wars and no hatred between the nations, and no hatred between believers and non-believers, between those who are loyal to their Judaism and those who are not loyal to their Judaism. This is what I can tell you on a reputable scientific site.
    Furthermore, in order to prove a theory in exact science, the owner of the theory is required to answer all the doubts and all the questions. Please prove to me that the speed of light is constant, even outside the solar system.

  39. Nissim Cohen,
    What you wrote, the doctrine of God, etc., is exactly the opposite of liberal humanism, the ideology that puts man at the center. This is not a question of who is more or less but according to the definition of what liberal humanism is:

    You wrote: "There is a trial for every law. And whoever breaks the law, the punishment specified in the law is applied to him." Who should judge me?

    I'll try again, I didn't ask you to give an exact answer but your assessment. In light of the fact that in front of Nissim, you fool yourself into knowing, while in front of me you are suddenly relaxed and indecisive, it is clear to me that you are evading because you know very well what the answers are. We have many examples in Israeli law, and this is when there is still a secular majority. Nevertheless, I invite you again to formulate a more fascinating answer than: "I really don't have an answer to what will happen when there is a religious and ultra-orthodox majority"
    Here are the questions again, just in case you forgot (because you were busy thinking about the speed of light outside the solar system, as if there is a physical barrier that says - the end of the solar system, the speed of light, go crazy):

    In a little while the religious/Orthodox will be a majority: a majority in the people, a majority in the Knesset and the Prime Minister will be an Orthodox/religious. When that happens, what will happen to democracy here in Israel? Can I continue traveling on Saturday? Can I continue to buy pork head outdoors? Will freedom of speech be preserved? Freedom of association? Gender equality? Will gays be able to walk around without fear? Will the religious try to apply a Halacha state here?
    What do you think?

  40. To the stubborn Shmulik
    I really don't have an answer for what will happen when there is a religious and ultra-orthodox majority,
    The Torah of God does not force any person what to do, the choice is free. But the person must know the laws and the sentences. For every law there is a trial. And whoever violates the law, the punishment specified in the law is applied to him.
    And make no mistake, I am discussing the Torah of God and not the Halacha. And I'll tell you a secret on the condition that you don't publish it. Halacha is a statue made by human hands and some people bow to it with holy fear. The Torah of God is completely different from her. And what's more, who knows, maybe you'll repent when your children demand money from you, and if you don't give them, they'll take out knives and demand from you.
    Best regards

  41. Nissim Cohen
    I explained to you what exact science is. You did not understand. Do you want me to explain again?
    Those who talk about proofs in science do not understand science. There is certainly evidence that the speed of light is constant even very far from the sun.
    Please - spare us the lies of your rabbis. They don't understand physics.

    The only question mark is what are you even doing on a science site. Besides talking nonsense, you neither learn nor contribute.

    You quote the basic laws of physics, and then deny the conclusions that follow from those laws. How far behind do you think we are??

  42. Nissim Cohen
    It's better to keep quiet and have them think you're stupid than to open your mouth and let everyone know...
    I told you that the percentage of religious people in prison is greater than the percentage of religious people in the general population. It is very accurate...

  43. For miracles and life
    The theories about the creation of the world may be part of exact science, but certainly not the body of exact science. Exact science is a science in which you can verify the theory by research and obtaining verifiable results. Any attempt to tie the theory of the creation of the world to exact science, when no one has any measurable evidence, is in general a deception of the innocent public.
    Understand very well. The laws of physics unequivocally state that in order to obtain a certain energy, an investment of another configuration of energy is required, at least at the same level. Explain to a person with common sense, where does all the energy for the creation of the world come from, what you thought the universe was eye catching. What was before the creation of the world, there is an exact science that can answer these questions. To say that there are a number of theories and each one is correct, is not an exact science.
    The theorists believe that this is how the world was created.
    Furthermore, there is proof that the redshift is a result of the expansion of the universe, perhaps it is a result of slowing down the entry into the solar system. There is proof that the speed of light outside the solar system is the same, maybe 2 or 3 times. There are many question marks around each of the theories.
    So please, I have a much more logical and accurate theory, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth". And if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.

  44. Nissim Cohen,
    Cute cute, but not letting go
    Leave the humanist, liberal side (since there are no rapes in the religious society, or thefts or murders...)
    I asked a few simple questions, and since I recognize that someone is smearing me, I will ask again: in a little while the religious/Orthodox will be a majority: a majority in the people, a majority in the Knesset and the Prime Minister will be an Orthodox/religious. When that happens, what will happen to democracy here in Israel? Can I continue traveling on Saturday? Can I continue to buy pork head outdoors? Will freedom of speech be preserved? Freedom of association? Gender equality? Will gays be able to walk around without fear? Will the religious try to apply a Halacha state here?
    What do you think?

  45. To the cute Shmulik
    Do you really think that humanism is found in a public where children go to school with knives, that a poor girl is raped by 12 boys over and over again, and that children murder their parents, and parents of their children, and the elders are beaten and robbed and a ram saves her.
    Whereas in the ultra-Orthodox religious society, when the volunteering and helping others associations are in the first place, the children respect their parents, and the parents respect the children. There is no phenomenon of knives in the school, and one helps and respects the other, it is not humane.
    Maybe the definition of humanism and a normal society are different for you.
    Best regards

  46. Haim HaCohen,
    I changed the wording. I don't care if you are religious, secular or orthodox (you are welcome to tell me if you are religious, by the way).
    You laugh when you say that - "The religious and ultra-Orthodox prove that the life of the individual in society and the life of society can be much less violent, and more respectful between man and his fellow man. And you have to learn from them through the land. Which I didn't find in many places in Israeli society" right? Where did you get it from?
    The least violent public in the country is the public that advocates humanism and liberalism and in order not to get into a political debate, I will not name this public. And you can always learn, what do you suggest? Shall we learn how to exclude women? How are gays prevented from getting married? How do we become nationalists? Talk to me.

