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Hawking: Aliens may exist

In the series that will begin airing today on the International Discovery Channel: "Inside the Universe of Stephen Hawking" he explains that according to mathematical logic most creatures in the universe are at the level of bacteria, but in the event that there are more species that are more developed, you should be concerned about the exploitation of the earth's resources by them

Stephen Hawking at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, December 2006. Photo: Avi Blizovsky
Stephen Hawking at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, December 2006. Photo: Avi Blizovsky

Aliens almost certainly exist but contact with them should be avoided. This is what British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking claims, as part of a new Discovery Channel series. Hawking emphasized that it is perfectly reasonable to estimate that intelligent life exists somewhere in the universe.

However, in an interview for the new series, he warned that the aliens may raid the Earth's resources and move on. "If the aliens visit us, the result will be similar to Columbus's landing in America, which ended badly for the Native Americans." said.

The series known as "Inside Stephen Hawking's Universe" will be broadcast tonight on the International Discovery Channel, and one of the episodes will focus on Hawking's opinion on aliens. Another interesting chapter should deal with time travel. The series actually deals with the question "what if" and uses computer animation to illustrate in an illustration similar to real life how the universe would look and give viewers a better explanation of the issue. The series took three years to prepare.
The series also raises topics such as what a spaceship traveling at the speed of light would look like, or what the oceans of Europa (the moon of Jupiter) look like according to Hawking's imagination.

"The numbers alone, according to my mathematical mind, require the existence of extraterrestrial life." Hawking said, however, according to Hawking, it is difficult to estimate what they will look like. The program investigates the possibility of the existence of many types of creatures in which herbivores walk on two and carnivore lizard-like reptiles. Hawking estimates that most life will be at the level where life was on Earth 90% of the time - simple bacteria. But Hawking prefers not to risk meeting with representatives of the rare civilizations either, because then the chances are that they will be more intelligent than us and will be able to use up the Earth's resources more efficiently even than us.

He believes that instead of trying to communicate with the aliens, humans should do everything to avoid contact. "We only have to look at ourselves to understand that intelligent life can evolve into something we would not want to meet.

Boards and even discs were attached to the spacecraft that traveled to the edge of the solar system, such as Voyager and Pioneer, and later CDs containing information about the location of the Earth. In the past, special broadcasts were also broadcast into deep space in the hope of reaching intelligent beings.

According to Dr. Omri Vandel from the Rakah Institute of Physics at the Hebrew University, an expert in astrophysics and life in the universe, Hawking's assumption that there are civilizations and life outside the earth is statistically reasonable. However, Dr. Vandel disagrees with the assessment that they are dangerous and that they are invading the earth. "50 years of scientific search for extraterrestrials has not produced any proof of their arrival on Earth. The way to discover them is still very far."

In a conversation with the Hidaen site, Dr. Wendel explains: "Hawking is right about one thing that appears towards the end of the interview, at least in Hebrew, that it is very likely that many more biology similar to or different from that on Earth will develop in the universe and even in our galaxy, and perhaps even intelligent ones that have reached the level of culture and technology, which is exaggerated It is outrageous that we are likely to be in danger from them. He explicitly writes that he thinks UFOs are a very likely thing. UFOs are for sensation seekers. There is no scientific proof that a UFO has ever arrived on Earth, nor is it likely that they will due to the high cost of interstellar flight unless something is discovered that goes against the laws of nature known to us such as space jumps. Launching a spacecraft to even the nearest planet would require resources equal to the gross mass of the Earth for a year. It's unlikely they'll do it for fun."

"What is more likely is the chance of receiving radio signals from the aliens, the so-called SETI project. This is a project that is celebrating its 50th anniversary these days. Scientists are looking for intelligent radio signals from extraterrestrial sources on the simple assumption that just as the Earth has been spreading radio signals in space for about a century in an unintended way, other cultures are also doing it to one degree or another and let's try to discover them."

"In my article that is published these days in the Odyssey magazine, I explain that since we have not discovered such radio signals for 50 years, we should not be surprised, this is also not a proof that they do not exist, but rather a result of the distances between the stars and the rarity of these cultures. If such cultures exist, they did not have time to discover us and we will not be able to discover them either due to technology. The cultures are rare, distant and it will take time before we can decipher them. UFOs can be dismissed outright. They were not and probably never will be. Certainly not those that will invade the earth. If Hawking starts from the assumption that Earth-like planets are common in the universe, which is a reasonable assumption, because most stars have planets and there are 200 billion suns in the system, why do they need to encircle our Earth, they surely have similar planets closer."

