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The science festival of the Weizmann Institute of Science is back in a big way

As every year, the residents of Israel are invited to a smart pastime for the whole family, as part of the science festival that takes place during the Passover holiday, on the institute's campus

The science festival at the Weizmann Institute in 2007. Photo: Avi Blizovsky
The science festival at the Weizmann Institute in 2007. Photo: Avi Blizovsky

As every year, the residents of Israel are invited to a smart pastime for the whole family, as part of the science festival that takes place during the Passover holiday, on the institute's campus. The science festival, supported by the Gron family from Chicago, is the only one of its kind in Israel - an experiential and lively celebration of science and technology, consisting of exhibitions, competitions, shows, workshops, observations, tours, lectures and demonstrations intended for adults, children and teenagers, and for an audience of those who understand, are interested and curious of all The ages. Entrance is paid.

This year the festival will include a long series of activities:

• Experiential science workshops - acrobatics from the circus world, creating a puppet theater, thinking games, making scientific ice cream, and a host of other activities.

• Magic and illusions in the cinema - a workshop that reveals what happens behind the scenes of the cinema - talking animals, floating people, shrinking children - while watching film clips, and live photography of the participants. (Involving an additional fee of NIS 10).

• In the cartoon, everything is possible - how do you create movement on the screen? How do you combine cartoon characters and live actors? And how do you create dubbing? We will learn and experience all the stages of making the cartoon. (Involving an additional fee of NIS 5).

• Conversations with scientists - Rabbi Haseich, which will be held on both evenings of the festival, will deal with the search for intelligent life outside the earth, and the benefits of personalized medicine, adapted to the patient. At the end, there will be a panel discussion with the participation of the audience.

• Meetings from the front of science - lectures for adults and teenagers, on topics from the front of science: what are stem cells, how did the big bang happen, the warming of the earth, and the race to Mars. Experiential lectures will deal with the science of music, Baxman of soap bubbles, and the chemistry of wine. In the institute's laboratories it will be possible to extract DNA from lettuce leaves, make hand cream, and build missiles and rockets.

• The painting exhibition "Draw me a scientist" - the national exhibition, initiated by the European Union and the Weizmann Institute of Science, which presents the figure of the scientist as it appears to children, will be displayed in the rotating exhibitions pavilion in the Science Garden.

Music at the science festival

This year's festival will present a large variety of performances, workshops and musical experiences, under the direction of Chen Zimbalista. On the main stage of the festival there will be a "Journey from Shore to Drum" - a musical show for the whole family with Chen Zimbalista and the Ashdod Chamber Orchestra. There will also be a Balkan-Gypsy show, a traveling show of Brazilian music that combines dance, rhythm and movement, a show presenting new musical instruments, and other surprising bands. Workshops for the public will allow the construction of musical instruments from natural materials, from recycled materials, and also from "just" scrap metal.


• The flying egg - planning and implementation of sophisticated methods for throwing eggs from a height of 48 meters, without breaking or cracking, and at the highest possible speed.

• Search for the treasure (Com.Bina) - a prize-bearing competition for adult and youth teams, which includes tasks and problems from a variety of science fields. Suitable for lovers of challenges and ideas.

The competitions carry prizes, and involve early registration.
More information and registration for competitions: 08-9343959.

The festival will take place on Pesach Sunday, April 23-24, from 10:30 a.m. to 18:00 p.m.

Information for the general public (multi-line): 6090-934 08

and on the festival website

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  1. The festival is not suitable for the weather. Most of the activity is outside. The heat made today's event unbearable. not recommended.

  2. Repair - NIS 55 for the children. Really a steal!!! So why did I go in anyway?! Because waiting for half an hour from the entrance to the parking lot includes standing at the checkout - I didn't want to disappoint the children. According to the flyer we received, it looked like there was a lot to do inside.

  3. very expensive !!! Why 65 NIS for adults? We came because of the children. And 65 NIS for children?! And the workshops are also paid?!
    If there was an attractive price, I would leave feeling that, okay, this is the value. But for the large amount I paid (240 NIS) - it's really a robbery!!!
    This is the first and last time! Too bad…

  4. I would love to know if any of the Heiserists intend to come and participate in a discussion with the scientists.

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