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Josef Mengele: the angel of death from Auschwitz who managed to trick the Mossad

(From the archives of the Hadaan website) One of the most difficult figures during the Holocaust was the doctor who decided who would be killed immediately upon arrival at Auschwitz and who would be temporarily left alive to utilize his capacity for work, Dr. Josef Mengele

Josef Mengele, in a document from the Nazi era. From Wikipedia
Josef Mengele, in a document from the Nazi era. From Wikipedia

Josef Mengele was born on March 16, 1911, the youngest of the three sons of Karl Walburga Mengele. He is considered intelligent and popular in his town. He studied philosophy in Munich and medicine at the University of Frankfurt. In 1935 his dissertation dealt with the racial differences of the inferior Jews.

In 1937 he joined the Nazi Party and in 1938 the SS. In 1942 he was wounded on the Russian front and declared unfit to fight. He then volunteered and moved to the Auschwitz death camp where he served Adolf Hitler's 'Final Solution' project.

Dr. Josef Mengele, known as the "Angel of Death from Auschwitz" was the main person responsible for torturing men, women and children in the Nazi death camps, under the guise of medical experiments he conducted during the Holocaust. The clients were put into pressure chambers, experimented with drugs, sterilized and some were frozen to death. Children were exposed to experimental surgeries performed without anesthesia, and while transferring blood from one to the other, without isolation, and their reaction to stimulating substances was tested. The doctors performed injections of catenal bacteria, performed gender reassignment surgeries and cut off internal organs, hands and feet.

In Auschwitz, Mengele performed several medical experiments using twins. In some cases, these are five-year-old children who were murdered after the experiment ended and their bodies were dismembered.

Mangala injected chemicals into their eyes to try to change their color. He performed transplants from twin to twin, stitched twins to each other, sires and most twins, limbs and internal organs were removed from many twins in brutal surgical operations performed without the use of anesthetics.

Only a few of the children survived Auschwitz. They later remembered how uncle Mangala visited them and brought them sweets and clothes. He ordered them to be transported to his medical laboratories in trucks painted with Red Cross symbols or in his personal car.

Mengele was also in charge of the gas chambers at Auschwitz. The nature of the way in which he carried out his work is evidenced by the following story - one day he learned that an epidemic of lice had broken out in one of the residential buildings, he ordered the immediate killing of all 750 women who lived there.

This memory of a gentle-looking man, whose hair is wild, whose face is full of furrows, decides for each person whether he will be assigned to work or transferred directly to the firehouse. His finger rested on the gun in his belt. He scanned his graves with indifferent eyes - death on the left - life on the right.

Mengele and the other doctors in the camp - who planned and carried out the atrocities were found to be psychologically normal. They were civilized people, husbands who kissed their wives morning and evening, fathers who put their children to bed.
Mengele's health deteriorated over the years and he died on February 7, 1979 in Bretioga, Brazil after drowning while swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, apparently of a stroke. He was buried at Embo das-Arts under the name Wolfgang Gerhart, whose identity card he had been using since 1976.

Mengele did not express remorse for the crimes he committed, at least according to the letter he sent to his boss - Hitler's chief architect and Minister of Arms - Albert Shapir.
The Argentinian historian Jorge Camarasa estimated in his biography of Mengele published in 2008 that Mengele, who operated under the pseudonym Rudolf Weiss, performed experiments on humans in South America and as a result, in a town in Brazil called Candido Godoy, twins were born in large numbers, one out of every five pregnancies, while most of the population The place looks Northern European. His theory was rejected by Brazilian scientists who studied twins living in the area. They argue that genetic factors within the community are the more likely explanation.
However The weekly Time published on November 3, 2011 An article in which unverified hypotheses are cited that Mengele, who was hiding in the resort town of San Bernardino in Paraguay, whose residents of German origin were sympathizers of Nazism, died there and not in Brazil.

World War II project
Unlike Eichmann, who thanks to the resourcefulness of a man whose daughter dated Eichmann's son, and was able to verify his identity through an independent investigation, Mengele managed to escape the hands of the Mossad people, who were looking for him in South America around the same time, but failed. Mangala died at the age of 68 as a free man.

