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The 1st National Science Festival will be held on Sukkot

For the first time, the Ministry of Science opens the gates of the regional research and development centers to the general public on Sunday and Monday, October 4-5, 2009

Activity with children at the Dead Sea M&E Center. Photo: Ministry of Science
Activity with children at the Dead Sea M&E Center. Photo: Ministry of Science

For the first time, the Ministry of Science and Technology is opening the doors of the regional research and development centers to the general public and during the weekdays of Sukkot (this coming Sunday and Monday - October 4-5, 2009), these centers will reveal the research and scientific activity taking place there and will hold tours and workshops for the whole family.

Thousands of people are expected to participate in the centers of the festival, spread all over the country, from the Golan Heights to Kibbutz Ketura in the south, as part of the family fun on the Sukkot holiday.

Among other things, new studies will be presented to the public about green energy and the development of systems for the treatment of domestic, industrial and agricultural wastewater, biological control and organic agriculture, the use of cooling methods for the production of aromatic wine, the story of the establishment of the city of Sderot as part of the development towns study, the relationship between consanguineous marriages and genetic diseases and the examination of the failures that caused the non- Knowledge of mathematics in the Bedouin sector, rapid diagnosis of the causes of infectious diseases such as intestinal disease, production of natural substances for the treatment of diabetes and "acne" (acne), research of the past Jewish settlement in the Golan - excavations and reconstruction of ancient synagogues, rare plants in the Judean desert and the process of producing cosmetics , halting the drop in the Dead Sea level and innovative treatment of skin diseases and more.

The regional R&D centers program is a unique Israeli enterprise that is gaining the interest of UNESCO with the aim of implementing it around the world, especially in developing countries. This activity is part of the implementation of the new policy of the Minister of Science, Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz and the Director General of the Ministry, Shalom Jarbi, to make science accessible to the public.
Director General of the Ministry of Science, Sher-Shalom Jarbi: "We have set ourselves a clear task: to reduce the gaps between science and the community while emphasizing the social periphery and bringing science to all levels of the population. This is the purpose of the 1st National Science Festival that the Ministry of Science is holding in Sukkot and I call on all citizens of Israel, from all sectors, to take advantage of the holiday, participate in the festival and come, with your families, to the R&D centers spread out for you all over the country."

The events are open to the public free of charge.
All information and details bMinistry of Science website

The activities and tours will take place in the regional R&D centers:

• The Golan Research Institute - in the ancient Umm-Kantir Synagogue, near Netor, Golan Heights
• Migal (Upper Galilee Knowledge Center) - in Agmon Hula
• R&D of the Galilee Association, Shafaram
• The Triangle R&D, Kfar Kara
• Samaria and Jordan Valley R&D, Shiloh, Yitzhar, Ariel
• Yehuda R&D, in the settlements of Carmel and Susia
• R&D for the study of coastal deserts, Beit Kama
• Cinematek Sderot
• The Dead Sea and Arava R&D, the Dead Sea, Hatzava and Kibbutz Ketura in the Eilot region
• Regional R&D for the Bedouin Society in the Negev, Hora.

What is a regional R&D center?

Israel has a very wide variety of ecological areas of social and economic interest, which require unique regional research. The research and development centers conduct research in applied fields that are unique to the region in which they are located, and are intended to contribute to its economic and social well-being and have an impact and contribution to Israeli research. The centers are managed and based on leading researchers who are involved in the place, its nature and its needs.

The Ministry of Science and Technology participates in the establishment of the R&D centers, in directing the scientific activity and in their financing. The Regional Research and Development Centers program is a unique program that breaks through the vision of the country's founders to blossom the wilderness in the XNUMXs version: expanding the science base of the State of Israel while including the geographic and demographic peripheries.

The regional R&D centers encourage social integration and the exposure of the peripheral population to science in the community and to improve the well-being of the residents and raise the level of education. They also serve as a connecting link in the process of developing and implementing research findings, between the research centers in the center of the country and between the peripheral areas and help to share other populations in the scientific creation of the State of Israel.

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    Maybe you can add a link to the "International Science Festival" website to keep up to date with the list of activities and lectures. Thanks.

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