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The TAA will provide an advanced system for joint training between air and ground forces to a foreign client

The Melam plant from the Systems, Missiles and Space Division of the Aerospace Industry won a contract worth more than $20 million to supply a multi-armed training system

Describes training between air, ground and sea forces using a multi-armed training system
Describes training between air, ground and sea forces using a multi-armed training system

Melam plant from the Systems, Missiles and Space division of Israel Aerospace Industries (TAA) won a contract worth more than 20 million dollars to supply a multi-armed training system JTC Joint Training Capability) to a foreign customer.

The system provides a comprehensive solution for training, real-time tracking and investigation of live training descriptors for helicopters, planes and ground forces. The contract was won by the Melam plant together with the American partner ICE (Inter-Coastal Electronics) which will serve as a subcontractor for the project.

The IAA/MLM networked training system connects, in real time, 5 different training systems: Helicopter Training and Safety System (HTS-Helicopter Training and Safety System), air combat training system for combat helicopters Tactical Engagement Simulation System-TESS))sympathetic(Ehud) to investigate air battles of fighter planes, a training system for the anti-aircraft forces - ADTS (Air Defense (Training System) andTraining system and exercise control of the ground forces.

The training package includes an accurate image of the flight of various armaments (air-to-ground, ground-to-air) and enables real-time reporting of the results of the battle against the simulated armament. In addition, the system also allows the use of laser pointers to image attack helicopters against tanks and other ground forces.

Yitzhak Nissen, CEO of IAI welcomed the winning of the tender for the supply of a unique training system and said: "The training and safety system for helicopters is one of the pillars of the project and a leading product in IAI's Melam factory product basket." Our strategy is to create reliable and high-quality training systems that reflect optimal cost-benefit performance. The training systems guarantee the improvement of the customer's operational capacity, and the raising of the professional level of his units."

The MLM plant from the Missile and Space Systems Division of the Aerospace Industry has experience in planning, developing, assembling, testing and operating space systems, command and control systems, and air and field training systems. The Melam plant is the main contractor in the "Hats" project and a partner in the development of the "Ehud" system used for air combat training and research. The "Ehud" system is operated by the air forces of Israel, Germany, France, Thailand, the NATO flight school, the British Air Force and other air forces in the world. MLM also developed the "Comet" launcher, which enables the launch of small and medium-sized satellites at a low cost and with high reliability.

The Missile and Space Systems Division initiates, plans, develops and provides its customers with a variety of solutions, systems and products in the fields of missile systems, space and information technologies. The division operates as a systems house based on knowledge and technologies in the fields of control and control, missiles, roving tools and precision guided weapons, satellites and satellite launchers, electro-optics, and navigation as well as aids for training and simulation.

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