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Health deficiencies in the State of Israel - who takes responsibility for it?

Whether it's about handlessness that is the responsibility of the state or whether someone will do something about it - if there is a price, the people will pay the price, both health-wise and financially

The refineries in Haifa Bay. Photo: shutterstock
The refineries in Haifa Bay. Photo: shutterstock

Following the revelation of the pollution failure in Haifa Bay, body security in the State of Israel is once again on the agenda, and while all our attention is directed towards external threats, we - both the residents and the government - have turned our attention to what is happening from within. Whether the severity of the situation is as high as the worst forecasts claim, or whether it is a benign situation. Whether it's about handlessness that is the responsibility of the state or whether someone will do something about it - if there is a price, the people will pay the price, both health-wise and financially.

The pollution problems of Haifa Bay are not new to us, and they are certainly not the only factor in the State of Israel that negatively affects the health of its residents, and while finding a solution and containing it will take time, if at all, the consequences of the health and environmental hazards harm us and will continue to harm us, and the citizens' expectation of change may be answered at some point in time Certain in the future, and maybe not, but is that all we can do? sit and wait?

The modern world and the existence of the state places man in front of a confusing reality. On the one hand, the state is supposed to take care of the existential security of the residents - certainly in a country where the majority of the budget goes to security, on the other hand - again and again we find ourselves with a feeling of lawlessness. Dealing with omissions is necessary, but is it the only thing we can do? Is this the only thing we are supposed to do? Wait until the state takes care of its problems? What will happen to us until then?

Who is responsible for our health?

One of the things that is important to understand is that first and foremost the responsibility for us and our health lies with us and this is the role of each person to take care of monitoring his health, to know his medical condition, to know the dangers that lie in wait for his health and to build for himself a proper support system that will allow him to receive the necessary treatment, if he requires it.

The understanding that we need such a support system is inherent in us biologically, evolutionary, and is one of the reasons for our need to set fire to couples and communities. As important as the family is to our quality of life, so is the health system. While those close to us will provide the mental and operational care and treatment, clinical healing requires knowledge and equipment. And here, too, the state is showing dysfunction. The health system is collapsing under the load, people are waiting for months for urgent appointments and there are not enough beds even to place them in the hospital corridors.

We have a way to improve the medical care we receive, shorten the turn times, improve the personal treatment we receive - and which has an acute effect on the rate of our healing, we have the possibility to improve the equipment with which they work on us and even the way we choose our doctors . Yes, we have the option of choosing the attending physician when there is private health insurance.

The health hazards in the Haifa Bay have comprehensive consequences and not only on our health. They affect the economy, the real estate, the attractiveness of the area and its development, the environment, the landscape, and the list goes on. What we do or don't do about it, even on our private level - has a direct and substantial impact not only on the private situation, but also on the state of things in general, and we have to start somewhere. Ensuring the medical care we receive through comprehensive and quality health insurance is the right place to start.

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