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Green chemistry to produce products without waste

New green chemical technologies will play an important part in advancing society towards eliminating the need for waste treatment, while enabling the development of a wider variety of products of biological origin.

trash? Raw materials!!!
trash? Raw materials!!!

Explains the lead researcher: "We were able to show that it is possible to produce fatty substances with many applications from crops and from other by-products, including wheat, barley straw, wood residues and grass, through the use of supercritical carbon dioxide - a green chemical technology that enables the production of products without solvent residues. The materials produced by this method could be used in several fields, such as construction and bio-processes." Low-temperature microwave methods can also be used for biomass decomposition, while obtaining a higher control of the heating process. The advantage of the method is significant energy savings and the production of high quality oils, as well as obtaining oils and solids with useful chemical properties. The researchers explain that through a combination of continuous extraction together with microwave irradiation it is possible to separate the aqueous layer and produce cleaner oils that contain smaller amounts of impurities, such as metals. In these oils lies the ability to be used as raw materials for the preparation of chemical products as well as as fuel additives. "Our microwave technology can also be used for the production of biochars that can be used as additives in power plants," the researcher points out. The news about the study

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