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Technology is expected to significantly increase the world's fish diet

Prof. Berta Levbi-Sivan discovered a way to grow larger fish, an essential step towards feeding the expanding world population and won the "K" prize for scientific innovation this week.

Tilapia fish breeding farm in Honduras. Source: Brian Rossen.
Tilapia fish breeding farm in Honduras. source: Brian Rossen.

The expected increase in the world's population from 7.5 billion people to 9 billion people by 2050 increases the demand for sustainable food. A major source of food supply is in the field of aquaculture. While the field of wild fish has been in constant decline for the past 20 years, the field of aquaculture - raising fish in sea farms - is taking on a growing and vital role in food production, mainly due to its high availability and relative speed.

Prof. Berta Levbi-Sion, an aquaculture expert at the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, identified tiny molecules called Neurokinin B (NKB) and Neurokinin F (NKF) that are secreted in the brains of fish and play a crucial role in their reproduction. However, since reproduction requires a lot of energy investment, the growth of the fish is slower. In order to solve this problem, Prof. Levbi-Sion developed molecules that neutralize the effect of NKB and NKF - thus preventing reproduction and leading to higher growth rates in the fish. These molecules can be given as a supplement to the fish food.

For example, young tilapia that were fed with the same unique molecule for two months gained 25% more weight than fish that did not receive the supplement. So far, NKB has been found in 20 different species of fish, indicating that a wide range of species will be affected by this discovery. The technology developed by Prof. Levbi-Sion and her team was sold by "Yishom", the technology development company at the Hebrew University, to AquiNovo, which continues the work of developing the technology to produce growth supplements for fish in fish farms at sea.

As it is the fastest growing area of ​​food production in the world, the water industry has the potential to provide more jobs. Today, in Europe, fish farming in sea farms constitutes about 20% of the fish market and about 85,000 people are employed in the field. As this field grows and develops, the number of jobs in the field is expected to increase significantly.

In recognition of her work, this week Prof. Berta Levbi-Sion won the "Kay Innovation" award for 2017.

The Kay Award was given to Prof. Levbi-Sivan as part of the events of the Board of Trustees of the Hebrew University. The Kay Awards ceremony has been held every year at the Hebrew University since 1994, and is awarded by Isaac Kay from England to students and academic, administrative and technical staff members of the university to encourage product inventions and innovative developments.

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  5. I wouldn't be overly enthusiastic and I wouldn't eat and feed my children and grandchildren with fish that was suppressed by nature
    by chemical means. I would like to seriously check the effect of the aforementioned chemical substances on the person. Reminds me of the initial enthusiasm for the use of antibiotics in poultry fattening.

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    It turns out that the developed countries benefit from their donation money to a greater extent than the third world countries to which they allegedly contribute.

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  11. It upsets me to read about scientific developments in the field of chemistry, agriculture, genetic engineering, and food, under the guise of an intention to "feed the hungry world".
    I don't like to generalize but I haven't seen any technological development whatsoever that helps hungry people in the third world, all the developments are only intended for the purpose of making more profits for farmers for the chemical food industry in the rich world and to bring the rich of the world more beautiful food products to decorate the gourmet tables in luxury restaurants.
    On the other hand, I have seen a film about the terrible damage that genetic engineering causes to poor farmers in the third world when it forces them to buy expensive genetically modified seeds that do not produce any more seeds in the next generation and forces them to also buy chemicals to treat those genetically modified plants, and worse that the properties of these genetically modified plants also harm In the heritage plants because their genes pass through pollination and change the heritage plants as well.

  12. The ecological cost of increasing the number of fish farms will be enormous. It's really not about growing sustainable food. Any growing of animal food always contains unnecessary waste of food. (in addition to the moral problems he raises). Enough protein can be produced from the plant for the world. As for marine cultivation, there are algae crops with very high amounts of complete protein and also rich in minerals with almost no ecological price.

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  14. I wouldn't be overly enthusiastic and I wouldn't feed my children and grandchildren with fish whose sex drive was suppressed by chemical means. I would like to seriously check the effect of the aforementioned chemical substances on the person. Reminds me of the initial enthusiasm for the use of antibiotics in poultry fattening.

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