    Of course, you did not answer the questions that are not hypothetical at all, but contented yourself with a weak general answer in which you explained to all of us what the essence of democracy is in your opinion. What you wrote is why I think you are my enemy. True, I will not take up a weapon and harm thereby, but you are my enemy. If you meant exactly what you wrote, then you took the narrowest and most outdated definition of democracy. Modern democracy is not just the majority deciding. Democracy is the system that allows minorities to live their lives under the rule of the majority and not the tyranny of the majority. A modern democracy sanctifies humanism, human freedoms and liberalism (I will honestly admit that the liberalism on steroids that the selfie has taken in the western world is the most loyal representative, may harm another value that is very important to me, which is solidarity, and this is the biggest problem in secular society). In the US it is the constitution. We don't have a constitution, guess who and what the reason is.
    You wrote: "There are things that a person is obliged to do in society even if it is not convenient for him". Again, a general and weak sentence that hides behind it a whole mask of abuse in the secular public. See:
    I agree that there are things that man (and women too, remember, they are over 50% of the population) are obligated to do, but the harm must be minimal and necessary, and that is why a person's freedom is curtailed by prohibitions such as the prohibition of assault, the prohibition of harming state security, etc. but under no circumstances Not in normal civil matters. Unfortunately, in Israel the religion and the state determine for me how to marry and divorce, how to raise pigs, when to sell chametz, what is allowed to be opened on Shabbat and much more. It is unbearable.
    Since I am not ready to accept weak answers, I will try again to ask: in a little while the religious/Orthodox will be a majority: a majority in the people, a majority in the Knesset and the Prime Minister will be an Orthodox/religious. When that happens, what will happen to democracy here in Israel? Can I continue traveling on Saturday? Can I continue to buy pork head outdoors? Will freedom of speech be preserved? Freedom of association? Gender equality? Will gays be able to walk around without fear? Will the religious try to apply a Halacha state here?
    What do you think?

  47. Nissim Cohen
    Scientists can certainly disagree. This is the nature of scientific research, but in any case the research is based on observations, observations, observations, laboratory experiments, building mathematical models while relying on physics, chemistry, biology. Even in the social sciences, research is done on the basis of observations and building models. No model is eternal. New information will challenge what was accepted and they will try to give a new explanation.. As someone who studied social sciences I can tell you that the following two theories to explain a certain phenomenon can be correct. Scientific research is dynamic in nature. To take a number of verses from the Bible in Genesis chapter XNUMX and based on that to determine rivets about the formation of the world and the development of life is, to put it mildly, very unserious..No researcher will say that he believes in this and that. Belief is a world view and sometimes different behavior patterns are derived from it. By the way, how is it that intellectual centers like Greece, Rome, Egypt and India did not develop in Israel in ancient times? Do you have an explanation? The arguments you present clearly show that your understanding of science is zero. If you were to present these arguments in an exam in the philosophy of science, you would receive a failing grade. And again wanting to know what science is, read books on the history of science and the philosophy of science. Do not display your intellectual disgrace in public.

  48. Nissim Cohen
    Let's start from the end - soldiers should definitely receive financial compensation for their contribution. Today, an ultra-Orthodox Yeshiva member receives much more than a soldier.
    Serving minorities? I absolutely agree - the citizens of the country should have equal rights and duties. A person who cannot be trusted to carry a weapon - cannot be trusted in government elections either.

    I didn't understand - are you saying they are dodging? I thought they were good people ….. you confused me.

    I served for many, many years in a combat unit, and Adem is a reservist. Like you, I was an idiot and didn't ask questions. Today my children serve and I walk around my settlement and see well-dressed ultra-Orthodox people who are happy that my children are risking their lives for them.

    If it were up to me - I would deny the basket of medicines from the ultra-Orthodox, until the situation in the cemeteries balances out. I know it sounds cruel and extreme - but that's exactly what the ultra-Orthodox do.

    Until you convince me that it is worth it for me to lose a child so that an ultra-Orthodox learns Torah - I will not change my mind about them.

  49. Nissim Cohen
    Your understanding of science is definitely lacking. "Exact science" is a phrase you don't understand, for example. Exact science is physics or chemistry. This.

    It is written in the Torah "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth". Already in the first verse of the first chapter of the first book - there are a number of gross errors. These are errors that were common in the ancient world among many peoples.

    The idea of ​​the "big bang" is the result of scientists' observations of the universe in which we live. This theory was extremely problematic. First, the simpler and more logical theory that the universe has always existed. Even after they discovered that the universe is expanding, there was a simpler explanation - that the universe has always been expanding and all the time more matter is being created in the created space. But Basa - this beautiful idea does not match the observations.
    Another problem is that the model that predicted the big bang, the theory of general relativity, does not work with a very small universe and a much more complex model has to be used - quantum theory.
    And now it gets even more complicated
    But (!) - our models predict more and more, and explain more and more - and therefore it is more and more likely that they are correct (or at least they are close).

    You see? Science adapts our thinking to findings. and religion? She adapts the findings to thinking. Which is more correct in your opinion?

  50. for miracles
    I don't have an answer to your question, when I served in a combat unit, I didn't care if there were dodgers or not. I was interested in serving the people. In every society there are those who carry the burden and there are those who dodge. I say again, the ultra-Orthodox do not serve in the army, because they believe that studying the Torah is more important to the Jewish people than serving in the army.
    If you discuss carrying the burden, you should also appeal to all members of the minorities to be partners, and not focus only on the ultra-orthodox. Also, maybe it's time to turn the army into a professional army where the soldiers are fully paid for their service.

  51. to Shmulik
    You stated in your response, that I am ultra-Orthodox, before you answer me, take a good look at your response. Furthermore, if the ultra-Orthodox will be the majority, and one of them will be the prime minister, this is democracy at its best. Unless you do, you will change the definitions of democracy. Even the person living in a democracy, his life is dictated by the majority, which is not a majority. Because if 60% go to the elections and 51% determine the country's policy, they are not a majority. There are things that a person is obliged to do in society even if it is not convenient for him.
    In between, the religious and the ultra-Orthodox, prove that the life of the individual in society and the life of society can be much less violent, and more respectful between man and his fellow man. And you have to learn from them through the land. Which I did not find in many places in Israeli society.

  52. Nissim Cohen
    You wrote "that it pains him that there are Israelis who genuinely think that they have intellectual superiority over others" - it also pains me that there are such. These are the ultra-Orthodox.

    And again - I asked you a question - how is the life of the ultra-Orthodox better than the life of my children?

  53. for life
    How do you know that my understanding of science is poor, beyond the fact that your response is irrelevant, please tell me, when there are two differing opinions between the scientists regarding a certain theory. Is this called exact science? Each of the opinions is generally an explanation and generally a belief. Determining the speed of light in numbers is, indisputably, an exact science. An opinion is a belief and not an exact science.
    Furthermore, Judaism has never believed that the world was created out of nothing, whether the Big Bang theory confirms this or not.

  54. to Nisim Cohen,
    I assume you wrote Shmuel, you meant me. I don't understand what: "I'm not ultra-Orthodox, I'm Jewish" is supposed to mean, but you're welcome to answer my questions, even if you're Buddhist or Baha'i or secular, non-religious or non-Orthodox (I slightly change the wording of my questions following your strange answer):
    In a little while the religious/Orthodox will be a majority: a majority in the people, a majority in the Knesset and the Prime Minister will be an Orthodox/religious. When that happens, what will happen to democracy here in Israel? Can I continue traveling on Saturday? Can I continue to buy pork head outdoors? Will freedom of speech be preserved? Freedom of association? Gender equality? Will gays be able to walk around without fear?
    What do you think?

