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Now it is final - there is water on Mars

Laboratory tests conducted aboard the Mars lander, the Phoenix, conclusively proved that there is water in a soil sample from Mars. The lander's robotic arm transferred the sample Wednesday to an instrument that detected the vapor produced by heating the samples

Panorama from aboard the Phoenix, a compilation of over 400 images taken by the spacecraft after it landed on Mars. (Source: NASA)
Panorama from aboard the Phoenix, a compilation of over 400 images taken by the spacecraft after it landed on Mars. (Source: NASA)

"We have water," said William Boynton of the University of Arizona, principal scientist overseeing the Thermal and Evolved-Gas Analyzer, or TEGA. "We discovered evidence of this water ice in observations by the Odyssey that swam around Mars, and from the vanished clumps uncovered by Phoenix last month. But this is the first time we touched and tasted water from Mars."

In addition to water, other substances important to life were discovered in the soil samples: calcium, potassium, sodium and various fluorides. But the biggest question of all has yet to be answered. Throughout the Phoenix's stay on Mars, it failed to find any sign of life on the planet's surface.

The Phoenix used a robotic arm to dig a hole about 5 inches deep, where it hit a hard layer of frozen dirt. The first two attempts to transfer the frozen soil samples failed when the samples stuck to the spoon. To address the problem, the researchers exposed the sample from Wednesday to air for two days. Some of the water in the sample evaporated, and the dirt detached more easily from the spoon.

"Mars throws us some surprises," said Phoenix lead researcher Peter Smith of the University of Arizona. "We are enthusiastic because discoveries come from surprises. One surprise is the way the dirt behaves. The ice-rich layers stick to the rake tip... unlike what we expected based on all the Mars simulations we performed. Transferring the samples has become challenging, but we are finding ways to work with the problem and are gathering a lot of information that will help us understand this dirt."

Since landing on Mars on May 25, Phoenix has examined the soil using a chemical laboratory, TEGA, a microscope, a conduction probe and cameras. Now that the existence of water on Mars has been proven, the research group behind the Phoenix is ​​trying to decipher whether the ice ever melts. This insight is important to understand whether it is possible to extract water from it that will be available for biological life. The researchers are focusing on another avenue of research, and are trying to identify the chemicals present in the water, hoping to find organic molecules that are necessary for life to exist.

At least in the area where the Phoenix landed, there seems to be a large amount of water. "The patterns and details we see in the ground reveal an area dominated by ice throughout the area we can see." said Mark Lemon of the University of Texas, principal scientist of the Phoenix surface camera.

The original mission was supposed to end after three months, at the end of August, but now that the happy results were received, NASA decided to extend the time of the mission until September 30 and beyond. We can only hope that in the remaining two months the Phoenix will produce discoveries no less exciting than those found so far.

According to the researchers on the NASA website

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  1. Hugin:
    Perhaps religion is a means of instilling superior moral values, but the values ​​it instills are inferior to the natural morality instilled in us by evolution.
    I have written about this many times, recently Lennon argued with any reasonable person, so there is no need to repeat it.
    In general - how do you know that certain moral values ​​that the religion instills are "correct"? Just because of the inner morality you have anyway. It is not for nothing that the supporters of the religion bring "thou shalt not murder" as an example of the instilling of morality by religion and do not bring up "murder the homosexual". They simply know from their inner sources that "thou shalt not murder" is indeed a moral imperative and "kill the homosexual" is not.

  2. Hugin,

    A side note - atheists disbelieve in the concept of 'God', but as far as I know not all of them disbelieve in the concept of 'spirit'.

    As for your statement, many atheists have values ​​that they have set for themselves, such as the sanctity of life or the dignity of man and his freedom, but as far as I know there is no one who has put the 'sublimity of married life' on a miracle.
    I personally believe that when a person adopts the value of respect for all people, and does so from a clear and moral worldview and not from an attitude of observing mitzvot, then he will also treat his partner with more respect and understanding. The result, obviously, will be fewer divorces.

  3. Roy:
    So, with reference to the research you mentioned, it can be concluded that "atheists" and "agnostics" - who apparently disbelieve in the concept of "God" and the "spirit", yes, believe in marriage, or at least in the objects of their marriage, and this should imply To us, about "value"..sublime or superior, something.
    To Michael:
    Thanks for the referral, when I get a chance, I might look into it.
    On the face of it, I can say, regarding morality and religion: religion is only a means to acquire "higher values ​​and morals", there are people for whom this path is necessary for the initiation of their femininity, for a while, later, they are able
    They are freed, and continue on another level of values.
    And in general, it is better for each person to check from time to time, on which value base he is sitting, and ask,
    Who and what are the "powers" that nourish his life and breath..
    There is no such thing, of course.