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  1. Please proofread.
    The articles on the website look interesting, but they simply cannot be read due to many spelling errors.

  2. In Israel, the chief rabbi of the rabbinate decides who is allowed to divorce and marry to have children and who is not
    which is exactly the same

  3. Israel, what would you do if a Nazi party wanted to meet you in a ditch? If you didn't raise a finger about **** Goebbels *****, would you defend yourself against a Nazi opponent who recognized you and started pointing the rifle with the latest German technology in your direction? (You don't need physical strength here) And what would you do?

  4. Regardless of the content, a simple proofreading operation is possible. The amount of spelling errors is staggering. Wonderful site, quality content, terrible execution quality. Father, let's spend a few more seconds.
    A selfish old reader.

  5. Grace
    When I wrote that I was much worse than them, I was still so upset by the article, that I felt that if the Germans tried to harass us again, and I had the power, I would use the hundreds of bombs that Shouno talked about and wipe out Germany and the surrounding area.

    But after you asked, I started thinking about what I would really do if I fell into the hands of Mengele, Hitler or Himmler, and I came to the conclusion that not much. Certainly not torture. Maybe not even an execution.

    So even though I haven't lost my faith in Adam, it's clear that I don't have the ability to really deal with such issues, and I will continue to do what I always do when I see something related to child abuse: turn off the television.

  6. Well, the truth is that after delving a little deeper into the subject, I begin to understand what you meant.

  7. The real Israel I agree with you.
    And what exactly did you mean when you said you were much worse than them?

  8. Grace
    Towards the end in Auschwitz, the Germans no longer bothered to gas the Hungarian Jewish children. Throw them into crematoria.
    When you have children, read this post again, and you will understand what mental strength a person needs to respect a High Court decision that is less than slow strangulation by hanging.

  9. There is no doubt that I did not hold back and my instinct for revenge erupted.
    But of course this way won't solve anything, and worse your children will get legitimacy that this is how it is customary to treat people like these, and little by little the definition of which people should be treated this way will blur.. What about a person who murdered "only" one person?
    As people who claim to be moral, in such moments they are tested, in the way of "treatment" of those extreme people like Mandela.

    And I don't have children..

  10. point:
    Do you think it is legitimate to use an event that did not happen as an excuse to defame?

  11. Beauty spot
    I would respect the High Court's decision.
    But I don't think that was his ruling. Eichmann was the only person hanged in Israel with the approval of the High Court of Justice.

  12. Israel, today's High Court of Justice will not allow touching a hair from the head of Hitler or any other maniac.

  13. I didn't understand Chen. So isolating people in a cell of one meter by one meter is more humane than killing?
    What would you choose, if it was the only choice before you? A cell or a sphere?
    You are probably right. I'm not like them.
    Much worse, Hen, much worse.
    Do you have children?

  14. Israel Shapira
    So what did you do about it? Now you become like them.
    I am of the opinion that I do not have the right to take someone else's life (death penalty), but I do have the right to isolate him from the environment.
    Believe me, Mangala would have suffered more in a XNUMX meter by XNUMX meter underground dungeon for the rest of his life.
    The death penalty only comes to provide a solution to the financial problem of keeping these prisoners alive.

    It amazes me, how intelligent and educated people legitimized such a thing.
    I lost faith in Adam.

  15. One of the scientists writing here should invent a time machine big enough to send the 890th Battalion to Auschwitz. Let them catch all the Nazis, make them a reverse selection, and together with the freed Jews, throw them into the crematoria.
    Mengele and Hitler will receive the most severe punishment. will return them back to prosperous Israel. Just seeing her would cause them the most agonizing death imaginable.

    Nazi Schwinn Parafluchter. A superhero for children and babies.

  16. My father is unnecessary. In my opinion this post should be deleted. This evil creature is not interesting, and certainly not that he managed to trick anyone. It's not interesting.

  17. No words.. sad and inspiring at the same time.
    May the memory of all the Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust be blessed,
    And believe that if there is anything after death that this vile Nazi will suffer as he is
    Do to others.

  18. The cat researcher's curiosity killed the cat.
    The curiosity of the Jewish researcher killed the Jew.

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