  55. To Nissim and Shmuel
    I am not ultra-orthodox, I am a Jew, who is pained that there are Israelis who genuinely think that they have intellectual superiority over others. Understand very well, you hate ultra-Orthodox for no logical reason, and in this you prepare the hatred for Jews throughout the history of mankind.
    If you have loads of hate, please direct them elsewhere.

  56. Nissim Cohen,
    I have a few questions for you: soon you will be a majority, a majority in the people and a majority in the Knesset and the prime minister will be ultra-Orthodox. When you become majority, what will you do with democracy? Can I continue traveling on Saturday? Can I continue to buy pork? Will freedom of speech be preserved, freedom of association? Gender equality? Will gays be able to walk around without fear?
    What do you think?

  57. Ofer
    I distinguish between individuals and the group. You are absolutely right that there are excellent people among them. But I will ask again - are you ready to justify a terrorist, because that is how he was raised? I do not. And beyond that, I believe that until the people who donate their lives don't stand up and say "so far", nothing will change.
    I've lived enough years to see which direction we're going, and the direction is like sheep for the range, unequivocally.
    Ofer, this is about my life and the life of my children, this is more important to me than any religious belief, and of course this belief is not kosher.

  58. There is no disputing that what I wrote is the most naive sentence imaginable. What is actually happening in Israel is the disappearance of secularism, liberalism and humanism from Israel

  59. Thanks beautiful!
    You gave me material to 'research' further...

    Hmm... about the ultra-Orthodox. To this I say: "And the sheep what their sin". That is: can be
    - and I'm sure there are - people in the ultra-Orthodox leadership and media with selfish and malicious intentions.
    But the "sheep - what is their sin".
    And if we want to help the flock - we have to speak to them in the gentle sounds of a shepherd's flute.
    Harsh sounds are simply unpleasant to the ear. A sheep goes with what pleases him... until he waits.
    I know many ultra-Orthodox: if you talk to them nicely - you will be pleasantly surprised!
    There are wonderful people there - I know some of them - and they can make a welcome contribution to the people.
    Think about yourself - you left a place that was bad for you - and today you 'live', and bring benefit to the place you arrived at:
    Here, now I asked you a question, and you could help me. Think there will be a few more of these - if
    They will feel that they are respected and not fought against!

  60. Nissim Cohen
    Your understanding of the sciences is so poor, to the extent that they would not accept you under any conditions for Yeshiva University in New York.
    By the way, what books have you read in the philosophy of science? And don't say you shouldn't read these books. I advised you before you get involved in any kind of discussion on these topics, read some books.. There are enough books in Hebrew today. You also made a fool of yourself

  61. Ofer
    As for the sound - it actually moves faster in matter than in air. For example - sound travels 5 times faster in water than in air.

    Your question about the medium of light is an excellent question! First thing - light moves more slowly in matter than in a vacuum, or in air. Unlike sound, the speed of light in matter depends on its frequency. This is why, for example, a rainbow is formed (passage of light through the raindrops).

    Newton thought that light is particles - which is simple to understand. After him, they thought that light is waves (Young, Hoychen for example) and showed that this is so in many experiments. But, then a question arises - if it is a wave, then what is the medium? At first they invented a medium and called it a "website". This site fills space and the earth moves within it. At the end of the 19th century they tried to find out what the speed of the earth is relative to the earth, and they found out that there is no such thing.... and from that they invented the special theory of relativity.

    We have not yet answered what moves in light waves after all, and the explanation depends on the type of physics you are talking about. The simple explanation is that the medium is an electric field, meaning - light is fluctuations in the strength of the electric field.

  62. to Ofer
    No person in the world has the ownership of the truth and the justice and the right. Some believe that learning precedes human behavior, and some believe that human behavior towards his fellow man comes first. Some believe that the army protects the Jews and some believe that God protects the Jews. Some believe that the State of Israel is the state of the Jews, and some believe that the State of Israel is hostile to the Jewish people. Tolerance is above all, otherwise no one has the right to exist in Israel. The culture of speech and debate is required to be objective and non-emotional. Cursing in an argument is uncivilized and even more so unintelligent. The enemies of the Jewish people do not distinguish between a Jew and a Jew. The ultra-Orthodox truly believe that learning the Torah is above all else. As long as the army is firing officers and in the process of downsizing, it is childish to confront the ultra-orthodox and cause huge demonstrations, who knows what the result will be.
    Best regards

  63. Ofer
    In the same way - why be angry at terrorists? Why get mad at... you know who? They also believed in the rightness of their way, didn't they?
    Don't fool yourself Ofer - the reason the ultra-Orthodox don't want their sons to serve in the army is so that they will never be exposed

    There is no connection between Torah study and defense against enemies - this is a new invention whose function is as I said. In the Torah it is written that everyone should serve, except for those who just got married, built a house, or had a child.

    Don't let them confuse you 🙂

  64. For the smart miracles
    You wrote, the Big Bang - surely an exact science. Science has several hypotheses as to how the universe was created. We don't know today if one of the hypotheses is correct, or maybe a completely different explanation. To say "there was a creator" before the beginning of the universe is stupid - there was nothing before there was a universe. You are contradicting yourself, Mina and Ba. If it is accurate, then how come there are some hypotheses. Truth before the creation of the heavens and the earth, there was neither space nor time. But the zero is also an infinity of worlds that nullify each other. So the zero is a screen regarding the person. The zero can be anywhere, and yet nowhere. The whole universe belongs to zero, because the one standing outside the universe will see nothing, neither light nor darkness nor space nor time. To state that behind the creation of man, no deep thought is invested, is in your opinion wise. Whereas believing that there is a creator of the universe is stupid in your eyes. Again you do not answer objectively, science is also a type of faith, because there is no certainty for every hypothesis.
    In any case, you are a miracle in the eyes of a wise and intelligent person, but please, in an objective discussion, do not mention words of stupidity or of a murderer, these are words that do not belong to the actual debate.
    Best regards

  65. Continued explanation (I forgot to explain): the ultra-orthodox know that you are a protector. But they know (as above) that it is so
    They were taught in the closed room) which the Torah also protects. They are not bad people at all.
    Of course there are bad guys everywhere. I'm talking about the rule.
    Whenever I hear Haredim talking about seculars and vice versa, I say:
    Do not compare the bad of the rival company with the good of your company!
    Compare the good of these, with the good of these, and between the wicked of these, with the wicked of these,
    and between the mediums of these and those. And see how much they can be friends... and learn from each other.

    post Scriptum. I am not writing from a noble soul. I write because I think it is the most logical and useful!