  4. Yanon:
    First of all, I suggest that you clear your throat before entering the site and then you can start your comments straight from the content.

    Besides - I have no intention of dealing with generalizations in the style you brought up.
    If you think that something from what I said is not true or does not make sense - you are welcome to point it out and justify your words more than just preparing to spit.

  5. Haha I love this forum I'm serious it just excites me every second I enter it..

    I have a small question about you, I'm interested in why all the time I mention religion you lie just like you are sure and you even witnessed that everything is a lie..??
    I would be happy if you answer nicely =]
    Have a good week everyone

  6. Hugin,

    Of course, the length of life has no meaning, if life is spent in suffering, or in causing suffering to others. But every statistic done on atheists has shown that they are just as moral as religious. Moreover, studies from the US have shown that atheists steal less than religious people, murder less than religious people and even divorce less than religious people.

    All this shows that religion does not guarantee a better life than lack of religion.

  7. Hugin:
    I responded to your words where they were said.
    You - however - did not respond to my words here

  8. It seems to me that while you, Michael, wrote me this comment, I replied to you at the same time, from a link-place
    Other.. check, and answer me again, in a measured tone, please, we don't intend to fight, right?

  9. Reasoning for the many religions:
    This reasoning, which Roy used in his response, is a reasoning that I also use many times, but I tend to take it one step further and present it not as my personal question, when I am faced with a crossroads and have to choose which is the right religion, but as a deeper diagnosis that claims reason Religions are based on a principle that is fundamentally wrong.
    I have presented the argument before but I will present it again.
    All religious people believe that only their religion is true.
    That is why all religious people believe that other religions are false.
    Since there is no religion accepted by more than half of the earth's inhabitants, it follows that all religious people believe that most religious people believe in a lie (those who did not follow the sentence are welcome to read again. This is a necessary conclusion from the previous claims).
    Now we ask ourselves: "How is a person's religious belief determined?"
    The answer is clear: "Tell me what your parents' religion is and I'll tell you what yours is!"
    There are exceptions, but this is the vast majority.
    That is, the mechanism by which the believer determines his faith is the mechanism that copies the faith of his parents.
    Can this mechanism be trusted?
    Because, as I said - all religious people believe that most religious people believe a lie, they must conclude that in most cases - the mechanism of copying the parents' religion is a mechanism that leads to a false result.
    Therefore, the question arises: "Why do they think that precisely their mechanism produced the exact correct answer?".
    This question remains, of course, without an answer because all of the above is pure logic and what does religion and logic have to do with it.

  10. Hugin:
    What you represent in your answer is postmodernism - the approach that claims that there is no single truth and therefore there is no need to defend the truth.
    This, in my opinion, is nonsense that leads to disaster.
    I've already had the chance to argue with someone from this school of thought who always quoted to me his mantra "there is a thesis, there is an anti-thesis and then there is a synthesis".
    In his opinion, the synthesis should fall somewhere between the thesis and the antithesis.
    If you understand that the word "truth" has meaning, you understand that it is nonsense because something that turns truth into a lie is not true.
    If you understand that those who support the lie are acting dishonestly, you can also expect what always happens with you and that is that after having no choice (perhaps due to political pressures) they accept the synthesis as a conclusion - they come once again with the lie and try to promote a synthesis between the received synthesis and the lie they want to promote and so A synthesis is created that is closer to their position.
    This process continues until the synthesis is indistinguishable from the original lie.
    Examples are not lacking.

  11. to Roy Winon,
    Somehow, I "fell".
    A few points are required, for your purposes and mine, in what is happening.
    I will not quote word for word, but to the main points of what is said here, I would like to refer, in a big way..if small, we would be you, my friend.
    A. There is not a single person today, who does not ask the questions you raise and claim, in all kinds of extremes
    world populations.
    B. "clogging-arteries".
    Day by day, hour by hour, to check his "perceptions", borrowed or original, as the case may be, in each situation, (it is clear, then, that I am not resolved either)..Therefore, among other things, we also visit here to learn
    to what is happening
    Personally, I recommend not to get stuck in any scenario, and it is desirable to look "forward and backward, alternately,
    In everything we see and short, I claim..not to be zombies, even our own..
    C. LeRoi... and in general, I personally believe that quantifying life span has no meaning, if a person has no meaning
    And a fruitful interest in life, so that artificial life extension is a disgrace, for those who are supported of all kinds... and that's it
    Browsing for ethics, various and other I broke into another sensitive door in our veins
    But, at the same time, since everything is connected, and communicates, also in the many articles, open on this website,
    I expressed my attitude, through my treatment of you.

