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18 Israeli companies in the field of life sciences were closed in 2003

Since the beginning of 2000, 162 companies in the industry have closed

Since the beginning of 2003, 18 Israeli start-up companies in the field of life sciences have closed - this is according to an investigation conducted by the information site IVC-online. This is a decrease in the rate of closure of start-up companies in this sector, after, according to the site's investigation, since the crisis in the industry began in 2000, 162 companies in the field have closed Life science.
In 2002, which was the year of the severe crisis in the industry, 57 start-up companies were closed. In the second quarter of 2003, prominent companies were closed, such as Ultra-Gide, a medical device company that operated since 96 and invested 18 million dollars in it until its closure, and FBIT, which developed a solution for the early detection of cancer. A significant number of the companies that closed operated without backing from venture capital funds, and therefore managed to raise only small amounts in the years of their activity - in contrast to many companies in the communications field that closed in those years and caused investors losses of millions of dollars on average.

According to data from the research firm VentureOne and Ernst & Young published this week, in the second quarter of 2003 there was a 27% increase in venture capital investments in the life sciences field in Israel - the largest increase since 98, even though half of the start-up companies in the life sciences field that closed in recent years were engaged in development Medical devices, in the last nine months investments in this field have increased in Israel, the USA and Europe.

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