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Retirees who have been counted have no choice but to work as Uber drivers for a much lower salary

This is what the futurist Dr.Roey Tsezana said at a meeting of the Knesset's Science Committee that dealt with the employment crisis that arose due to the computerization of many roles of middle-class workers and the fear of the disappearance of this class * Dr. Cezana spoke through the robot "Bob" ● MK Aliza Lavi, the discussion initiative : "The government is aware that technology will affect the employment market - and does nothing"

MK Manuel Trachtenberg, MK Aliza Lavi, chairman of the science committee Uri Makleb and the director of the committee. Photo: Knesset Spokesperson
MK Manuel Trachtenberg, MK Aliza Lavi, chairman of the science committee Uri Makleb and the director of the committee. Photo: Knesset Spokesperson

A worrying picture emerged from the meeting of the Knesset's Science and Technology Committee, which took place yesterday (Tuesday) and dealt with the employment market in today's technological age. Members of the Knesset talked about the jobs that are going down the drain and the estimates that technology in general, and robotics in particular, will lead to layoffs. But most of the interest was captured by a robot, who lectured to the members of the committee and the other participants of the discussion.

One of the main issues that came up in the discussion is the changing of the world of employment as a result of the increasing automation and making more and more professionals redundant, without finding them employment in the appropriate scope and especially at the appropriate level. During the meeting, the findings of a recent study conducted at the Taub Institute were mentioned, which showed that 39% of workers in Israel are employed in professions that are at risk of automation, and as a result, it is very possible that they will be fired.

The initiator of the discussion, MK Aliza Lavi (Yesh Atid), said that "so many jobs are going down the drain and we are not ready for that." The education system does not give the younger generation the tools to compete in the future job market. The government is aware of the changes in the employment market and that technology will affect it negatively - and does nothing."

According to her, "The robots are here and they will take jobs if we just let them, but if we use technology to maintain our skills and existing human capital, we can overcome this. The change must begin - this is a wake-up call."

The discussion took place as part of a day in which committees and the Knesset plenary dealt with the employment market and its problems. As part of the discussion of the Science and Technology Committee, its members heard a lecture by Dr.Roey Tsezana and the robot that "represents" him. Explanation: Dr. Cezana is a futurist who graduated from the Technion and is a researcher at the Yuval Na'eman workshop at Tel Aviv University. He lives in Boston, but this does not prevent him from lecturing in Israel using Bob - a robot that represents him, which he operates remotely. Bob moves around the stage, using wheels.

Dr. Cezana, seen in the video on top of Bob the robot, said that "the phenomenon is known throughout history: 60% of the professions that existed 200 years ago do not exist today. People have transferred part of the work to the hands of the computers. For a long time, the jobs that were lost were replaced by better jobs that required higher education, but nowadays, not every job that disappears is replaced by a new job. Since the beginning of the XNUMXs, no new jobs have been opened in the United States."

"Automation has increased efficiency, so we don't need the same number of junior workers," noted Dr. Cezana. "We replaced the junior workers with senior workers with high productivity. At the same time, even though productivity has doubled since 1970, wages have not. "That's why we accepted the salary differences between people with high expertise. This automation process only continues. Autonomous vehicles are on the roads according to the US Secretary of Transportation by 2025 they will be everywhere, computers will be able to perform accounting and financial advice and even medical advice at a level that surpasses human doctors. They just keep evolving. "

He added that "this automation process only continues. There are already autonomous vehicles and according to the US Secretary of Transportation, by 2025 they will be on every road, which may increase the professions of drivers. In addition, computers will be able to perform accounting, financial advice and even medical advice at a level that surpasses human doctors. They just keep developing."

A recent study by the Taub Institute showed that 39% of workers in Israel are employed in professions that are at risk of automation. We see that programmers, drafters, people who are defined by their jobs, move to the bathroom, drive Uber taxis, rent out rooms, but the only problem is that these jobs bring in much lower salaries than their previous salaries."

Hammer to the chairman of the committee from XNUMXD


MK Manuel Tchertenberg said at the same meeting: "I welcome the organization of this important day. This is an issue that has been pushed aside because in the State of Israel there is something more urgent that pushes the important thing. "
"The Eastman Kodak company was established in 1888 with a few dozen employees a hundred years later in 1988 it had 145 thousand employees and was one of the largest employers in the US. Ten years later, in 1998, it decreased to 30 employees and in the XNUMXs it went bankrupt several times and today it is a different company than it was."

Commenting on Dr. Cezana's words about the nature of the jobs that partially replace the lost jobs, MK Trachtenberg said: "Who are the biggest employers in the world today besides government institutions such as the Chinese army? Walmart employs 2.1 million, followed by McDonald's, which employs 1.9 million. What happened as a result of the changes, the center was emptied and the edges rose on the one hand the very prestigious industries Google Apple etc. on the other Walmart McDonalds with a minimum wage and this led to the huge increase in inequality. It is necessary to ask not only where to move the robots, but how to leverage the technological changes so that progress will not only reach one end or the other, but also to fill the main avenue of employment with content."
"In the Scandinavian countries, they operated a model of a state safety net during the transitions (which will be frequent) between jobs. Also, a much more intimate relationship is required between the educational systems and between employers and in particular with the employers who are the vanguard before the camp. In the State of Israel, the government's attention, if any, is directed to other districts. We hear the concept of cyber, and brag about it, but cyber is not a term for security issues - it goes far beyond that, but when we come to civil society, this concept does not exist on the governmental side. You need to raise your voice in this matter as well."