  66. Miracles,
    This is not accurate - even if it is technically correct.
    If you were taught from age 0, raised in a closed room, and taught
    that by what you do, let's say: press some strong button, you
    Protects half of the country. Every day you would be taught this and all that,
    You were sure you were saving people.
    So the ultra-Orthodox.
    You can say: that's your right: I'm not budgeting for it. and enact laws accordingly.
    But how are they different - in principle -
    From a sick child who also eats budgets. One difference: the one you love, and you are ready to budget.
    them - no.
    Good. But this is no reason to fight them - more than necessary.

    Besides - that a respectful attitude towards the "man" inside them - will make them more exposed to your message,
    and get out of their protective prison.

    post Scriptum. I still have a question for you about the resolution of light: a wave is movement in matter. A voice shakes you
    the molecules. What does the light shake? The sound is affected by the density of the material: when the sound moves through a compressed material,
    He supposedly slows down. Why is the light unaffected?

  67. Nissim Cohen
    I studied science and I am involved in science, therefore I have the right, and also my ability, to express an opinion on the subject.

    The Big Bang - certainly an exact science. Science has several hypotheses as to how the universe was created. We don't know today if one of the hypotheses is correct, or maybe a completely different explanation. To say "there was a creator" before the beginning of the universe is stupid - there was nothing before there was a universe.

    If there was a creator, what was before him? Where did he go? Who or what created it? Why is he so mean? Why did he create so many retards? Isn't it easier to give up this delusional hypothesis? So - even the lag can be explained..

    Nissim Cohen, science is a method, not a belief. A legitimate question is to ask "why do we believe that the scientific method works". I don't think you understand what I'm talking about...

  68. Nissim Cohen - this is a response for you:
    When I was a child, I once had a very high fever:
    At night I had a nightmare, I woke up from sleep, when I was still afraid of a terrible and scary dream,
    I was afraid to sleep again.
    My dad was standing in the hallway smiling and asking me to go back to sleep. I ran to my mother and said:
    Dad wants me to die. Because in the dream I almost drowned in a collapsing world, and my father asked
    From me to return to the same place: to sleep and dream.
    I hardly remembered it in the morning: I only remembered running from wall to wall, afraid I would fall asleep.
    Someone told me that I said my father wanted to kill me.
    "Dad, are you offended?"
    He smiled. "I was worried about you".

    But I understand your pain. You protect your father.
    But I protect his sons... You know the passage in the Torah, after the sin of the calf, that God says to Moses: "Leave it to me and I will eat it." And Moshe asks himself: He is all-powerful, he does not need to ask me. What is "let me go", leave me alone, and I will eat them? Rather, he hints to me that I can pray and stop him. Then he prayed, and God did not harm the people of Israel. He wants me to protect them…

  69. Nissim Cohen
    My right to live in Israel is a direct result of the heroes of Israel buried in the military cemeteries. The ultra-Orthodox (those who do not serve a full 3-year service) are garbage of people who are willing to sacrifice my life and the lives of my children so that they can continue to believe in their stupid book. Harsh words - but this is how I feel towards the ultra-Orthodox. Yes, I hate anyone who wants me to die, and that includes a lot of ultra-Orthodox.
    From my side - equality of the burden means that the percentage of ultra-Orthodox in the military cemeteries will be equal to their percentage in the population. I'm not interested in budgets and I'm not interested in people who don't work and live like parasites.

    The test is in the willingness to die to protect the ones you love - aren't you ready? To me you are trash.

  70. Long live a stranger
    I conducted an exchange of views with a group of people, who did not answer the questions to the point, but in an emotional way. But when arguing about faith, and claiming that the one who created them is a murderer. This is again not an objective argument, but an emotional one, and the response was accordingly. For some reason I have the feeling that I am in kindergarten.

  71. for miracles
    Why do you think you understand more about science, please tell me the big bang theory, does it belong to exact science or to the belief that it was so. And you really think that the scientists really really know how the world was created. what was before the bang And where does all the energy come from, when science believes that at a singular point, everything is zero. Science is also a form of faith,
    Best regards

  72. to Ofer
    Tell me, please, if your father was called a murderer, how would you react? Is the gentleness of the noble soul in you.
    You are so far from believing in God that you are not moved when he is called a murderer.

  73. To the honorable Shmolik
    You claim that you are a person who learns and knows and understands, but you are ready to destroy the ultra-Orthodox, why what did they do to you. Your right to exist in the Holy Land is the result of believing Jews who keep their faith and fulfill God's commandments without compromise, there is no gang rape there, no murder of parents, and no murder of children. Shame on you, you are orchestrating the murder of the Jews in the Holocaust.

  74. To Nissim and Kamila and my father and to all the commenters
    It is very sad that the members of the Jewish people who survived thousands of years of persecution and attempts at general extermination, and the people still survive and live and exist and return to their land, should say that there is no disappearing hand guarding them. It is very sad that people who have studied science, think that they are wiser and wiser than their parents and their parents' parents, who kept their faith despite the attempt to destroy them.
    Belief in the reality of God is not objective, but belongs to the dimensions of man. A person with dimensions of pride, who imagines that he knows everything, and is wiser and wiser than his parents, will never accept the reality of the Creator who is above him.
    And Kamila, also idolaters, believe in the creator of the world, but this does not prevent them from worshiping idols.
    I would suggest that you read Parashat Bakhakoti and Parashat Ki Tcham, and study the history of the Jewish people, in order to understand that there is a sovereign for the world. But you honestly think that you are more moral than the one who created you, what will you do when a prophet comes on God's mission, will you continue to be cold or will you accept his words. And if you don't know a prophet about it, it's better that you spend a certain amount of time every day, knowing your past.
    In short, what evidence do you want, in order to believe in the reality of the Creator.
    Best regards

  75. Nissim Cohen is the reason for the paragraph that Asimov wrote (replace the USA with Israel):
    There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."

    And Nissim Cohen, I have no idea if God exists or not and no self-respecting person can claim otherwise (although there is not a single proof that anything from the Torah ever existed) but with all my heart I hope that there is no heavenly dictator playing with me as if I were an ant. Call me an anti-theist and such, I oppose every sentence you write. Give me the ills of secular society every day because ultra-Orthodox society is evil in and of itself and I wish for the day when ultra-Orthodox society disappears.

  76. withering,
    I have your back here.
    She tries to maintain fairness in all discussions.
    Although it seems to me that Nissim Cohen specifically did not come to fight. his writing
    Has inner conviction.
    But you should ask - even from someone who has inner conviction - to write according to the rules of ethics. will relate, and respond - to the claim.
    Reasons - in fairness!