    Shabbat Shalom

  12. Yinon,

    But there are dozens of religions in the world, and it is likely that every time one of them encounters such difficult questions, someone stands up and says
    "The answers are too big, for all of us. You just have to believe."

    So... which religion to believe in, if they all have problems explaining themselves, and they all call you to believe in them without asking unnecessary questions?

    By the way, I know another philosophy where you try to deal with the difficult questions, and constantly examine them with reality. This philosophy is called science, and until now it has advanced humanity to such an extent that today we live on average twice as many years as 200 years ago, and infant mortality is no longer fifty percent, as it was in the past.

    To me it sounds much better than Meda, who doesn't even know how to explain herself and only proudly declares, "God's ways are hidden, and we are not meant to understand them!"

    Then science comes, and explains everything that was not understood before, and suddenly there are almost no diseases and barren women can give birth. No graves of the righteous, no prayers and lamentations, no reduction of human dignity. All this came from the willingness to look for the answers to the really difficult questions, which religion pushes aside and refuses to answer.

  13. Roy,

    The perception of answers about faith and religion are too big both for me and for you, there are endless questions that can both discredit and deepen almost anything related to faith and religion.

  14. Hugin and all:
    I appreciate Roy's moderation, but I recognized Yanon's character from the start, so I didn't bother to convince him of the good, and I invite anyone who wants to continue following the discussion and see that he will indeed not be convinced with all the moderation that will be exerted on him.
    He has no intention of studying. He came here to preach from a high position and marriage that he decided he was in.
    Therefore, Yanon, it seems to me that you are not reading the situation correctly. Yanon is not at all bright and intelligent as you paint him.
    More than that - the station he passes through, which, contrary to your words, is not necessary even for people who will eventually move on, is for him a final station. He will never go anywhere.
    You are welcome to continue watching and at the end, if you see fit, also apologize.
    If you follow the discussions in which I participated on this site you will find that many people learned a lot from me.
    They say that the shy didn't learn - and it's true. They also say - respect your father and your mother. This is also true.
    Why don't they say "respect your children?" After all, it is also the right thing to do, but there is no need to say it because it is simply natural. Genetics has determined this for us and there is no normal parent who does not respect his children.
    For the same reason they also did not say "not the arrogant learn". It's just so obvious that they didn't feel the need to say it.
    That's why Yanon will not learn and you, as mentioned, are welcome to argue this.

  15. Yinon,

    The Nobel Prize is won every year by one scientist in each profession, and the rest continue to compete to win, perhaps, the next year.
    In Judaism there is one virtuous people, and all the rest are assigned because of their origin.

    And you are right. I'm really not looking for the answer through you, because I've already thought about it enough. There are many ways in theology to justify this question, none of which seems to me satisfactory. Most of them conclude that God treats human beings as toys, and try to attribute to him qualities of love and fatherhood while he causes the death of innocent children in the Holocaust.

    If you're willing to live with it, TheFaddle. But I don't want to believe in a God who can send my children to the gas chambers tomorrow because someone on the other side of the world sins.

    And as I already said, the choice is only yours.

  16. Roy,

    I don't know which rabbi you asked... it shouldn't be a difficult question according to what I understand..
    I will tell you what I think about the question in several aspects..
    God wanted the children of Israel to be the "chosen" people and not the chosen people out of two nations.
    What would you feel better with? Will you be chosen for the Nobel Prize out of two people, you and one other, or out of 40 people? Obviously out of 40 people because you will think here there is no mistake if they chose me out of so many people it means that I really did it you will have much more self-esteem..
    God wants to show that even though we are the fewest, we are the strongest.. and the most survivors..

    I've probably already thought about it, but the way you think about more answers, the more questions arise. I imagine that you sat on this question for a long time, and I also know that the small answers that I brought came to your mind, and you even delved into deeper and more complicated answers, where more questions and doubts arose.

    I will think and I will also try to ask others who might find an answer even though I think you don't really want to get an answer to the question..

