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President Shimon Peres visits the Elta factory in Ashdod

Yitzhak Nissan CEO of the Aerospace Industry: "We provide a response to the operational needs of the IDF in space, in the air, at sea and on land"

Shimon Peres and CEO
Shimon Peres and CEO

Shimon Peres, the President of the State against the background of a TecSar (TecSar) satellite model produced by the TAA's Alta factory receiving explanations from TAA CEO Yitzhak Nissan (right).

"The advanced technological capability of the aerospace industry provides an answer to the operational needs of the IDF in space, in the air, at sea and on land. Our products help the IDF in its war on terrorism within the country's borders and abroad," said Yitzhak Nissan, CEO of the Israel Defense Forces and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Elta Systems, to President Shimon Peres, during the President's visit to Elta, a subsidiary and division of the Aerospace Industry.

Nissan told the president that: "Alta is a leading company at an international level in the fields of advanced intelligence and defense systems." In recent years, Nissan pointed out, "Alta is in an accelerated growth spurt and receives hundreds of engineers every year."

IEA sales for the first half of 2007 totaled $1.623 billion, compared to $1.319 billion in the same period last year, an increase of 23 percent. The TEA's backlog of orders as of 30.06.2007 amounted to 7.2 billion dollars. About 87 percent of the stock is for export.

In the first six months of 2007, Alta's sales totaled $456 million compared to $385 million in the same period last year, an increase of about 18 percent. Out of this, export sales in this period amounted to 414 million dollars compared to 350 million dollars in the first six months of 2006, an increase of about 18 percent. Sales to the local market in the first six months of 2006 amounted to 41 million dollars compared to 35 million dollars in the corresponding period last year, an increase of 17 percent.
Elta Systems designs, develops, manufactures, and sells to its customers in Israel and around the world a variety of systems and products in the field of military electronics. The division operates as a military systems house, based on electromagnetic sensors (radar, electronic warfare and communication) and information technologies. The division's products are designed and suitable for all branches of the military (air, sea and land), mainly for intelligence, reconnaissance and observation, early warning and control, shielding and protection, detection and locating targets and fire control.

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  1. The TECSAR satellite was designed and manufactured by a subsidiary of the aerospace industry. well done . The Mabat company is considered a global expert in the field of small satellites with special capabilities.
    Mabat ordered the MACH system that was installed on the satellite from Elta, which is a world-renowned company in the field of MACH.

  2. to Elad c.
    Your claim is strange and in my opinion wrong
    What was assembled at Alta is the systems in the Hemated segment. Maybe that's what you meant when you wrote "in addition to the MCM" and maybe you meant "in addition to the antenna". It is clear that the radar is more than the antenna, and includes additional units located in the hemated section.
    But the BUS segment, which is the largest segment, is entirely equipped with Bambat, which designed the entire satellite, and the structure of the Hemet segment, and is responsible for all the mechanics of launching and steering in space, for the mechanical and thermal experiments and much more. With all due respect to Alta, she is not the manufacturer of the satellite but a daughter. Your odd phrase "formally" is extremely puzzling. Levin is composed completely physically, and there is nothing "formal" here.

  3. To Elad Sagi.
    Although formally the satellite was assembled in Mavet, but most of the systems (in addition to yours) were designed, assembled and tested in Alta.

    Wishing you a happy new year and a good signature, Elad

  4. Shimon Peres plays her as a visionary.
    He is interested in what the advanced industry is doing today and then goes to the newspaper and so to speak expresses his "vision" for the future.
    Actually Peres is a man of the past.

  5. The message was sent by the Air Industry Spokesperson's Bureau and was published as language, they are the owners of the two factories and apparently it is important for them to highlight Elta.

  6. Avi Shalom,
    It's the second time that you are not accurate about the satellite manufacturer.
    The satellite is manufactured in a space factory!

    Why do you insist on giving credit to Elta as the satellite manufacturers, after you yourself admitted in the previous article that in fact they are only the manufacturers of the satellite and that Mebat is the main contractor.

    I demand that this article and the previous one be corrected immediately, and I hope that in the future you will be more careful about giving credit to the right people.

  7. Because I specifically wrote that it arrives within five days and you, instead of reading, prefer to ask in response to an irrelevant article. Tomorrow I will wait for the photos and report back. With all due respect there are other issues, even so I increased the number of reports per day from 3 to 5 and even 6, I also have to work at jobs that I earn a living from

  8. To my father, the editor of the site, for your information, the Japanese spacecraft is supposed to reach the moon tomorrow, come back and update and do not delete my comments, why are you doing this

  9. Sometimes I wonder, what is more nauseating? The combination of words: "President Shimon Peres" or the combination of words: "President Ahmadi Nejad"?

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