    Israel's first chief rabbi, Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook, wrote in one of his books, "I am walking in his footsteps."
    The main ones, Orot (in the chapters of Zeronim, letter XNUMX),
    The following, in relation to the secular-scientific approach - you don't have to agree with his worldview, but look at how he gains respect:

    "Man is losing the glow of his world, by what he associates himself with the smallness of the brain"
    (For a small, superficial and shallow train of thought...)
    No God-tide is then revealed within the soul, but rather the lowliness of wild imaginations, which paint the features of some false, blurred, depleted, and sloppy reality."
    (In his lowliness and smallness, man pictures God to him as a strict and angry old man. 'He who is' watches and looks at everything
    Man's actions and records them for himself and makes an account for himself. That 'whoever' is hidden in the shadows...
    and records with complete indifference: 'A person is born', 'A person dies'. In the eyes of the believers, that 'who is' governs man,
    From his creation and birth, from his economy, from his torment, from his death, demands from him known deeds and records all those deeds for him
    Which he did... and finally the son of man ended with the constant 'spy'".
    that fake reality is)
    "which terrifies everyone who believes in it, and depresses his spirit, dumbs down the heart and prevents the delicacy of man's soul from overcoming"
    (It makes a person frightened and depressed, stupid and rude).
    "And uproots the divine illusion in his soul. And even if he says all day long that this belief is in one God - it is
    An empty word that the soul knows nothing about."
    "And every gentle spirit is obliged to distract himself from it (from this faith) and this is the apostasy that follows Damascus"
    (It is true that in all generations there were people who disbelieved in God and rebelled against His Torah. But in the ancient generations this stemmed from
    Rudeness, lust and wickedness, whereas now this stems from a gentleness of spirit and a love of the truth, and a feeling of suffocation in the face of the confused, superficial and childish 'religion')
    "...and apostasy came like a cry from the strength of pain to rescue man from this heathen well of trouble"
    (It is the superficial and shallow childish little faith that causes heresy to cry out because of the terrible suffocation,
    - or in Camila's case: to shout at others who are in the terrible suffocation... and apostasy actually redeems the person - )
    "to raise him from the darkness of letters and proverbs" (to rescue him from the belief that consists only of such sentences
    and others devoid of any inner content, and to elevate man) "to the light of the idea and emotion" (to the reality of it
    be alive right) "until it" heresy, "finds a place to stand in the center of morality as well".

    What is the Judaism I go with?
    It doesn't matter the moment.
    Because it does not contradict anything from your way of life.
    And if so - we will discuss it.
    and what does matter,
    That I greatly respect, and learn from you. and wish you:
    keep going…
    It is also moral. And it's fun too.

  77. withering
    Responds like a true skeptic who deserves all the derogatory words - he sounds like a mature person and is definitely responsible for the lies that come out of his mouth.
    As for Nissim Cohen, I also think that he is not a child, and he should take responsibility for his words. On the other hand, I feel a little sorry for him, because he suffers from a complete lack of understanding of the world, which is probably the fault of his environment.

  78. Nissim Cohen,
    Would you mind telling us your age?
    To me you sound like a grown man (if not that wise) but I may be wrong as suggested here by hole-pa. Of course, if you are very young in years, I will stop with the blunt tone because I do not want to "go down" on a captive baby.
    On the other hand, if you are an adult, not only will I continue with a blunt tone but I will sharpen it, because that is what I think is appropriate to do to someone who comes and pours garbage in my (and others') neighborhood club where we are interested in maintaining order and purity of mind.

    As for those complaining about the tone, I really struggle to understand why you express displeasure towards those who try to defend themselves against the polluters. Anyway, if you do not participate in active defense, not everyone is suitable for this, but isn't it really important for you (you, those who visit this site because you are interested in reading news on scientific issues and rational discussions on these issues) to maintain proper mental clarity. Everyone here contributes something beyond the dry rational discussion, and that is of course perfectly fine, it is even excellent, but why are you willing to put up with such inappropriate and inappropriate behavior by commenters who not only do not contribute anything real to the topics of the articles and do not contribute a single idea or claim based on logic or facts, but also violently impose time and time again (even if they are ignored) a multitude of illusions and lies. I would appreciate it if the readers would give their opinion briefly on this topic, and at least express a position on whether you think these commenters contribute something real to the discussion (it would be nice if you could provide an example or two), whether those commenters should be ignored or whether it is right to condemn them.

  79. Nissim Cohen
    Correction of last sentence.
    You have no right to dismiss people's opinion just because their opinion is different from yours. I have a question to you. Where was the monotheistic approach first developed? If you know you will receive a valuable gift, unleavened bread for Yom Kippur.

  80. Nissim Cohen
    Belief in God is a necessity and the evidence is that even after the Holocaust there are people who continued to believe, although many left the religion. Please don't hide under the slogan "It's a miracle you don't demand" thanks to those who demanded and demanded you have the internet and the phone and the car and the credit card. How come there is no right to view the opinion of people who are not Shab'im.. I was asked in your life when the monotheistic approach was first developed?

  81. MouthHole
    He really sounds like a XNUMXth grader ….. On the other hand, if he wants to study, maybe we will save him .. .One life saver….

  82. Nissim and Camila, please relax a little with the language. It could be that the person responding is also a XNUMXth grader. you don't really know
    Consider that he is in the XNUMXth grade and you are contradicting everything his family told him and he is trying to defend his family's positions... Please, be gentle

  83. Nissim Cohen
    Camila is not my friend. She is just a smart and thoughtful person.

    I said that my home was religious - what does that have to do with my views?

    I didn't say "if you think that being a monkey is better than being a person who thinks and studies science" - I asked you what makes a person better than a monkey. You are not a thinking person and do not study science. So you, in your opinion, are no better than a monkey?
    And now seriously - tell me what makes a person better than a monkey in your opinion?

    You wrote "There is not and does not exist a person in the world who does not believe that God created the world" - I am not clear if you are more of a liar or more of an idiot - after Christians and Muslims, non-believers are the third largest group in the world. On second thought … pretty obviously you are too much of an idiot to be a liar…..

    You tell about the crimes of man... and it is really something terrible. God failed in that too, didn't he?

    Say - what do you think of the figure that the percentage of believers in prison is greater than the percentage of believers in the general population?