  17. So Roy,
    With a bird's eye view, of everything that is happening here and outside, for multiple scenarios,
    We can conclude, for now.. that the path to the search for the truths in life is subject to many
    Desirable and necessary stations.. until you don't try and experience all the aspects and levels,
    For Igra and Aimka, for the sake of simplicity, our fascinating story will continue.
    To your credit, it will be said that you have acquired, or have acquired, moderation and value humanity on the way to further exploration
    The days and nights..
    To Yanon's credit, it will be said that he is a very smart boy, that even
    His breath and his spirit, and even though he comes back with a prayer or a question, we were but, he continued
    And continues to check additional thought formations, and to see, he visited the site.
    And Michael will say - look for a moment, in the inner-outer mirror of yourself... and see
    What a wonder and a miracle took place..the Lord of the world..the king is naked..and he said again, and said
    To himself.. is it me who is reflected to myself? And his inner voice answered him - I am!!! and naked
    as a selfish spirit..
    And about this he will say at the end of days...
    And enough for wisdom in allusion..
    Before that, the egoless people...India, the teachers of the western world...will try their journey to the moon,
    The abandoned..and only the advice of an Indian..wise man..don't take any sacred cow with you there
    And who knows, the curiosity that soars to the players, and the person who tries at all costs to the limits -
    His fate... admit it, most of us are curious about it... and learn from each other's experience, and each one
    And one, all the more, from himself and his experience, personal, experiential... and numerical...

  18. Guys, that's enough. If you want to argue, leave the slanders and insults outside the 'Hidan' forum.


    I understand that you are repenting, and I am happy for you that you feel that you have found your place. At the same time, this does not mean that everything you were taught is true. It simply means that you believe things and accept them as absolute truth.

    My personal story, I suspect, is similar to yours. At the age of 18, I went to many ultra-Orthodox lectures, and in the end also to an ultra-orthodox conversion seminar for a whole week. And really, really, I was amazed there. I felt a real closeness to something bigger than me. The rabbis gave great lectures, explained things and showed everything in such a logical light that I couldn't even argue with them. I was like a child at their feet, and they are the shining candle in the darkness. I bought 'Journey to the Top of Mount Sinai' by Rabbi Neugerschel, and read it eagerly. Everything seems so true, so clear.

    And yet, one thought continued to bother me: if God is so mighty and good and all-powerful, why is the majority of the world's population composed of heathen who are doomed to be inferior to the chosen people? Where is the justice here? And because of this thought I did not repent immediately after the seminar.

    When I returned home I continued with my life as usual. I enlisted in the army, went to the Open University, deepened my knowledge in a wide range of subjects and in the end I also went to the Technion. Little by little, I realized that most of the information given to me in the seminar was wrong and misguided. There are answers to many problems in science that the rabbis tried to present as unsolvable, or as if God were the only solution for them. The divine code is nothing more than a statistical fraud, which can be reproduced even on 'Israel Today' and 'Mein Kampf'. Evolution is supported by thousands of testimonies and evidence (and I also took two courses that focused only on this, in order to form an opinion before I wrote the above sentence), and not just one whose existence can be easily doubted. The Torah was preserved for 2,000 years as it is (except for four letters that were changed) not because of its holiness but because of people who worked hard to preserve it. how do i know Because the Indian Book of Vadas has been preserved for a similar time without any letters being changed in it. Is the book of the Vedas also sacred like the Torah?

    And so, unfortunately, I eventually came to the understanding that the conversion seminars, and the lectures accompanying them, are nothing but ill will on the part of people who use religion as a 'sword to carve at'. They are interested in increasing their public, and mainly go after people who do not know how to argue with them, as I was. It took me a long time to come to this conclusion - almost ten years - and a lot of searching and gathering information. I don't throw things in the air.

    From previous conversations with converts and repeaters of the question, I can assure you that at a certain point you will reach a point where you will read something that in your eyes does not agree with reality as you know it. At this point you will go to the Rebbe and he will talk to you nicely, but if you try to summarize his words you will find that he told you, "Don't think, believe. There are people older than you who understand it better."
    Quite a few people believe this, Yanon, and continue to live their lives with the feeling that there are 'greater than them who understand better'. And they become rabbis, and sometimes also great rabbis. And one morning they wake up and realize that there are no more 'greater than them', yet they don't find the logic in what they read. But then they can no longer admit that their whole life was in vain.

