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Medidata opens access to its Patient Insights Program to research organizations

This is a system that allows research organizations to leverage the Patient Centricity by Design process to plan clinical trials, among other things to be able to follow the patients who participated in the clinical trials after the trial

The illustration is courtesy of Medidata
The illustration is courtesy of Medidata

Meditate, a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, announced that it is enabling research organizations and CROs (contract research organizations) to leverage its Patient Centricity by Design process for clinical trials. Medidata will open access toPatient Insights Program As part of a new proposal to integrate a patient-centered approach to the design and development of protocols and technologies of clinical trials.

The Patient Insights Program provides access to Medidata's experienced and diverse Patient Insights Board. This approach, through Patient Design Studios, is designed to guide the creation of protocols and solutions for patients to improve clinical trial experiences, accelerate clinical trial completion schedules and bring treatments to market faster.

"Medidata is the first company to implement a formal process of bringing the patient perspective into the software development lifecycle to create technical solutions that improve the overall patient experience," said Alicia Staley, Vice President, Patient Engagement at Medidata. "We are giving access to this program to ultimately make clinical trials an option for more people, including those who have historically been left out of clinical trials."

"Patient centricity" has been a thing for almost a decade, but most clinical studies are designed with little or no direct input from the patients/caregivers who are expected to sign up for and stick to a clinical study. Patient engagement was mostly limited to sporadic and superficial encounters, with little effect on reducing patient burden or improving enrollment, persistence, and experience.

"Participating in the Patient Design Studio with Medidata's Patient Companions to create, edit and co-design our Clinical Trial Readiness Tool was invaluable," said Erin Miller, Director of IMPACT Program Development and PATH Program liaison for Lazarex. Cancer Foundation. "This tool is one of a kind, it will help us understand each patient's personal journey and allow us to get them the resources patients need to successfully persist in their clinical trial, and give them hope and a chance for better results in their journey to recovery from cancer."

The Medidata Patient Insights team has conducted over 20 planning workshops to provide feedback and insights into Medidata's products. Patient Centricity by Design is a formal methodology by which the patient's perspective is introduced into the software development life cycle. This video shows how Medidata develops empathic technical solutions by incorporating patients into our work.

Medidata's Rave EDC solution was ranked first as the most widely used solution in the industry

A new report published by ISR (Industry Standard Research) ranks Medidata, a company owned by Dassault Systèmes as the preferred solution provider for electronic data entry in the pharmaceutical industry.

The report also states that Medidata's Rave EDC solution has recently been the most widely used in the industry.

"For our customers and their patients, the basis for success in clinical studies is a reliable, safe and flexible system for electronic data capture," says Wayne Walker, vice president of Rave Platform Technology at Medidata. The recognition that the new report gives us strengthens our confidence that we have breakthrough knowledge and technology To respond to the ever-evolving needs of our customers."

The report "The EDC Benchmarking and Market Dynamics" (fifth edition), surveyed 114 participants who answered questions on a variety of topics, including satisfaction with the EDC provider, EDC selection criteria, and EDC trends.

Respondents from North America, Europe and Asia chose Rave EDC as the preferred solution based on ease of use for sites, sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs), scalability, real-time access to data, flexibility to make changes during research, technical support and training.

"EDC is a significant tool that helps determine the pace of research and defines its success. The customers request for their clinical trials a technological solution that will be flexible and scalable and will provide confidence in the information as the research progresses. Ultimately, a stable EDC system contributes to the acceleration of the development and launch of new medicines for patients.

Medidata and Edtech collaborate in clinical data management

Medidata has formed a strategic collaboration with the provider of clinical digital solutions and services Edtech for the management of clinical trials and data.

Within the framework of the cooperation, the parties intend to provide comprehensive and inclusive proposals for biopharmaceutical and medical device companies, as well as clinical research organizations.

The collaboration at the organization level ensures integrated data management, improved technical capabilities, comprehensive biometric solutions and broader services.

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