    And if you want, I have another fascinating fact for you... but only if you want to know... because believe me, you don't want to know 🙂

  84. Nissim Cohen,
    If I was interested in the wisdom of religion, I would go to websites that deal with religious issues. Since we are on a site dealing with science, I would appreciate it if you would stop polluting this place with pointless nonsense.
    You didn't answer the question I asked you, you just kept rambling on. I am asking a simple question, do you think it is moral that millions of honest and innocent people will be tortured and murdered, some of them are careful to fulfill the mitzvot and some of them are not yet of mitzvah age (children and those who have been mistreated), just because they happened to be in the same place and time together with those who did not agree to be slaves of your God . If this seems moral to you, and it probably is otherwise you wouldn't defend your imaginary friend, then I inform you that you are mentally ill. Imagine a family in which the parent, the one who is supposed to be responsible, the one who is supposed to love his children and educate them proportionately, throws his six children into the street because four of them did not follow all the rules of the house, the other two actually made sure to be disciplined as much as they could. After they threw them into the street and left them, bad people came and tortured and murdered most of them, without distinguishing whether they were disciplined or not. Now the village fool comes and says: not only is this punishment proportionate for the disobedient children, but this punishment is also appropriate for the righteous children.
    Nissim Cohen,
    You are a scumbag if you hold such twisted morals. Even a monkey with zero moral abilities is better than you just as 0 will always be greater than any negative number. You are welcome to answer my question matter-of-factly and just spare me the irrelevant nonsense that you so liberally sprinkle in your responses.

  85. Peace be upon you
    You may be a genius, but a confused genius.
    In one of your comments you wrote that you come from a religious home that is enlightened. How will you explain to people that an enlightened religious house is also an apostate in the reality of God.
    If you think that being a monkey is better than being a person who thinks and studies science, you are really in serious trouble.
    Read my response to Camila carefully, and you will understand very well. There is not and does not exist a person in the world who does not believe that God created the world, because belief in the Creator is built into the human consciousness, teaching the beauty of creation and the nothingness of man in front of creation. Anyone who claims to be an infidel, is living a deep inner lie, and needs to examine his soul, if not different from the soul of the crazy Niche.
    Instead of criticizing, check the society you live in, when 12 boys rape a girl, it's worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. When the son murders his father and mother, it is the end of civilized man, and the beginning of the age of monsters. And when the mother and father murder their children, they are not even at the level of a monkey. Maybe you will take it upon yourself to educate your "scientific" society, instead of being rude to the God who gave you life.
    in mercy
    First define for yourself, what is called murder. Bringing a flood into the world is not at all the definition of murder.
    he is
    And again, read your friend's response carefully

  86. Nissim Cohen
    Why do you think it is better to be a human and not a monkey in Africa? Do you really think you are better at something than a monkey? What does this mean?

  87. Nissim Cohen
    Where did you infer that I believe there is a creator?
    Why is life a good thing in your eyes, when there is so much suffering in the world? Why is God good if he kills children?
    Read again - God kills children. Three words - can you understand them?
    As long as you believe that "God is good" and "God kills children".... I will think you are... They are...not very smart.
    To remind you - God has murdered many more people than all of humanity.

  88. Peace be upon you
    The God who created me, he also created you, only I say thank you to him for creating me a Jew and giving me the mind to learn, and you disbelieve in goodness even though you believe like me in the reality of the Creator.
    Before you react impulsively, repeat my comment again. I said that God is good because he created life for the world. But he is not only good but also punishes the ungrateful person. Instead of saying thank you for life and goodness and the beautiful world he created in his honor. He only does evil, steals and cheats and murders, and commits adultery and more.... and comes with claims to his creator, one should be ashamed to call a person a human, but a pig is more suitable for him.
    Best regards

  89. Hello to Camila
    Your question is a good one
    God judges man on two levels, the personal level and the social level. When the majority of society breaks God's laws, the punishment is collective.
    Your response to morality and God's laws is childish. He gave you life, and he will also determine the day of your death, and also your destiny until the day of your death. Man doesn't live forever, so you have to take into account that you have to pay for a mistake.
    All unbelievers of all kinds should take into account that you are exceptional in the human landscape of thousands of years. The religions that believe in God who created the world are the majority. And idolaters, like the Chinese and the Japanese and the Indians, believe in the reality of the Creator of the world. The belief is thousands of years old.
    The Torah of Israel is a Torah that was given thousands of years ago in the presence of a whole nation and not in secret, the Jewish people have been celebrating the Seder night for thousands of years, the meaning is that the Torah was given when the Israelites left Egypt.
    Understand that the structure of thinking of most people on earth states that God created the world and man. You and your friends are the minority of the minority, maybe you should carefully examine yourself and your exclusive moral principles, before you bow before the God who created you, at the very least thank him, that he did not create you a monkey in the forests of Africa.
    Best regards

  90. Because inside some of the fools there is a person who wants to do good but doesn't know how. Since I've already seen morons who changed after someone confronted them about their morons, usually not in such a nice way, and apparently it was important enough for those people not to be morons once they realized that's what they are, I hope that at least I'll be able to provoke a moment of thought in some of them before the next reaction their. Still, it is clear that there will always be those who will continue to be completely unnecessary in any kind of discussion.

  91. Thutmose,
    If you don't have time for digital discussions why did you write your gibberish sentence?
    My conclusion is that you are not a very smart person and probably also a coward because you present your criticism using stupid cleverness instead of writing it in a matter-of-fact and reasoned manner as a mature person would do.
    I'm sorry for your patience problem, but I don't think I can help you with that.

  92. withering
    What I wrote is impossible to understand, it's gibberish. I leave the conclusions to you. I personally don't have much time for digital discussions. And I don't have much patience for that either. You probably do

  93. Thutmose,
    You are not very smart…
    After all, I wrote to you explicitly that I do not understand it at all, and in light of my words, you can interpret the first part of what I wrote to you there.
    You are welcome at any time to stop being clever and write nonsense and start contributing something real to the discussion here (including relevant questions if things are not clear to you), and if you are not capable of making such a contribution it is better to keep quiet, what's the point of bothering? If something bothers you or if you have a criticism (probably about me?) write it clearly and don't act like a coward.

  94. withering
    The quantum regression of neo-evolutionary processes causes the materialization of semi-ploidy zucchini and the result is a meta-cognitive catharsis that causes a terminal transcendental hibernation. You understand that, Camila.

  95. Nissim Cohen,
    You wrote: "The punishment is given only to those who break the law knowing the punishment, but when God removes his guarding supervision, the corrupting angel also harms the good indiscriminately, and the punishment is general even for the good."

    So decide, if the punishment is given only to those who break the law knowing the punishment, it follows that the good (those who did not break the law, otherwise why call them good?) must not be punished. And if the good are punished anyway (why actually? Incompetence? Lack of interest?), then at every moment the good, no matter how good they are (of course miscreants and innocent children) are hostages to the behavior of the bad. Is this your moral? My stomach turns when I realize that there are people who are really willing to accept such morality. For this reason alone it is of the utmost importance to eradicate this meme called God, because it is evident that in his name anything can be justified (as the religious always do). It is shocking that you, as a human being, are able to bypass any natural mechanism of justice and the ability to distinguish between good and evil and justify those who are responsible, whether by act or omission, for the torture and murder of millions of other human beings, all of whose fault it was, to your confusion, that they were with them At that time and place also "bad" people. It's really nauseating.

