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The Israeli cleantech company Pythagoras Solar completed a first of its kind project of installing solar windows at the headquarters of the giant "Organic Valley" cooperative in the state of Wisconsin in the USA

The market for solar products integrated in buildings is estimated at one billion dollars in 2012

Solar windows of the Israeli Pythagoras Solar installed at the headquarters of the Organic Valley Cooperative in the city of La Farge in the state of Wisconsin, USA
Solar windows of the Israeli Pythagoras Solar installed at the headquarters of the Organic Valley Cooperative in the city of La Farge in the state of Wisconsin, USA

The Israeli cleantech company, "Pythagoras Solar", is developing the first solar window in the world that combines energy efficiency with high-efficiency solar electricity production, while optimizing the penetration of natural light into the building - today announced the completion of a first-of-its-kind project of erecting 20 solar windows at the headquarters Organic Valley Cooperative in the city of La Farge in the state of Wisconsin, USA.

The market for solar products integrated into buildings is estimated at one billion dollars in 2012. The agreement signed is with the largest cooperative in the USA for organic agriculture, which unites many hundreds of farmers who grow organic crops. The cooperative chose Pythagoras Solar Company's solar windows for its new headquarters, as part of the cooperative's triple vision: social, economic and ecological responsibility. The project included the installation of 20 solar windows that provide solar energy and at the same time reduce the building's energy consumption and provide optimal natural lighting.

The "Pythagoras Solar" solar window combines optics and solar cells in a unique way. The unique optics invented by the company allow separation between the direct radiation coming from the sun and navigating to the solar cells - instead of heating the building, and the light radiation coming from the street, which penetrates directly through the window. Architects around the world point out that there is a product here that for the first time can replace the windows that are installed in office buildings, which are usually covered with a large amount of glass. These are buildings that suffer from a lot of sun that penetrates into the building, and the architects are looking for solutions that will insulate the buildings from the heat and also help utilize the large area they have for electricity production. The electrical power produced by the Pythagoras Solar window is equal to the power produced by an average solar panel.

"We aim for high standards and this is embedded in our culture. This is why we were looking for a solar window that would provide us with maximum energy efficiency and electricity production. After examining various options, it was clear to us that the company "Pythagoras Solar" is unique in its offer and its potential benefits are unmatched," said Cecil Wright, VP of Operations and Environmental Quality at the Organic Valley Cooperative. According to him, "the solar windows that were installed will now allow considerable energy savings and electricity generation at the same time. This is a positive contribution to our operational goals. By adopting these innovative windows, we are also helping to pave the way for this technology, which has the power to become a standard element in the construction and design of energy-saving buildings, i.e. green and environmentally friendly buildings."

The solar windows allow the "Organic Valley" cooperative to reduce the use of artificial lighting and enjoy more natural light - and this is as a result of the entry of indirect lighting that is not blinding through the windows. In addition, the solar windows reduce the energy required to cool the building - because less heat penetrates through the windows. It was also reported that the "Organic Valley" company is committed to supporting such innovative technologies and that the windows will help create a more comfortable and productive work environment.

VP of Marketing and Business Development of Pythagoras Solar Company, Udi Perat, stated that "the successful partnership with the "Organic Valley" cooperative is evidence of the momentum we are experiencing around the unique technology we have developed. We are proud to take part in helping the cooperative achieve its goals." According to him, the positive response from the industry strengthens the company's position as a leader in the field of solar windows.

About Pythagoras Solar: The company develops solar windows that uniquely combine solar electricity production with energy efficiency of buildings. The company was established in 2007 and provides buildings with products that enable architects, engineers and construction companies to design and erect buildings with low energy consumption, while producing clean energy from the sun and maintaining an exterior design, in a way that helps the industry move towards balanced and energetic construction, while increasing the value of the property. Pythagoras Solar is a private company operating in the USA, Israel and China. The CEO of the company is Gonen Fink, a former executive at Check Point. The company was chosen by the General Electric concern as one of the 5 most innovative companies in the world.

The "Organic Valley" cooperative produces a wide variety of organic foods: organic milk, soy, cheeses, butter, natural food, eggs and more - sold in supermarkets, natural food stores and food cooperatives throughout the USA.

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  1. The argument of heating the structure is only true in the summer. In a cold winter, it is desirable that light enter to warm the internal structure. (Greenhouse) In the western world there is more winter than summer.

  2. I am:
    Don't forget that the intention was also to prevent the building's interior from heating up as a result of direct sunlight.

  3. The big advantage is that the building looks like any normal building, and not something that has had panels added to it.

    incidentally. The prices of the panels are on the floor at the moment. A panel that I bought two years ago for 2200 NIS, is currently going up - 1000 NIS round and beautiful.

    Another drop, will only be blessed of course.

  4. Besides, it's not more efficient to simply watch the space between the floors!!! And not the windows...

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