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A serious malfunction in the Hubble Space Telescope may delay the upgrade mission to February 2009

This is a malfunction in a dedicated computer used to control the spacecraft's instruments and convert the data they produce so that it can be transmitted to Earth. If they fail to switch to the backup system that has never been tried, there is no point in the mission and it will be necessary to postpone it to allow the replacement of the device

Hubble Space Telescope. trouble maker. Photo: NASA
Hubble Space Telescope. trouble maker. Photo: NASA

A serious malfunction occurred in the Hubble space telescope and caused its operation to stop - due to the malfunction, it is not possible for the telescope to transmit data to Earth.

The malfunction occurred on the "A side" of a control system used to organize the information before it is transmitted to the CUSDF (Control Unit/Science Data Formatter). For this essential function there is a backup system, known as the second side, which is never used.

Later this week, members of the telescope's operating team will try to direct it to side B. Since this switch has not been activated since the telescope was built, scientists can only hope that it will activate and allow Hubble to return to full function. This malfunction could have an impact on mission STS-125, the planned mission to upgrade the Hubble, which according to current plans should be launched on October 14. It may have to be postponed to 2009, if managers decide that the unit needs to be replaced, or if the conversion plan to the replacement system fails to bring the telescope back into operation.

According to NASA, side A of the CUSDF system in Hubble has entered a safe mode, which means that all scientific operations have been stopped. The Hubble as a spacecraft is still functional but unable to operate the instruments. "The attempts to repair side A failed and now we are in the project to transfer the scientific activity to side B, which means transferring all the operation of the scientific equipment from side A to side B, and therefore this is a significant project."

"The grief was always activated through the first party. Side B, on the other hand, was fully tested several times, but this was before launch. The plan now is to complete the transfer of command to Side B later this week. Details will be provided later. If Party B performs well, we will still be able to launch the shuttle to upgrade the Hubble on time, and therefore those responsible for the Hubble suggested not to change the flight time at this stage. If Party B fails to act, there will be no need for a mission because there is no way to download the scientific data that Hubble collects."

In an internal memorandum of those responsible for the Hubble, it is written that in this situation it will be necessary to continue the launch of STS-126 - the mission to the space station that was supposed to leave in November, and that the flight planned for February 2009 will be the backup flight for the Hubble."

For information on the NASA Spaceflight com website

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  1. Arya, that's exactly what is meant. You have to build a part and even if they have it in the database you have to check that it is working. It's not something that can be done in two weeks and of course the astronauts have to be trained in replacing the part.
    This is the reason for the rejection, if it is decided.
    There are claims by that in any case there will be a rejection, so as not to rely only on part B.

  2. After all the Hugin discussions, allow me a substantive question on the subject of the article. Side A has broken down and they are trying to transfer remotely to Side B. If they succeed - which is good, if not - then the upgrade task should be postponed. And to Tommy I say - an upgrade task, for now not, but it needs to be repaired, so why not convert the upgrade task into a repair task. I understand that NASA needs to plan a repair and send a shuttle to carry it out - and if they don't have time to plan the repair by the launch date that was planned for the 14th of the month, then at a later date. So why don't they address this in their advertising.

  3. to hug
    I appreciate you, I think you're special, and it's a shame that your knowledge doesn't include the stock market, but I want to emphasize that you brought up the idea of ​​the stock market and not me, so I'm not being cynical when I refer to your words.
    In any case, imagine, on the other hand, that Rabbi Ovadia Yosef tells the flock of his shepherd to leave the stock market, without having anything to do with his understanding, he will cause declines.
    Regarding the accusation that you are treated as suffering from aphasia Veronica, which as far as I remember is a form of speech that is difficult to understand, I believe that this is the attitude of people who do not want to delve into your words, because sometimes they are very rich things (although, I confess, I also have difficulty sometimes)
    So maybe adapt yourself to the language of an average knowledgeable commenter?, try a few comments and we'll see how all those who categorize you will receive it.
    So here I come to your defense.
    Yehuda and Hugin ride together on a large and shiny Leviathan in the upper and interesting Sefirot, and the jealous Shimo.
    So let's ignore them and go to sleep
    Good night
    And happy new year
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  4. Yehuda..
    You left me alone in the face of the barrage of cross fire. Is it so handsome and so fitting to abandon the shift and leave Hugin exposed in front of an intellectual audience - a bloodthirsty innocent and wise sheep??
    Wishing you enlightenment soon these days.
    Regarding your question, were you being cynical?..I'm not the address for such matters..but if you're already asking-then don't do nonsense-don't buy a motorcycle-and continue to listen to your dear wife.

