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The German company OHB develops new platforms for remote sensing applications

In a lecture as part of the International Astronautical Congress held in Prague, members of the German OHB company (a manufacturer of various satellites including the Sar Lupe radar observation satellite array) presented a new design of observation satellites, in the optical and radar fields.

The new program
The new program

The satellites are considered quite small by European standards, and they will offer high-quality performance - ground resolution better than a meter in both the radar satellites and the electro-optical observation satellites (the company people were not ready to provide exact data, but stated that the ground resolution of the satellites will be "much better" than a meter .

In addition to applications of remote sensing for the purposes of disaster monitoring, security, and rapid deployment of satellites in space, OHB presented a design for relay satellites that will travel in geosynchronous orbit and serve the fleet of low-orbit satellites operated for various needs, including defense, of Germany and other European countries.

The design of multispectral geostationary observation satellites for research and monitoring of seas and lakes was also presented.

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