  96. Miracles,
    I really think they have no other choice, it is either to accept in advance and without question that the father is good and it is we who simply cannot/can understand him (with severe feelings of guilt every time a doubt arises), or to repeat the question, and not everyone can succeed, and Precisely for the intellectual reasons or access to information. Religion is very good at creating social pressure on those who do not align.
    I read the words of Nissim Cohen and it evokes sorrow and compassion, the low (moral and intellectual) that a person can reach, and all this is only to maintain the illusion of security that there is some big and strong father who knows what is going on. It is compassionate and yet so pathetic.

  97. withering
    Stockholm syndrome is a paper cut, compared to Nissim Cohen's problem.
    What I am saying is that the biblical God is an extremely negative figure. I am unable to understand the hypocrisy of Nissim Cohen and his ilk, who make God into a positive figure. To say "God's ways are hidden" is simply a retarded expression that a child in kindergarten would laugh at.

  98. Nissim Cohen
    "Each creator has exclusive rights over his creation" - is a parent allowed to harm his children?
    Your creator murdered little children - why do you ignore this part? Don't you have freedom of thought to express an opinion?
    Where do you get the assertion that God wants good?

  99. to camila
    Every person has the freedom of thought and speech, and the ability to ask God why, when Moses asked, and succeeded in changing God's time. But in order to pass a review, it is required that the reviewer know all the details. No one in the world yet has all the details to deliver a true critique.
    And please read the response carefully, the punishment is given only to those who break the law knowing the punishment, but when God removes his guarding supervision, the corrupting angel also harms the good indiscriminately, and the punishment is general even for the good. Thus is God's guidance, and again man is a part of God from above, and therefore he is punished for his actions. That is, the knowledge of good and evil is built into the person born, but the choice is in his hands. In any case, the Torah instructs a person in the most explicit way the way to do good, and the result. as well as the result if he transgresses God's laws, and unfortunately the glorious past of the Jewish people proves the negative result.
    Best regards

  100. For the smart miracles
    Each creator has exclusive rights over his creation.
    All the people of the flood knew that they were transgressing God's commandments, except for the small animals and the animals and other animals,
    When it is said in the Torah that "all flesh has corrupted its way on earth". All creation corrupted its way, and therefore the Creator was comforted because he created man, because he expected from him good and not evil. The decision to leave Noah and his sons, because in Noah were found the qualities of good, and from him will be obtained a person in whom good and not evil is built, the things are very deep, and there is a wonderful explanation that belongs to the occult.
    In any case, God is God and He determines for us, the day of life, and the day of death. And it determines for us, who is our biological father and mother. If man were in first place, he would determine for himself who his parents would be, and the day of his death. Maybe we'll get to that in a few years. The main thing is to learn in life, the best gift that God gave to man is the ability to learn. And man is tested by his actions towards society and by his help to others, and not only by his wisdom as it is a gift from God, God seeks good, and unfortunately some people still seek evil. Maybe in the future things will change.
    Best regards

  101. Miracles,
    I guess the answer to your question is quite simple, a father who beats is allowed what his beaten children are not allowed. These are the rules of the religious game where the main rule is - don't dare to doubt the Father, otherwise what will happen to you! After all, it doesn't matter what an abusive father does to him, by definition it will always be good. If he inflicts a severe disease on you, that is good, if he causes you to be born with a severe deformity, that is good, if he summons a holocaust on your people, he is really good, because he mercifully prevented you from assimilating into Tselman. His punishment is always proportionate, if you manage to see it great, if you fail to see it, God's ways are wonderful and refrain from investigating the miraculous from you (how will you know what is miraculous about you if you don't investigate? I don't know).
    The really cool part is, if there was a god, even if there was a devil who keeps humans as playthings to molest and abuse, still these captives would continue to worship him because by definition you can't understand divine logic and all you can do is hope your belief is right. The stronger your faith, the better you will deal with the obvious dissonance that everyday reality creates in the religious person. The solution to this dissonance is full cooperation with the terrorist you were enslaved to, in the overwhelming majority of cases against your will and when you were too young to resist. There is even a name for this well-known psychological phenomenon: Stockholm Syndrome.

  102. Nissim Cohen
    You're right. That's why no innocent was killed in the flood. no child No pregnant woman. Not an innocent animal (like the cats in my story).

    just a minute …. But, you said "And if we don't know the punishment or the mitzvah, he is in the least mistaken, and there is no punishment for a willful one."
    I'm really confused. So what happened in the flood? Please explain to me.

  103. For the smart miracles
    God is good, because he created life in the world. But he is not only good, but also educates and punishes. The Torah interprets seven measures of God's guidance of man, where at the top of the measures is the measure of truth, which means law and justice.
    When there is a law there is a trial, and in a trial the punishment is spelled out. When a person does what God commands, he receives good. But if he violates the mitzva on purpose, he receives a punishment. And if he does not know the punishment or the mitzvah, he is at all mistaken, and he does not have a punishment for mazid.
    Furthermore, man is also a creator in general, when he brings life into the world, and the mother is good to the child, because she raises him with devotion.
    But when the newborn violates the mother's mitzvah on purpose, it is the parents' duty to punish him, in order to educate him in the best way.

  104. Nissim Cohen
    Maybe you're right. Look, I just read in the Torah that God did something like this, and you think He is good, so why am I bad in your eyes?
    I thought it was moral what God was doing. Do you think I'm wrong? I'm really confused…..

  105. to the miracles of wisdom.
    If you did, you are a murderer.
    But when God instructs man what is permitted and what is forbidden, and the punishment for the act. And every person in the world has the freedom to choose between doing bad or good. Man brings the punishment upon himself.
    Best regards

  106. Nissim Cohen
    Come hear a short story and tell me what you think. My cat gave birth 8 months ago to 6 lovely kittens. It's so fun to play with them when they're little :). But, they grew and started doing damage. We destroyed everywhere, tore the curtains, climbed on the counter.
    In the end I got angry and drowned all 6 in the bathtub.

    what do you say about me Pragmatic or not?