    Hope to read the book soon
    Good night and happy new year

  5. One man came to the doctor for general check-ups.
    The doctor asks him if he suffers from Wernicke's aphasia.
    "Why?", the patient replies, "I enjoy it! Those who suffer are all those around me!"

  6. Hugin, did you have to waste a few minutes of my life?!
    From my many days of familiarity with the style of your responses, the conclusion that you suffer from severe "Wernicke's aphasia" is getting stronger, please spare us painful "intellectual" accidents, Happy New Year

  7. For a moment I thought I was the only one admiring you.
    Now reading the variety of responses I see that I am in a good place in the middle.
    How nice not to be lonely...

  8. to hug
    Thanks for the exhaustive analysis. I really had the feeling that the collapse in stock markets around the world was also connected to the upper spheres.
    If you are found to be correct, I wanted to know if you expect the stock market to recover soon or if we are obliged to wait until the complete collapse of the universe or even until a new big bang.
    I think that since your way represents a way of thinking of a significant percentage of the beings in our universe, then your opinion/their opinion can, and can, influence the stock market, and the zealots will die.
    And regarding Michael's devious behavior, is it possible that Michael is interfering with the regular flow of the universe by still insisting that the universe is still expanding, despite all the collapses we see around us.
    If you want, I'm ready to exert my influence on him, provided it doesn't require me to do something extreme. The maximum is to cook it a little in its own juice.
    I'm sure his logic will work in the end.
    Regarding the book I sent you "Gift of Youth", I hope it will reach you tomorrow or the day after. I also understand that you are very busy these days, so wait patiently for your response to my story.

    I am fascinated by your response. I admit I didn't understand everything but I will read again and again and hope I feel enlightened long before the next big bang.
    Our special Hugin New Year
    And not to be angry with Michael Roy what is new and what is old.
    In appreciation
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  9. Michael
    Nothing of what I write should threaten you, but everything I write is a sum of general trends and the measurements and other things will probably never stop checking and researching. I have always promoted the sciences and that's how it is.

  10. Hugin:
    I was already tired after reading the first paragraph, so I will only respond to it.
    Although you already mentioned that the expansion of the universe has stopped.
    What you forgot to point out is that it is not true.
    The conclusion about the expansion of the universe was obtained from certain measurements of the shift of the light spectrum of celestial bodies and these measurements still show the expansion of the universe.

  11. To Hugin….

    You deserve a Nobel Prize for typing……………..

    And greetings to Yehuda.

  12. to Hugin, etc.,

    I was left breathless…
    Are you sure you took the right medicine? Or maybe the dose should be changed??
    I suggest you go to the doctor again.
    But I confess: I am fascinated by reading your meditations - this is how you can truly understand how far the spirit of a human being is scattered...

  13. Yehuda..
    In the past I mentioned in my comments that the expansion dynamics of the universe stopped, I also mentioned in other comments that the universe like a huge living body exists and lives on long-term inhalation and breathing cycles. I mentioned the Lollian aerobatic convergence effect of the time-folding-recurring contraction array, which explains
    The dance of the galaxies that we saw not long ago in one of the articles on the site. (reflection of Ma'ale).
    I was talking about a micro-macro cosmic quality that is woven into everything and an ingrained code that is present in every gram and entity in every place and time.
    I was talking about a chainsaw effect from big to small - natural sub-cycles to huge, long-term natural cycles that chain from big to small and vice versa.
    I talked about the legality of the mutual relationships that exist in everything. I hinted at the biorhythm effect through which you can see cross-breathing relationships: physical wave/mental-consciousness wave/emotional and sensory waves. This method is based on breathing sequences
    Ancient Cosmic - the ticking of a cosmic pulse - time and emanations and extensions of sequences that come out of it that manifests at every moment and hour and the birth dates of everything represent the natural rings - seals
    Holograms subject to the same living and breathing macro>to micro rhythm.
    Also, the structure of the atom to the electron, proton, neutron, and all other particles are equivalent to the structure of the solar system, and astronomical discoveries in the system are parallel to the discoveries in the nano-subatoms.
    So it is clear that everything is built and ticked like a living and breathing clock and perfectly accurate in every breath-pulse-exhalation to states of accumulation falling and rising from ether to heavy rains to the nano-particles: fragile to long-term forgotten ages (which we still want to explore and trace).
    We rely on all the knowledge acquired from all the records that have been preserved for ages - covering up and being revealed again mornings and evenings in cycles of discovery and covering in times and times that lead to the conscious life and also the subconscious or the conscious when the mass of universal-collective consciousness crosses the threshold of the linear-linear thought that dominates the external and familiar physical world ( heavy physical world).

