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Germany and Israel agreed to expand cooperation in scientific research to a new field - research for civil security

This was agreed between Germany's Federal Minister of Science and Minister Majadala as part of Chancellor Merkel's visit to Israel

Minister Ralav Majadala. Source: Wikipedia
Minister Ralav Majadala. Source: Wikipedia

The long-standing and very successful cooperation in science and technology, between Israel and Germany, is based on a broad base and includes a wide range of topics. Since the early 25,000s, more than XNUMX scientists from the two countries have worked - and are working - together. Science and research relations are characterized by dynamic cooperation, for nearly five decades. Their promotion and consolidation will continue to be a stated goal of joint activities in the future to develop new areas and modes of cooperation.

On April 8, 2008, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Dr. Ante Schwann, and her Israeli counterpart, the Minister of Science, Culture and Sports, Ralav Majadala, will jointly open the Year of Israeli Science and Technology - German in Berlin. The goal is to bring the level of scientific cooperation to the attention of a wider public and to further increase this cooperation. Towards the end of the year, academic and cultural research is expected to be strengthened through the establishment of a new Minerva Center. In order to promote young scientists and improve their chances, a decision will be made in 2008 on the Young Scientist Award, which will be awarded once a year in the future.

In November 2008, the German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Tomorrow and Development (GIF) will celebrate its 20th anniversary. This fund, jointly funded by Germany and Israel, promotes research at the highest level in almost all fields of science, focusing on a different field each year. The scope of annual funding for research is about 11 million euros. Another incentive for cooperation is expected as a result of the large number of events that will take place during the Israeli-German year of science and technology.

Germany and Israel have agreed to expand cooperation in scientific research to a new field - research for civil security. The goal is to bring together capabilities in science, research and industry to jointly develop innovative solutions to protect our nations against challenging risks such as terrorism and natural disasters.

The Israeli side proposed to open another channel in a new scientific field - clean technology - to expand the close cooperation in the fields of environmental quality and water research, which has been going on for over thirty years between the two ministries.

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  1. Sometimes Michael and I agree between us. For example, this time with the response to knock from response 1
    I am proud of Ralav Magadala, although I do not agree with all his words (definitely legitimate).

    Sabdarmish Yehuda
    Born in Palestine 1946

  2. It's a shame that the automatic mechanisms of checking the responses are not sophisticated enough to disqualify a response like the above in advance.
    I hope that the human mechanisms will be able to do this in retrospect (then they are given my consent in advance and my request to delete this response)

  3. I can't bear to see the name and certainly the picture of this Arab. Our government is 100% left-wing and treacherous. Everyone is dying to kick the Arabs out of the Knesset and the left-wing government allows them to serve as ministers.

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