    Yanon, I will not tell you what to think and what to do, as I have no such right. No one has, except you. I can only ask you to think. Think about what you read in the Torah, Gemara and Talmud and don't be tempted to believe without exercising critical thought. The good and the great rabbis came to their insights from a critical mind that constantly analyzed what they read and compared it with the science of their time. These insights changed the world of Judaism in their time and moved it from a coup, while all other pious Jews preferred to remain silent, provided they did not 'desecrate the Holy of Holies'. The Jewish religion is a religion based on a practical understanding and analysis of the facts, and as such it does not deserve the situation to which those who prefer scripture over reality are bringing it today.

    I wish you success in whatever you choose to do and in all paths of life. But always remember that '70 languages ​​for the Torah', and that there is no way to verify which is the correct language.

    Shabbat Shalom,


  19. Yanon:
    You have never been in the position of the cool commenter and you never will be.
    You just don't have the right processing power.
    You are not able to understand things, so it is no wonder that you also do not understand the difference between understanding and believing.
    And you know what? You really are an apple.
    Soon you will explode with self-esteem.

  20. Basically, I'm repenting, so I was already in your situation in your thoughts, I was already looking at these things.. and since I repented in my life, I haven't felt so good, so full.. and I'm really enjoying it..

  21. Yanon, I feel sorry for you. You are another victim.
    You are a victim of a reality that confirms emotional and illogical explanations.
    Whenever you have time, take it and sit and think about the meaning of God. Little by little you will discover that everything is inside your head. The only god that exists is what you imagine. As soon as you stop imagining, Poof will disappear.
    You are indeed small, but I am only a year older than you (17 years old cool) and the way of thinking you have I think I jumped up during my development.
    Belief is just a synonym for saying "it doesn't make sense in reality, but in my head it works out well".
    Just try to look from all directions, even from the direction that negates belief and you will see that it is not required at all. She brings what seems at first glance to be simple solutions to all the problems and questions, but at a second glance you will see that these solutions are worth nothing because you cannot draw any conclusions from them and learn nothing from them for the future.

    Shabbat Shalom

  22. Haha think logically.. I see that every answer here you bring is from your sick logic..
    Your answers are broken.. you are a sick person, I am not trying to waste your time, you are giving me an answer not to the point, not to the intention of my response..
    And Chutmiza, you give pointless facts that stem from your sick logic.. You make life difficult for yourself and try to complicate a normal answer.. If you came up with a higher response that kills my response, I would agree with you, but you are trying to engineer my response, which means you are ignorant.. Look What am I writing and do not try to analyze these words the content of the sentence!
    You are nothing in my eyes and your answers for me are really not a challenge to bring you or to prove something to you because I know you are a negative person who will not bring me fair praise or will try to slander!
    Shabbat Shalom =]

  23. Yanon Sharab:
    According to your words I wouldn't even give you 10 years and you say you are 16 and know more than me.
    Keep talking, keep believing and not thinking logically and stop wasting my time.
    Faith is in conflict with critical thinking and there is no way to combine it with rational thinking.
    You say you have to believe so just believe me it is.

  24. Maybe.. but Michael, your words are based on theories only and on science without any faith instead of writing here things that rely on faith and science here writing things that rely only on science Maybe you were a little philosophical in your answer but it is unimportant to me I am a 16 year old boy I was not in university like you and I As I already know how to combine them, you lack faith, I can say about your way of thinking and your way that they are vanity..
    And it's not blind faith, talk to me, I can prove to you things that even though you've lived longer than me, you were blind to see them.
    Just ask and I'll do the rest =]
    Good night..

  25. Yanon:
    Your words do not deserve to be taken seriously, so you will only receive disdain here.
    Even if you attribute our words only to arguments along the lines of "I think that..." (which is a ridiculous reference in itself) then even that cannot be said about your words because the thought is from you after it has been expelled from your mind by blind faith.

  26. And instead of spending taxpayers' money to search for life in space..that they used this money for more useful things =]

  27. And Yehuda haha ​​lives in illusions.. the only life they will find outside of this beautiful planet is bored astronauts looking for bland things! So far they haven't found even a mosquito.. let go of a mosquito let's go for something smaller=] a bacterium!

  28. Atonements I speak to everyone on this site, all the sages who know.. there is only one truth and that is the Creator of the world.. and he wrote in the Torah that there is "water above the sky" which means water in space.. so don't bring all kinds of "theories" that you rely on nothing.. and that talk …
    Relying only on "I think that.." Everything you need to know cute is written! You won't find more than that, maybe instead of going out and looking for things outside and trying to investigate and risk things [that I have a "theory" about] stay at home and study in a book and try to analyze the things there..that there is all the truth I promise=] have a nice day..

