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Only three months in prison for the homeopath who pretended to be a doctor and forbade a boy to take conventional medicines

 He will serve his sentence in community service

By: Estam Walla and David Ratner (Haaretz) and comments by Avi Blizovsky
Ten months of imprisonment, of which three are actual and the rest is on probation, were sentenced on Monday 23/12/2002 at the Haifa Magistrate's Court to Yosef Raves, a well-known and veteran Haifa homeopath. Raves was convicted of impersonating a doctor and acting recklessly and negligently, after the treatment he gave to a sick boy put his life at risk. This is the first case of a homeopath being convicted in these sections, and the first time that a homeopath has been sentenced to prison in practice.

The boy's disease causes the body to attack his internal organs, creating autoantibodies against the body's connective systems. The disease attacks different organs. The boy was treated at the Rambam Hospital for more than five years, and when his parents brought him to Ravus, the homeopath informed them that he does not treat clients who continue to receive conventional medicines.

The boy's parents stopped the boy's drug treatment, and he began to receive homeopathic treatment, which included nutritional counseling and sorghum grains. The boy's condition began to deteriorate, and his mother alerted Revus of this, but he did not see the deterioration as a problem, but rather an intermediate stage in healing. Finally, the boy was brought to the hospital in such a serious condition that, according to the doctor who treated him before the homeopathic treatment, she had difficulty recognizing him. According to the doctor, not taking medication for this disease means death in most cases.

Yosef Raves' lawyers brought patients who had been treated by him in the past as character witnesses, and they spoke in his praise, but Judge Yosef Elron stated that the trial is not about homeopathy and the quality of Raves' training, but rather his actions and behavior.

The judge stated that the defendant had failed extremely badly, and that "this practice of complementary and alternative medicine by a wide public of those who take upon themselves the liberty to treat the ailments of others, without the required medical skills and knowledge, should be viewed with severity. In doing so, they take advantage of the great distress of the patients who turn to them," stated the judge.

Judge Elron sentenced Raves to a NIS 4,000 fine, and stated that he will serve his sentence with community service.

System notes of the "Hidan" website. In this case we are reaping the fruits of the hatred for science, as sown in the education system and the media. If the media - i.e. the major newspapers, Channel 2, and certainly the women's newspapers - were more concerned with understanding the scientific way, the method by which science works, in this case medicine, perhaps people would not be tempted to go to charlatans.
True, modern medicine has limitations. It happened, and in many cases the patient is one of many, but modern computing can actually improve this and allow the patient to know all the important details about the patient and give him personal care.

The health funds are also guilty in that, instead of educating the public, they succumbed to pressure and run astrological clinics themselves (the nickname I use to call the centers for complementary medicine).
The only use for these clinics is when the cause of the disease is psychological. In such a case, Chinese acupuncture meridians can also help, but in the case of homeopathy whose principle is "water memory", that is, diluting the active substance down to a few atoms per milliliter of water. Except for cases of psychosomatic illness, or cases where the body heals itself, what else can be cured with it.
I hope that the system will learn a lesson from this case, and forbid at least the withholding of essential medicines from patients due to their parents' faith.

A homeopath pretended to be a doctor and almost caused the death of a boy
He ordered his parents to stop conventional treatment, even though he suffered from an extremely rare disease, causing a serious deterioration in his condition * "Any person can advertise himself as a therapist in the field of medicine
The supplement," stated the judge
From: From an article by Eyal Tal, Maariv
A homeopath from the north of the country posed as a doctor and demanded from a boy suffering from a rare disease that he immediately stop the conventional medical treatment. As a result, the boy's condition deteriorated to the point of life-threatening. Repeated appeals by the boy's parents to the homeopath, Yosef Ravus, were answered with the answer: "We are on the right path." Finally, the parents decided to take their son to the hospital - where it turned out that his condition was critical.

Yesterday, at the Haifa Magistrate's Court, the homeopath was convicted of impersonating a doctor and illegally practicing medicine negligently. In his decision, the judge, Yosef Elron, referred to the fact that the therapist had no authority to order the parents to stop giving their son conventional drugs and that he did not have the medical knowledge required to treat this type of illness. "Complementary medicine in Israel is a breakthrough field for everyone. There is no supervision from regulated institutions over practitioners of complementary medicine, and any person can, theoretically, advertise himself as a therapist in this or that field of complementary medicine, and invite the general public to receive his services," the judge stated in his decision.

The judge also stated that the homeopathic therapist should have anticipated from the beginning the possibility that the boy's life would be in danger following the cessation of conventional treatment, and urgently referred to the hospital upon receiving reports of the continued deterioration in his condition.

The beginning of the affair was in September 97, when the parents went to the doctor and told him about their son's rare disease that affects the body's internal systems. The healer examined the child and assured the parents that if they stopped the conventional treatment given to him and began the homeopathic treatment - their son would recover. The therapist put quartz grains under the child's tongue and explained that it would cause him a fever and a rash, but as a result of this treatment, his body would be cleansed of toxins.

The parents did as the therapist instructed and stopped the medication. The boy's condition began to deteriorate: he suffered from extreme fatigue, fever and was almost unable to stand on his feet.

The healer examined the child several times, received a written and oral report on his deteriorating condition and despite this expressed satisfaction with the treatment and did not order his parents to hospitalize him. At a certain point, the parents decided to take the child to the hospital, when it turned out that his condition was critical. Only after his hospitalization was the boy out of danger.

