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The European Union approved the first 'matchmaker' for the treatment of arterial aneurysms

This is the first product of the start-up ES Vascular, which is engaged in the development of unique technological platforms for vascular surgery

ES Vascular received CE approval for its first product - the OAS - Open Aortic Stapler, which is based on a unique technology for the automatic fastening of grafts to blood vessels and assists in the process of connecting the synthetic graft to the aorta during surgery, replacing the manual sewing performed by the surgeon and enables a considerable shortening of the duration of the operation.

The innovative technologies at the base of the company constitute a breakthrough in the surgical field, and are mainly intended for the treatment of a clinical phenomenon called "abdominal aneurysm of the aorta" (AAA). This phenomenon is known as one of the most extreme and dangerous clinical phenomena in the field of vascular pathology.

Shuki Porat, CEO of IS Veskolar, stated: "The CE approval is a significant milestone for us since it will allow us to distribute in the EU countries. Porat added that: "The use of the product will allow this procedure to become the leading treatment in the field, while significantly improving clinical results, reducing risks and complications for patients, as well as significant savings in costs associated with surgery."

The surgeon who performed the clinical trials for the product, Prof. Ralf Kollenbach, director of the vascular surgery department at Augusta Hospital, Dusseldorf, Germany, added: "The product makes it possible to obtain a perfect connection between the implant and the blood vessels and to create uniformity in the results of the surgery regardless of the capabilities of the surgeon. The clinical results show that we have a simple, safe, fast and reliable technology to create a connection between implants and blood vessels without the need for stitches."

About Alpha-MedThe Haifa start-up ES VASCULAR, which was established in 2003 by Prof. Edward Shifrin, is engaged in the development of unique technological platforms for the treatment of diseases related to blood vessels. Recently, the company closed its first fundraising of about 3 million dollars from private investors from abroad.

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