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The religious choice? The religion that caused evolution

An Indian tribe in Mexico proved that there is also religious selection in addition to natural selection * A long-lasting religious ritual proves that humans can also bring about evolution through the power of religion

Cave ceremony of the Zukawas. From the Texas A&M University website
Cave ceremony of the Zukawas. From the Texas A&M University website

It is said in the Talmud that in a year of particularly severe drought, the dweller of the circle decided to draw a circle around himself, and publicly announce that he would not leave its borders until it started to rain. Luckily for him, the rain started soon after. God, it turns out, had a particularly strange sense of humor, because the heavy rain began to cause flooding, and Honi had no choice but to return to the circle and threaten not to leave again unless the rain stopped.

At some time between the days of the circle dwellers and the discovery of the American continent, a similar custom took shape among the Zukwa people of southern Mexico, which they performed every year. They would gather their sons and dive deep into the sulfur cave - 'Cuava del Azorfra' - in order to petition their God for a long and blessed rainy season. But the fickle gods, and the Zukva people did not know about Honi's technique. Because of this, as part of the ritual, they made sure to throw a unique root powder into the water of the underground pool, which is toxic to fish. The dead fish that floated to the surface of the water were interpreted as a gift from the gods, and the tribesmen fed on them until the rains came. They used to do this every year, until the fish evolved and developed protection from the gods of the Zukawas. And also from the powder.

Since 2004, Dr. Michael Tobler, an evolutionary ecologist from the University of Oklahoma, has been studying the cave. Teaching about the sacred rituals of the Zukva people, and being exposed to them personally, Tobler decided to investigate the effects of the unique ritual on the fish and their environment. The study was supervised by Dr. Gil Rosenthal, professor of biology at the University of Texas.

The researchers collected fish from two different areas of the cave that were exposed annually to the sacred toxins. They then collected fish from two areas upstream, away from the ritual of the Zukwa people. Both groups of fish were collected in one tank and exposed to the toxic powder. The result was as expected: the fish exposed annually to the poison were more immune than the fish upstream, so much so that they could swim in the toxic water for almost fifty percent longer.

This experiment, in itself, does not necessarily indicate evolution. Is it possible that the fish developed immunity following continuous exposure to toxins? Probably not, because it turns out that the last sacred ceremony took place in 2007, after which the government banned the performance of the ceremony for fear of harming the attractiveness of the cave as a tourist center. In other words, the fish collected in 2010 are the descendants and descendants of the gill-bearers who lived in the cave the last time the ceremony took place. This means that during the hundreds of years of the ritual, the fish underwent an evolution that immunized them against the poison. The fish that coped better with the poison survived for a long time, and passed on the beneficial genes to their offspring. Natural selection was replaced by religious selection.

Rosenthal claims that a similar thing has happened throughout history as a result of human actions. "We have a tendency to stick to the wonderful idea of ​​Pocahontas, that before the Europeans arrived everything was perfect and in harmony with nature, and that all the changes in our environment happened after the industrial revolution," he explains. "No. People have changed the environment since time immemorial."

Now all that remains is to wait for the birth of the Jews without the foreskin.

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  1. Shalom Ofer,

    In fact, even a hundred years of circumcision can result in evolution, given a small enough population and the right mutation to occur in the right person to produce enough children.

    As for the 'storm of emotions', every person has the right to be excited and take it to heart. I will not deny it to the readers. I see no reason to delete the sentence.

    Best regards,


  2. To 18
    About your words the words of immortality were said in peeps:
    "Invert Gotta, invert."
    If there is an interesting question in the development of the human tree, it is why the other human species disappeared shortly after the appearance of modern man and not why humans existed side by side (which is very suitable for evolutionary arguments).
    If I were a creationist, I would raise the question of the disappearance of Homo erectus and not the coexistence of erectus and Australopithecus side by side.

  3. Roi Shalom
    The addition about circumcision caused an unnecessary storm of emotions, even thousands of years of circumcision will not change the genome that creates the foreskin, (Lamark was wrong, I guess you remember from seventh grade).
    I think the sentence should be deleted.

  4. The species Australopithecus lived about 4 to 2 million years before our time Homo habilis lived between 2.33 and 1.44 Homo erectus lived about 1.8 million to 30 thousand years before our time (Wikipedia).
    What the creationists don't understand is that there is no theoretical reason for Australopithecus not to co-exist with Homo erectus after it diverged from it, just like the donkey co-existed with the zebra.. the split is a type of cladogenesis and not anagensis.. As you can see, the Ost evolved much earlier, then diverged from it Homo habilis, then the intermediate vertebrates between him and Eractus and on to modern man.. After each split, the species continue to exist side by side for a long time and sometimes even 3 different species live together..

  5. To just someone, 19
    While there were Homo erectus, there were also Australopithecus of several species, for when a path of divergence and differentiation occurs, the early species do not become extinct, just as is the case today with chimpanzees and bonobos.