"Justice has been served and I hope that when other parents make a decision whether to take their child to this type of healer - they will think carefully before doing so" - this is what the boy's mother told "Maariv" yesterday. According to her, her son's health deteriorated to the point of being life-threatening, but thanks to the medical treatment given to him in the 90th minute at the hospital, he was able to return to Eitano and recover. He volunteered to serve in the army and now he is 21 years old, he has finished his military service and is looking for a job.

"The treatment is not a substitute, only a complement" "We do not replace conventional medicine, but work in cooperation with it" - says Yair Shemer, homeopath and chairman of the umbrella organization of complementary medicine.

"Practically, we do not interfere with the treatments recommended by the doctors, but try to provide complementary treatment at the same time, knowing clearly that complementary medicine is not perfect and there are situations in which it is impossible to use alternative medicines." According to him, under no circumstances should a homeopath order the cessation of conventional treatment, but there are extreme therapists who do not cooperate and see alternative medicine as the center. "It's an unrealistic approach that gives a bad name and it's not responsible."

Professor Amos Korchin, Head of the Department of Neurology at Tel Aviv University: "There is no doubt that the attitude that says 'if it doesn't help, it won't hurt' is incorrect and the use of centuries-old methods, in the 21st century, is unacceptable. If I, as a doctor, use methods from a century ago, my license will be revoked. The intolerable ease of the Ministry of Health, when it allows scientifically unproven treatments given by people who often do not have a basic medical education, is a hack calling for thieves.

"Medicine is a scientific profession. Homeopathy is an anti-scientific method and there is no reason to allow people to practice medicine without a license. It's like a bus driver who will transport people without a driver's license. If the bus arrives in Hefsatu district safely once or twice, this does not mean that someone should be allowed to drive and endanger the public."

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  1. You can't argue with facts on the ground
    I was treated by Yossi Raves over 30 years ago for thyroid without having to take the daily pills for the rest of my life.
    So whoever says that homeopathy does not work is ignorant and the people of the country.
    In my humble opinion, this is the most correct medicine to heal a person and all you need is patience.
    From reading the sentence, my conclusion is that the boy was cured following the treatment of the homeopath Yossi Raves and not because of the treatment in a hospital.
    It is a fact that the boy was treated for 5 years and they did not help him
    And only after treatment following the healthy Ooptica. Food for thought.
    We did a great injustice in the trial against Raves and we lost a great therapist and healer.
    The loss is only ours to praise medicine.
    Dignity is in its place, but remember how many patients die from the treatment of drugs and doctors.
    When there was a doctors' strike, fewer people died.
    A known fact but hidden from the public.
    Give the freedom of choice without curtailing any method. Yossi Raves never presented himself as a doctor.

  2. Homeopath Roos treated my son when he was a baby, and helped him. It is true that there is sometimes a withdrawal in homeopathic treatment, but something in the body calls out all the bad things, something that can make you feel maybe bad, and then it gets better, in natural medicine, patience and the body cleans itself and makes itself healthy. I know someone very close to me who died from conventional medical treatment. Doctors have woken up, maybe something else is helping and maybe the tanks you are filling us with have caused problems, see what a world, see how many hospitals are growing and growing, maybe it is a sign that you are not really healing. Otherwise they would be healthy and the hospitals would be small, wouldn't they?

  3. Pine:
    If you had also read the facts, you would have seen that there is no statistical confirmation for the claim that homeopathy works.

  4. Avi?
    Maybe edit the clown website?
    What is this nonsense?
    By such things do you measure efficiency?
    Be healthy.
    to Michael-
    No, I do not pretend to understand medicine at all
    Not as the medical establishment understands
    I'm just trying with common sense to test tools.
    And I have no objection to things that work and sustain a real healing process.
    And I also learned the "facts" with a little more than a little effort.

  5. Pine:

    Probably yours in advance, it's a shame for the effort.

    Otherwise you would have invested some effort in learning the facts and would not have stubbornly stuck to these superstitions.

    Do you really think you understand medicine more than the medical establishment?

  6. I recommend you read the science of homeopathy
    By George Withoulkes the translator
    the science of homoeopathy
    Originally in English
    And if really after examining the basic principles
    Very scientific
    The proving process of any drug
    and the form of preparation of the homeopathic medicine according to its laws
    still attribute the "comprehensive examination"
    of Simon and Edward
    So pity the effort

    The subject of homeopathic dilutions is not easy to absorb because these are subtle frequencies.
    And to understand that "no substance" has a proven effect is hard to imagine at all
    If the person investigating the subject is not open to changing old thinking patterns.
    All the best.

  7. Read Simon Singh and Edward Ernst's book "Cure or Temptation". They refer extensively to homeopathy there and rule it out after a comprehensive examination. Sometimes when the truth is unequivocal, the position to take is also unequivocal.

  8. To pine
    To say that homeopathy is not scientific is an understatement.
    It does not meet any criteria required from a scientific field, its basic principles are disproved and there are really no confirmatory experiments.
    So here it is: not science.

  9. Peace

    There is a very dangerous complexity in generalization.
    Forming an opinion without real research is also problematic.
    As a reader of the site who greatly appreciates science, I was surprised and hurt by this inclusion.
    To say that homeopathy is not scientific.
    Reflects a certain ignorance on the subject.

    Too bad.
    All the best.

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