Zvi Shiler, chairman of the Israeli Robotics Association, also spoke at the discussion. He noted that "They say that the robots are already here, but what we are seeing is only the beginning of a revolution happening before our eyes. The number of robots is still small and they have not penetrated all areas of life."

According to him, "The robotic revolution will help us live a better life. Technological development should not and cannot be delayed. Instead, we need to embrace technology, recognize the opportunities it brings, protect those who may be harmed and prepare future generations to successfully deal with it."

"Israeli industry is a world leader in the field of robotics. We have the technological infrastructure and manpower and if we use them - we can be strong. We, in the union, want to make Israel a world center for smart robots. We will build an industry here that will employ more workers than those who will be fired," he said.

One of the participants, Alex Zigelman, presented a XNUMXD printer and noted that it is capable of printing jewelry, biological materials, biological organs and more. Zigelman submitted to the chairman of the committee, MK Uri Makalev (Torah Judaism), a hammer that was printed during the hearing.


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  1. Life Story:

    years ago,
    I entered the "Yakhin Hakel" company at the corner of Kaplan-Even-Gvirol St. in Bat-Aviv.
    I asked to be accepted by the CEO and offer him a revolutionary computer

    Much to my astonishment, the secretary informed me that there was no possibility of offering them a computer
    According to the receipt of approval from the workers' committee, that the matter will not harm the employment of the workers...

    I think the company no longer exists?

    It should be realized that nowadays, the employment of workers should be conducted under free market conditions...

  2. It is not clear why they do not talk about the elephant in the room: when more and more jobs become redundant or disappear, the current economic model changes in which a person is trained throughout his childhood and adolescence to be some kind of productive worker, and becomes a productive person for the rest of his life.
    When machines will perform most of the simple jobs, (driver, receptionist, store clerk, etc.), most of the citizens will have to be unemployed, with the state providing for their livelihood and the amusements and activities that will keep them sane. Employers will probably be lucky enough to be proud of being able to fund others.
    In any case, like many other Israelis, I intend to get through the crisis lightly: I am used to financing families with many children and are unemployed.

  3. Joseph
    Also automatic landing, including touching, braking and driving to the gate. Not in every plane and it is not always used, but it is not a new rule.

  4. Today, there are expert software in medicine that make it possible to have less human staff that receives a salary, and more software or robots that do not receive a salary. We are not yet changing doctors, but there are those who own private hospitals and do this calculation. Also fighter pilots - a profession that may not exist in the future, and will be replaced by helicopter pilots. Also civil aviation pilots. 5 minutes after takeoff - autopilot, landing I'm not sure autopilot, and handling emergency situations.

  5. The Venus Project has been talking about it for more than 70 years!
    The project offers an alternative to today's economic-social-environmental conduct, so that this technology can serve man and improve his life and the environment he depends on.
    It is important to understand that the technology is already here, it is not a good or bad thing, it already depends on the values ​​of those who use it.
    It is entirely possible to create a society in which technology frees man from the modern slavery of the current economy without exacerbating disparities, poverty and destruction.
    Search Project Venus online for more information.

  6. The sentence is not clear. Programmers, drafters, people who are defined by their jobs, move to the bathroom, drive Uber taxis, rent out rooms, but the only problem is that these jobs bring in much lower salaries than their previous salaries."

    It also seems that programmers will take a long time to change.

  7. Right. Long before there is a singularity, it will be possible to give up a large part of us. Unless humanity rises and knows how to advance itself with technology.

  8. Yossi - you are right and completely wrong. The day a computer can replace a programmer will be the day the singularity arrives.

    Beyond that moment there will be no need for programmers, but on the other hand, from that moment on, there will be no need for the rest of humanity as a whole.

  9. This is because we still haven't come far enough scientifically. We are unable to predict when a singularity will happen. I agree with you. But if you believe that we are not the peak of consciousness, or alternatively that we are to a certain extent a machine, when it will happen that somewhere a smarter intelligence will be developed than today. In an article published about the death of an artificial intelligence researcher, his opinion was expressed that today the research progress is slow and hacks will always be used in his estimation by individual people. Even for the believers among us the machine is the tool and the rest of the soul enters the tool. The tool can be sophisticated.

  10. Already 18 years ago, the young computer science students scared us, because Ototo would be a software that would know how to program itself.
    It's been 18 years and I really don't see it happening. What did happen is that the software world moved towards cooperation - today there is more cooperation between people of all nationalities, religions and races in what is known as open source.
    There are many open source products ranging from databases to operating systems - most of them are very successful and popular.
    It is precisely in software that creativity is needed that I do not see any artificial intelligence system that tickles the lower end of the human ability to think creatively.
    What's more, all the monotonous operations did become computerized - and that's a good thing.

    What will happen in the upcoming classes? More differences between economic classes that will also lead to revolutions. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.
    There will be more populations that will choose to return to the simpler life even at the cost of neglecting some of the technology.

  11. In the not-so-distant future, even programmers will have jobs that are calculated, and in the more distant future, scientists too. A day will come when the thought of new things to explore, and perhaps also theorems to prove in mathematics - will be in the capacity of artificial intelligence. Not there yet but on the way. Computers at other levels than today, will prove a theorem that takes years by themselves.
    Therefore, the challenge of the universe (if there is a civilization not only on Earth), is to pass each time in peace the next stage in the evolution of consciousness. If, for example, the technological evolution is directed to the improvement of man's abilities - all the details, it will turn out well. If, on the other hand, cartel owners think about making redundant their employees, including scientists and soldiers, but do not share the new knowledge with the general public - it will probably turn out badly.

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