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A hardware engineer should be multidisciplinary today

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Many of the engineers in the industry are engrossed in their day-to-day work and do not take the time to learn about the structural changes taking place in the technological world. They think that they will be able to continue their work like yesterday the day before and try to ignore the fact that the world around them has changed beyond recognition.
This is what Gideon Amir, founder and president of AST says before a conference Chiportal Technology Symposium to be held on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at the Dan Acadia Hotel, Herzliya
Today the market expects the manufacturers of the advanced technology products to provide the customer with a complete technological product including hardware, software and full integration with other products. On the other hand, the race to produce advanced products at attractive prices forces many manufacturers to develop many specialties within their organizations to enable them to develop and produce all the components of the product themselves, thus saving on production costs and time to market.

A result of these transformations is the requirement for industrial engineers to be multidisciplinary, to understand the changes around them and to take this into account when developing the parts they are entrusted with in their company's products. The changes in question are very significant for the people in the industry and there is not a single person who can afford to continue doing his work as if nothing had happened. It's not more of the same anymore. This is why Chiportal initiated the conference and therefore it is also important for all industry people to take part in it.

Gideon Amir, founder and president of AST adds: "In an era where everything is changing rapidly, even the most talented engineers must fundamentally change the way they operate and acquire multidisciplinary development skills for embedded systems and an understanding of the need to purchase products or services that include systems that combine cards with diverse components, analog parts, systems Operation and embedded software to create an assembly that provides a complete product to the end customer. Companies that do not adapt their employees to the new era may find themselves losing to their competitors and disappearing."

Roi Ben Yosef, an expert on Google's Android systems, will also participate in the conference. Ben Yosef is a member of the Google Developer Experts (GDE) team and previously served as the CEO of the Israeli Android Association.

According to Ben Yosef, until recently when the chip company wanted to integrate software into its products, it usually used the Linux operating system (Linux), but today Google provides a series of interfaces (APIs) that allow easy and fast implementation of the Android operating systems. According to him, the use of Android shortens the development time of embedded systems and is very worthwhile also because of the availability of the many engineers who master Android already today.

At the Chiportal Technology Symposium, Ben Yosef will present the possibilities of using Android as an operating system in the various embedded fields and why it is desirable to use it and not the Linux systems that were popular in the past. Today, when Android-based phones and tablets have become the most popular platforms, it can be seen that there is also a strong trend to use Android systems in other fields.

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