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The Nature and Parks Authority will calculate the studies, observations, species count and mapping

The system will also contain a database of photos and informational materials * Director General of the Nature and Parks Authority Eli Amitai: "Nature conservation in Israel is facing a new era"

An inspector of the Nature and Parks Authority with a handheld computer. Soon he will have access to the database that will help him preserve nature. Photo: Yariv Malihi
An inspector of the Nature and Parks Authority with a handheld computer. Soon he will have access to the database that will help him preserve nature. Photo: Yariv Malihi

The Nature and Parks Authority issued a public tender this week to locate a company that will develop and operate a comprehensive computer system, which will be used by the Nature and Parks Authority personnel - from the inspectors and field personnel through the authority's scientists to the administration personnel. The future system, for which many preparations have been made in recent months under the management of the Authority's ICT and information systems division, is expected to include the most comprehensive databases and data in Israel in the field of nature conservation and will make it easier for both field personnel and headquarters to access up-to-date and comprehensive data on a variety of issues related to the work of the Nature and Parks Authority. Among other things, the system is expected to contain data from counts and observations of wild animals, mapping of the distribution of species in Israel, a database of studies carried out by the Authority or under its authority, real-time information on the number of visitors to the sites, an archive of photographs and informational materials, information on offenses within the scope of the Authority's enforcement, and more. The databases will enable the establishment of the Authority's position as a national center of knowledge in the fields of natural and heritage values, the availability of the databases through the Internet will support academic and international research and lead to public participation and a force multiplier in the preservation of natural values ​​and their education

Tamir Adoi, Director of the ICT and Information Systems Division: "The future system represents a real change of concept in the authority's computing mainly due to the transition from manual operation and distributed systems to an integrated computer system throughout the length and breadth of the organization in order to provide backup for all the authority's processes and to support all of its officials. The future system is planned to include the most advanced off-the-shelf systems in the international computing market as well as dedicated systems tailored to its unique dimensions and needs. Two prominent components of the future system are the use of mobile computing and the integration of all data and systems in the geographic information systems (GIS)"

Eli Amitai, CEO of the Nature and Parks Authority: "Nature conservation in Israel is facing a new era, in which the best technological tools will be at the disposal of the people who are engaged every day in preserving nature, landscape and heritage in the country. The new system will allow for improved service at the Authority's service centers and is expected to lead to increased transparency and increased exposure of the Israeli public to nature reserves and national parks and, therefore, to a leap forward in education for nature and heritage values ​​entrusted to the Authority. This goal will also be achieved through improving the decision-making processes regarding nature and landscape conservation and the planned computerization of leading activities such as the sea turtle rescue center and the wildlife hospital. Also, the planned significant improvement in the Internet services of the authority is expected to lead to a strengthening of the relationship with the younger generation and an increased attachment on their part to the values ​​of nature and heritage. In addition, the implementation of the systems will strengthen the authority's position as a green organization because already in their characterization, emphasis was placed on reducing the use of paper to only the necessary minimum on the one hand and streamlining the various work processes on the other. The goal is to create a system that will bring benefits to all levels of work, from the field to the bottom, from the Authority's management to the last of the employees, from the scientists, through the workers on the sites to the law enforcement personnel. In recent years, we have made a leap in everything related to the use of modern technology and the new system will place the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority at the forefront of the world stage in all that is said about the use of technology for the purpose of preserving nature. Israel is one of the leading countries in the world in the field of preserving nature and I am convinced that the new system, when launched, will be an example and model for many other countries."

During the past year, a pilot has been taking place, in which the inspectors of the Nature and Parks Authority were equipped at the center with handheld computers, with the help of which they can transmit and receive a lot of information concerning the field work of the authority's personnel, within the framework of the future system, the project will be completed and it will be possible to combine advanced handheld computers with cellular data communication so that it will be possible Direct access to the corporate information systems, among other things, in the areas of infrastructure supervision, agricultural damage, violations of wildlife protection laws, and more. The data will include the exact location of the various observations and/or enforcement reports and will allow for a more accurate, faster and broader analysis of the state of nature in Israel.

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