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The 12th Science Festival will be held in Sukkot at the Davidson Institute on the Weizmann Institute campus

At the festival that will be held on October 3-4: meetings with scientists from the Weizmann Institute, the "Flying Egg" competition that has become a tradition, music performances, tours, sessions, workshops and enriching laboratory experiences, thinking games, lectures at the forefront of science and diverse presentations of scientific studies

The science garden at the Weizmann Institute, where the Davidson Institute's science festival will be held in Sukkot
The science garden at the Weizmann Institute, where the Davidson Institute's science festival will be held in Sukkot

What are nanoparticles? How do you drop an egg from a great height without it breaking? How do you make a rocket from a drinking bottle? What does a nutcracker have to do with a bicycle with gears? Dozens of fascinating and enlightening activities for the whole family at the science festival, which is being held for the 12th year by the Davidson Institute for Science Education, the educational arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science, the event will be held at the Weizmann Institute campus in Sukkot for two days on October 3-4, between the hours of 10:00 a.m. 16-00:XNUMX.

A lively celebration of science, music, culture and technology that entertains and is fun on the one hand and challenges thinking at any age on the other.

On the first day of the festival (3.10) the "Flying Egg" competition will take place, a challenging competition in which the entrants will have to build a RBA (a ground egg vehicle) which will ensure that an uncooked egg thrown from a height of 12 meters will arrive safely in Israel without cracking.
There will also be workshops, exhibitions, competitions, brainstorming games, scientific plays and musical performances, lectures and demonstrations for children, teenagers and adults who aspire to better understand the world and learn about the technologies and inventions that will shape the future.
The various festival complexes will present each in their own way, science and scientific thinking, while activating and sharing the participants in the festival.
This year, special emphasis is placed on an extensive and fascinating presentation of a variety of contemporary and groundbreaking research by scientists from the Weizmann Institute.

The annual science festival is organized by the Davidson Institute for Science Education, which brings together the educational activities of the Weizmann Institute of Science. The festival is held in cooperation and with the support of the Rehovot Municipality.

The festival premises:

1. The researcher's outdoor: workshops, scientific sessions, experiments and demonstrations, short lectures and a tour of the model of the first computer in Israel: the "Wizk" developed at the Weizmann Institute. Among the activities in this complex: building motorized models from Lego, science magic, demonstrations of how a ship floats and how a magnet works, making scientific ice cream and more. In addition, on October 3.10 at 11:00, the "Flying Egg Competition" will be held in this complex, during which the participants of the competition will compete in the design and implementation of facilities that will challenge the law of gravity.

2. The new laboratory: a fascinating and exciting complex - researchers from the various faculties of the Weizmann Institute of Science will meet the audience of visitors to the glass building and present research from the forefront of science in the pavilions of biology, physics, chemistry, computer science and mathematics, accompanied by demonstrations and multi-dimensional simulations: lectures, films, Presentations, photos and personal conversations.

3. The Clore Science Garden Museum - a multi-sensory experience: a unique open-air museum containing over 100 large and interactive exhibits (Bio, water turbine, wave pool, "rainbow without a cloud", cranes, "human refrigerator" and more). Guided tours throughout the museum, a tour of the eco-sphere, a spectacular hologram exhibition and more. On the main stage on the lawn of the Science Garden, there will be several shows and performances, including Dr. Molekula's "Madabara Kadabra" with scientific magic from everyday life, green drumming, a fascinating musical show that combines musical instruments from ancient cultures and more.

4. Family sciences: laboratories, demonstrations and lectures - laboratory activities that include demonstrations and experiences of the participants such as preparing hand cream, experimenting with molecular cooking, preparing a rocket and launching it using a plastic bottle, playing mathematical cards and extracting DNA. A tour of a simulated observatory, an introduction to the world of copper and other activities.

5. The Davidson Institute goes to town (before the festival): coffee-science activity in cafes around the streets of Ness Ziona. Conversations on scientific topics, in a relaxed atmosphere of a cafe, during which scientists have a free conversation with the audience. In addition, a few days before the festival we will demonstrate, see and run scientific demonstrations and activities at Rehovot Mall and Ness Ziona Mall.

Tickets can be bought in advance on the Castell website: and by phone: *8965 or on the day of the event at the festival box office. The box offices will close at 15:00 p.m.
Detailed program, ticket prices and other details on the festival website:

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  1. Not recommended, the tickets are very expensive, when I complained to the management on 3.10 they told me that they justified me and it was not successful, because I was not able to enter the family sciences complex because they did not give me permission to enter either. One of the management informed me that she would send 4 tickets to my email the day after I arrive at the festival again and I can enter the family sciences complex, but the girl from the management lied to me about that as well.
    It's a waste of your money, this year's festival was not successful at all.

  2. Not recommended at all, the management of the Weizmann Institute simply deceived the people, the family science complex was simply closed to the public, I tried to enter at 10.00:XNUMX am they informed me that there was no permission to enter the complex, the museum on weekdays is free, the researcher is outside, I tried to enter the complex I was told that they are on break, most of the activities And the shows were very boring for the natives, the tickets are very expensive for the attractions that were there.
    Not recommended at all, just try to go somewhere else.

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