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IEEE chose the work of an Israeli-Italian team as one of the benefits research work for 2022

This is a joint study by researchers at Bar Ilan University, the Technion and the University of Calabria in Italy that dealt with EDAM type memories

The journal IEEE Micro publishes an issue "Computer Architecture Conferences" every year. This issue collects some of the most significant research articles in computer architecture according to criteria of innovation and potential for long-term impact. Typically, about 1000-1500 papers are submitted to the leading computer architecture conferences each year. Around 200-250 are accepted and published. Any such article is up for selection by IEEE Micro. Among them, the Top Picks selection committee selects those significant and insightful articles that have the potential to influence the work of computer developers for years to come.
The article "EDAM: Edit Distance tolerant Approximate Matching Content addressable Memory" authored by a team of researchers from the Technion, the University of Calabria (Italy) and Bar Ilan (Prof. Eddy Tieman), led by Dr. Leonid Yevitz, was recognized as one of the 24 best research papers in the field of computer architecture in 2022" and received an "honorable mention" in the IEEE Micro Top Picks for 2023. This selection places the work in the 3% percentile of research papers in the field of computer architectures in 2022.
EDAM is the first content recipient memory that allows for peer-to-peer searches while complying with edits (which are substitutions, additions or deletions in DNA or text segments). It is intended to be used, among other things, for accurate real-time detection and identification of pathogens that cause epidemics, a problem that currently has no effective solution.

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