  107. to the miracles of wisdom
    Again, you react emotionally and not to the point, and you don't bother to carefully read the response.
    Evolution discusses one system of man, which is the body and the soul, and there is no dispute that man and beast are equal, and furthermore, the soul characteristic of man is almost identical to that of beast. But in man there are two worlds different from animals, the world of good and bad knowledge. And the world of the "I", Judaism distinguishes between three parts of a person's intelligence, wisdom, intelligence and knowledge. When wisdom is knowing what is learned. Intelligence builds new worlds when it uses wisdom. And knowledge is the human judgment ability to distinguish between truth and falsehood, good and bad. This ability is not found in any animal or beast found in nature. And in particular the "I" of man which is an inner world hidden from everything, but connected to nothing.
    Best regards

  108. to the gatekeeper
    If you cannot distinguish between religion which is the result of faith, and faith in God who created man and man is the image of God. How can you get yourself out of the idiot rule. Say thank you to God who created you a Jew, and not an idolater in the wild forests of Brazil. And I repeat the answer to miracles, a person's world view and his faith, is not an absolute value, but a result of the faith of his parents and teachers and his environment. So thank God that he didn't make you a monkey.
    Best regards

  109. Nissim Cohen
    "The theory of evolution contradicts the basis that man was created in the image of God, and is completely different from other beasts and animals"

    Right !!!!!!!!! exactly!!!! What a beauty !!!! You're starting to get it... Wow, we're so proud of you!!!

    And what enabled the murder of Jews - it's religion (just, I thought you should know).

  110. to camila
    First, there are great scientists who are religious, and some of them are Nobel Prize winners.
    Secondly, the theory of evolution contradicts the basis that man was created in the image of God, and is completely different from other beasts and animals, every man has an "I" which is a part of God from above, the man's self is eternal, when at the time of man's death he passes into a world with completely different laws from the visible world . The "I" of man is actually a combination of wisdom, intelligence and knowledge, that they belong to the Creator from nothing, above time and above place.
    The theory of evolution discusses the human body and not its complex parts, mind, spirit and soul. And it is simple, if the Torah of God is in our hands from generation to generation, how can we accept a theory that is unacceptable, especially when it justified the murder of Jews.
    Best regards

  111. for miracles
    Certainly yes, it is explicitly stated in the Torah: He that sheds man's blood by man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of God He made man: (Genesis, Chapter XNUMX). The word "man" also includes man-eaters, and there is no exception. Whoever learns otherwise is wrong.
    And I have another small request of you, although you know a lot, but you don't focus on the response, but answer in an emotional way and not objectively.
    What do you mean that there are stupid things in the Torah, and how do you state that you are more enlightened than me, without knowing me and my actions and my contribution to society in general, this is a wonder to me, I thought I was answering to civilized people.

  112. Nissim Cohen,
    you have excited me!

    You wrote: "It is God's will that man learn science and nature" and in my ignorance I thought that there are many religious people who do not study science at all, and many more who do not study evolution in particular, and now you come and show me that God in himself and in his glory (if you say that you surely know, why would you lie?) Says the opposite, and I can only conclude from this that I was wrong when I thought that most religious people run away from the study of evolution like from the fire of hell. Thanks for enlightening my eyes!
    Only one thing I do not understand and I would be happy if you could help me. If God wants man to learn science and nature, and I want to believe that all religious people know this as clearly as you do, why is it that almost every time religious people participate in a discussion about science and nature, they show a shocking ignorance of the facts and the accepted teachings that explain those facts? Do you have an explanation for this mystery for me?

  113. for miracles
    Peace be upon you, the one who claims that God works where and where according to the affiliation of man, lacks understanding of the concept of "God", and unfortunately there is a lot of ignorance on this subject. The Torah of God is special to refine man's behavior towards his fellow man, and to minimize the violence inherent in man. Rather, it is God's will that man should study science and nature, in order to discover the wisdom of man and the wisdom of his Creator and thus create a personal relationship with God. Those who claim that Judaism limits the human spirit, need to study the depth of things
    Best regards

  114. Pine
    I think there are problems with religious belief, which cannot be bridged. I will give some examples: religion separates groups of people - in Judaism, a better Jew is a full Jew. Religion separates man from nature - science does not. Science can explain the evil in the world, religion cannot. Science lets me choose my goals in life, in religion, I was created for someone else's goals. Science encourages curiosity and the desire to know about the world, and religion (in my opinion) does not.

    I have many more points. I'm not trying to convince you - a man will live by his faith. But I see a fundamental and deep contradiction between religion and science.

  115. Nissim Cohen ... without titles
    The word "why" means "for what", for what purpose. Only an intelligent being has a purpose. That is, the question "why" presupposes an intelligent being. There is no place for this nonsense in science.

    Let's assume that science knows further back than the Torah. After all, in the Torah - there are nonsense that every fool sees as nonsense (well, maybe not every fool....

    Fortunately - I really come from an enlightened family. This is a religious but enlightened family... unlike you.

    Indeed, I will continue to deny religious belief ... because of reactions from people like you.

  116. For the smart miracles
    There is no connection between religion and science, religion asks why and science asks how. Religion originates in intelligence and science in wisdom. Religion discusses human behavior in society, and science elucidates the wisdom of the Creator and nothing more. Science cannot prove any scenario that took place in the world 6000 years ago, but science can speculate based on observations, measurements and estimates. Exact science is also proven in points that have been proven in research, and is not accurate in points that have not been proven. A person's opinion and his faith is a result of the education of his parents and teachers and not an absolute value, so if Nissim had been born in Mea Shearim, his views on the subject of faith would have been completely different. That is why the faith of the majority of the inhabitants of the earth who believe that there is a creator for the world should not be denied, on the grounds that they have not studied science,
    Best regards

  117. I'm sure similar polls would find that 40% of people believe that scientists should also incorporate alien intervention, demonic influence, ghosts, and supernatural forces into their theories.
    Stop making an issue out of every stupid survey.

  118. I don't know exactly what those "fundamental concepts" are that there is "no consensus" about. In my naivety I thought that terms like "velocity", "acceleration", "angular momentum" and "degrees Celsius" were well defined and would be useless if they were in dispute.

  119. Anyone who doesn't think like you is necessarily stupid.
    This is definitely a "smart" way to describe your appearance when you look in the mirror...

    Within science itself there are different currents,
    and there is no agreement on many basic concepts,
    But you follow the herd like a soma.

    Not bad.

  120. Herzl
    All true. In connection with vaccines, there is a large group of people who oppose vaccines in Israel for reasons other than religion. These are just stupid….

  121. Just outrageous.

    Just the thought of the connection between science and religion makes me cringe.

    The truth is that it is difficult to know what science would look like in a world without religions. Science (at least the popular one) is still influenced by religious concepts and that is sad.

  122. Surveys in the USA will always reveal that there are about 40% of the population there who believe that God wrote the Torah (ours - not just the New Testament) with his own hands. Therefore they believe that the world was created by God 6000 years ago including the bones of the dinosaurs. Some of them go as far as opposing modern medicine - refusing surgeries, vaccinations, etc.

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