  29. How right Copernicus was, who with the heliocentric theory, contributed a lot (and of course many other scientists as well), to undermining the property of human beings, who thought that the phenomenon of life was their private object, and there are those who thought (and there are still those who think), that it is forever and ever.

  30. Did they publish here the fact that they discovered all kinds of things about Mars that rule out the possibility of finding life there?

  31. Very interesting, even though propaganda claimed that there is probably water on Mars, so now it is probably a little more solid (or wet), maybe we will find out that we have neighbors on the nearest planet, or deceased neighbors, in any case it will be fun.

  32. to Itzik
    I agree with you in every word.
    These Americans, what are buffoons and amateurs and also this attraction, it turns out that you can't trust him. We already had them "raised on a rocket" with some investigative committee.
    Is this how taxpayers' money is wasted?

  33. Yehuda
    You would send a tractor
    Isn't it better than him turning around here and flipping buses?

  34. Small off-topic - looking for an article published on the site about algae or oysters, can't exactly remember which one they managed to increase the yield of iron (silica)

    could not find:(

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help

  35. 05/08/2008

    The space probe "Phoenix" found an oxidizing substance in the soil of the planet Mars, which may be harmful to possible life. That's what scientists said.

    If the information is verified, it means that the planet's soil is not as friendly as it was believed until now. The probe was sent in May by NASA to the north pole of the planet Mars in order to find evidence of the presence of water on the surface of the red planet.

  36. In total, you should have taken a spoon to make falafel balls, built to push the sample.
    This proves that it is desirable to have a Yemeni in the NASA planning team.
    For a million dollars I would sell them the idea (small money)

    good evening
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  37. On second thought maybe they were expecting some little green man to help them with the experiment.

  38. They built cavities for hundreds of millions of dollars and they couldn't build a piston to push the sample out? Do not understand.
    Even if the sample is dry, they only relied on gravity to remove the sample from the spoon? It's very strange that gravity is also weaker, and what about the sandstorms that might have contaminated the sample?

  39. Michael,
    I meant that people who don't know the atmospheric conditions on the surface of Mars could understand from the title that there are streams/lakes on the surface of Mars.
    I have seen this title on other sites as well.
    I agree with you that knowledge should be enriched through sophisticated and specialized systems, especially those found on the surface of Mars.

  40. What's new:
    Now you are starting to get a sense of what the word "know" means in science.
    One must know with a certain level of certainty and one must know with a higher level of certainty.
    As you get closer and do more experiments, your confidence in the information increases and with it your tendency to call it "knowledge".

  41. It seems to me that the title is misleading
    Because they discovered water in a state of ice accumulation, and this is already known from the observations of the Odyssey that circled Mars.

  42. The most striking fact is that the mud on Mars is very sticky and this, contrary to expectations and the tested models contributed by the Phoenix mission. Therefore, what is interesting now is the composition of the materials and compounds in the Martian soil at the Phoenix site. Now there are two options:
    One is to send the Phoenix-2 spacecraft to the North Pole of Mars
    With a more sophisticated laboratory that will perform a general analysis of the Martian soil.
    The second is to send an Apollo-style spacecraft to Mars, which can return to Israel with soil samples from Mars. Undoubtedly an expensive and long task.

  43. Yehuda:
    I think you are exaggerating on both sides.
    In the past they received several pieces of evidence that it was water and it turns out that their interpretation of the evidence was probably correct. Now they have received additional evidence that they conclude by discovering that it is water, but this announcement is also just an analysis of what they "saw" through the devices and anyone who wants can question that as well.
    The fact that then they expressed themselves with great hesitation and today they announce a "final" conclusion is nothing more than an expression of their responsibility as scientists, but overall this is about progress over a sequence of probability assessments.

  44. The most important information is all those things that fail to do and the planning that will bypass this problem the next time they send a robot. Now that we know there is water (well, there is water - well done. What's next?) this star promises more than ever. Water is life on our globe and maybe it also lives on the red globe. The temperatures there are reminiscent of ours at the poles and there is definitely life at our poles. It is necessary to plan the next expedition (unmanned) that will arrive, do what this expedition failed to do and much more, of course - that it will return to the earth a soil sample from Adam. Oh, it's a dream (now wetter than ever) to put your hands on sand from Mars.

    Greetings friends,
    Ami Bachar

  45. Well, congratulations, this is proof! All they told before that was a non-binding guess, such as:-The color of the slot changed.
    Today they accepted that the steam is water. point.
    Let's hope they find life too.
    Good night.
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

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