  6. Regarding those who talk about evolution and foreskin - you quite forget that nature has no preferences. Evolution does not aim at anything, it only "promotes" accidental changes that give an advantage. Maybe if there used to be AIDS, being born without a foreskin might have been an advantage. Today evolution does not play so much in humans.

  7. If it's evolution then how is it possible without a little creationism?
    I saw on an Israeli creationist website the following claim "The studies I know show that there is no gradation, Homo erectus lives with Australopithecus..."
    Since he doesn't mention any studies and since besides Wikipedia I don't know any sources I thought I'd ask here.

  8. Nahum:
    you are not right
    1. The fact that it is not written that they checked that the law was complied with does not mean that they did not check.
    2. Just because you don't know how long the fish live doesn't mean the researchers don't know. In fact, you can get an estimate of the life span of the fish from the article. Try it yourself.
    3. This is running water, so it is clear that the powder was washed away. Even if it did not flow, the lake water cannot help but mix and dissolve so that it is clear that the composition of the water in all places was uniform.
    You don't know why they waited and why they didn't, but it's clear that they waited long enough for the water to clear.
    I don't know what you meant by the word "swimming". It must be a spelling mistake, but in any case there is no contradiction between the fact that something is inherited and evolution. On the contrary: evolution is based on the transfer of inherited traits.

    To say that religion caused evolution is not only logical, but it is an almost certain conclusion. Evolutionary development can take much less than 5000 years. In fact - much, much, much less.
    This is why various bacteria and pests develop resistance to antibiotics and pesticides and this is why the evolution of lizards has been observed over a period of 36 years, as you can read here:

    In short: it's better to know what you're talking about

  9. This research is flawed
    1. Who said that these tribes really follow the law?
    2. Who said how long the fish live?
    3. Who said that the water is clean of the dust that has been thrown there all these years?
    Why didn't they wait until they had offspring with a clean blessing?
    Besides, living is inherited, it is not an evolutionary development!

    Regarding the capitalization of a word, I understand that it was written in humor because it is not really related as they wrote above me

    To say that religion is a hole for evolution is a bit illogical because evolutionary developments take more than 5000 years

  10. A humanities student is budgeted at least NIS 32,633 per year by the state. On the other hand, the state invests a maximum of NIS 8,085 per cow on average. The data appears in black and white in various places in the state budget.

  11. Nature prefers foreskins because it has an advantage during fetal development.. (from Wikipedia - source needed) Therefore, nature will find out those who have a foreskin even though it may cause harm to them as they are born.. (as long as the benefit to the fetus outweighs the harm later)

  12. Babies will not be born without a foreskin because it does not give them any relative advantage. It is a fact that nature favors those with foreskins, which apparently have an advantage.
    In addition, nature prefers the hymen even though millions of years of virginity are torn!
    And finally, in Japan there is a legend about one of the brave samurai who ran away from his pursuers, jumped into the sea and became a cancer since every cancer that has a drawing of a samurai's face on its back is saved and returned to the sea. It goes without saying that the above belief made crabs look like a samurai figure.
    So have a good week
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  13. According to Wikipedia:
    "The World Health Organization recommends male circumcision as part of the fight against AIDS, due to overwhelming evidence that circumcision can reduce the rate of HIV infection by approximately 60 percent."
    According to Wikipedia, there are up to 900 million circumcised people in the world.. and in the United States, for example, most of the population is circumcised..
    It seems that this is a fairly common phenomenon, and there are objective reasons for this.. So talking about 'cruelty' and 'mutilation' is a bit exaggerated..
    (By the way, I define myself as an atheist..)

  14. Fish immune to radiation and toxins have been discovered in the Kishon waters
    and dolphins capable of digesting plastic in the Atlantic Ocean

  15. For 7 and 8 - it has been scientifically proven that a word prevents infection and the development of sexually transmitted diseases. 70% of men in North America are circumcised - most of them at an early age. What's more, it might have been better to do it under local anesthesia.

    For 4 - right! This is also how different eye colors disappeared from humanity such as emerald-green (rare) and yellow-orange (exists only in isolated parts of Central Asia)

  16. Behavioral selection also exists in humans.
    Joel just told me about the Africans who live on both sides of the Omo River.
    On one side of the river live the Sudanese who are black as coal, and on the other side live the Ethiopians.
    The Sudanese tend to see skin that is not really black as a terrible defect - so much so that until recently they used to drown in the river any baby born with skin that is not as black as coal.
    This behavior explains well the differences between the skin colors of the two peoples.

  17. Those who do not know the source, should not quote stories in the name of the source. Please read the source and correct the story about the brown circles accordingly.

  18. Whoever traveled in South America was exposed to the results of a religious selection that took place hundreds of years ago. The Mayans would sacrifice their most beautiful girl to the sun god every day. The result is that today most Indian women in these areas look like…

  19. I was born circumcised, but I'm sorry to disappoint, neither an old man nor a white donkey...

  20. Indeed, there is no problem in waiting longer, only that during this time you can both study Torah and work
    very simple

  21. In the Jewish faith, the Messiah will be born without a foreskin...they have been waiting for him for thousands of years, what's the problem with waiting a little longer?

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