    The currency of common sense: if there is a retreat in the distant galaxies and a natural state of convergence returns (we are talking about a long-term time, of course, which is now felt here) any attempt to penetrate the shrinking mass
    It was rejected, and I guess that's the reason for the failures that happened all the last period in the rough attempts to penetrate
    into space. (and the disasters that happened as a result - this is called a limit and a natural rejection).
    The same scenario is similar to a massive increase in the material world here - an expansion drive and again for the same reason of nature's limits to not being able to contain any more gross penetration was rejected and the accelerator also failed.
    You don't see this only in science: this phenomenon exists in every mass that has reached its peak in banks, superpowers, institutions, huge systems, etc., etc., etc., that did not know how to bend and change phase according to the nature of transformational change and the smart and soft adaptation that is required in full awareness.
    It is also possible to see living people who cannot withstand the loads and collapse if they do not perceive levels of metamorphic and intelligent educational change required accordingly.
    Since I alluded to the natural sweet code: the coordination of the planets constitutes a systemic clock-code-mirror mirroring the systems of all the forces of nature.
    The planet Pluto which was discovered in 1930 (approximate rotation around the sun 248 years) is a key to understanding both at the atomic level and at the level of the threshold psychological awareness and at the levels of human spiritual metamorphosis (the Holocaust-Hiroshima, etc.)
    1995 it is seen in the section of justice to the rainbow and you can see and understand how and how they were manifested
    Ricochets to broad-academic questions, and cracks and legal justices circulating in similar overlapping and synchronized contexts (for many coincidences). At that time witness to this 10/2008 (more or less-29 degrees ending and scratching at the peaks-a significant section (Capricorn)- it is from Zadambar (reflected) on the threshold of the peaks of the systemic material in its third octave at the base of the earth (head of Capricorn-Saturn-qualified for its kind) -peaks-ruling positions-great bones-mountains-peaks-and the whole bottom of things in a pinch-bones-teeth-elements-) the power of the serpent turning from its sleep-the dragon the galactic transformation-thing is connected to a thing into a deep primordial breath that changes its form-our form in all Talk and talk
    As a principle, there is an amplified constellation of the following significant long-term factors
    Manifested on many universal-collective and personal levels and everyone also understands the contexts according to
    The aspects of the aspect - the angle - and the posture whether it is comfortable or uncomfortable, whether it is painful or pleasant, according to the levels of readiness
    and the increased maturity to understand with reason and education the scenario that we are conditioned data and natural ticks from it and towards it at the appointed times.

    I tried, as best I could, to speak clearly - in a language that would be understood. According to a disciplinary order from Avi Bilozovsky.
    But of course - I have to be loyal to you, Yehuda, and to your question. To Michael for the challenge. To Amadeus' question from last night and to all the truth that is required for the sake of our daughters.
    Of course I'm curious and interested in seeing more aspects of your girls - it's more than computing.

    Hugin: With natural honesty.. for Yehuda and everyone. And Michael too. (I am not condescending - if you know this - it would be more pleasant to see things in a virtual common sense.. scientific and human).

  14. Yehuda:
    It is true that these are ten days of repentance, but I remained without repentance.
    Apparently this sin (of not repenting during penance days) should also be added to my sins.

  15. To Michael

    I noticed that vegetarians constantly think about meat dishes. For example, the unfortunate statement you made in your last comment: - "Humans (and especially us) are not yet mature".
    You realize that such a statement evokes cannibalistic associations from a dark evolutionary period in our African heritage.
    I would be careful with such an unusual expression during the ten days of penance mainly because of kosher issues not to mention Badatz.
    I was also worried that the rabbis surrounding our sites, mercifully, would throw a lot of loot at the irresponsible talk and accuse the seculars of eating human cannibals as well.
    Your sad response could have been said differently, without changing the essence of things, for example:-
    "Yehuda: - Hogin caused this, but it must not be revealed yet because humans (and especially us) are not sushi yet."
    It would achieve the same mental effect, without being fatal.
    It is possible that this is not your fault because you state beforehand that Hagin caused this, but I am not inclined to accept this kind of excuse because it does not seem to me that Hagin would bother with small things.
    I hope I understood
    And please don't forget to take B12.
    They happily respond
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  16. Yehuda:
    Hugin caused this but it must not be revealed yet because humans (and especially us) are still immature.

  17. for everyone
    Interesting question for Hugin
    Can you explain how this happened when at the same time there are scientific failures of the order of billions of dollars? First the accelerator, then the space telescope, and what's next?
    Is the reason for this a statistical coincidence or could there be a special reason that you are familiar with?

    Happy New Year
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

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