More of the topic in Hayadan:

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  1. Avi,
    The comparison should be made relative to a project that has no output and not even convincing ground, not to the American cigarette burning budget.
    I don't know how much the SETI project can give other than a signal (assuming that the aliens really communicate with radio waves and the received signal is from aliens) - we don't know what the signal means, how to reach them, and how fast they are moving (can the signal received a week ago even give an indication of the location ), how to communicate with them - and not only in terms of language, but also the likelihood of two-way communication, and I will explain:
    Correct me if I'm wrong - I think the VOYAGER-1 spacecraft is about 17 billion away
    A kilometer from the earth. If in theory I send a PING to this spacecraft, that ping will take something like 30 hours until it reaches the same spacecraft and returns to Earth (and that too under the conditions that the transmission is clean). Two-way communication, not who-knows-what will work here, not between us and them and maybe not between themselves either (see below)

    And if our alien friends have spaceships and travel interstellarly, they don't need something a little more reliable (although we assume that there are no obstacles in the way and the transmission occurs at the speed of light) and faster than the speed of light (true, science does not know of such a possibility, but the question mark remains the same the thing) in order to communicate between them?

    good week

  2. For my uncle, some proportions. The investment in SETI is extremely marginal. The Americans burn cigarettes per minute with a budget larger than the annual budget of SETI (in my estimation it is closer to the order of magnitude of a second).
    Regarding the radio frequencies - this is a limitation that the physics of the universe imposes on us. If they communicate in other areas, they will simply freeze very quickly and will not be able to maintain the connection. This is not a problem related only to the current point of view of the last hundred years, and apparently in a hundred years they may think of a different way.

  3. And perhaps we should also reflect on the assumption that aliens communicate by radio waves or that they need water or oxygen.
    Since 1977 there has not been any event that could give any justification to such a big project (I purposely do not go into detail at all because there are several that are main) that so much worship the idea on which it is based (of course the event in 77' can also have other interpretations)

    I am not here to rule out the existence of aliens - but definitely to look back for a moment and re-examine the arsenal of assumptions before coming to develop a project and certainly for continuing to invest so much in money and territory when even after a few good years it is still not giving anything. It's still big and big and takes and is budgeted. This whole thing reminds me a bit of a cancerous tumor.

  4. ghost smell:
    I don't know much about "science seekers". This is actually your field.
    Regarding true science seekers - I can answer you.
    We know that life has evolved on Earth.
    Therefore we understand that the same laws of nature and processes that created life on Earth could also create life on other planets.
    To think that what happened here could not happen anywhere else is just stupid.
    We can't be sure that it happened elsewhere too but we understand that there must be a chance that it happened.
    Therefore, aliens are seen as a possibility and the dispute can only be about the probability of their existence or the question of whether they really exist or not (as well as other questions that do not currently belong to the matter such as whether they have visited the earth, whether they are similar to humans, whether they like to kidnap delusional and abuse them sexually and the like).
    As for God and the flying spaghetti monster - we have not encountered them (or their likeness) anywhere - not even on Earth.
    Therefore we have no reason to believe in their existence.
    Of course, here I made an assumption for you because I did not ask you to define God.
    If you try to define God to me as the religions define him, it is clear that he does not exist.
    If you try to define him like all kinds of people whose goal is that people will say there is a God and they don't care what is hidden behind this term and therefore they say that God is nature (or the right shoe of my eldest daughter) then I will agree with you that such a God exists and I will only ask you why you don't call him in his name (nature or the right shoe).

  5. Because God was invented by humans.. Aliens theoretically exist before us and will also exist after us without having anything to do with us.

  6. Why can aliens exist and God cannot exist in the minds of 'scientists'?

    (R. H. R. Faim)

  7. Even if there is life somewhere around the galaxy, I don't think they will come to ferret out Earth's resources (is it called Armani suits and Gucci shoes?) They can find resources close to them, so we are allowed to think differently from Professor Hawking.

  8. Many thanks to Stephen Hawking for this unequivocal statement that: "Aliens may exist".
    After all, with that level of determination he allowed many claims to be expressed that have no real value.

  9. Another one:

    Is this a symptom of stuttering that spreads from speaking to writing or did you just spill something sticky on the keyboard? 🙂

  10. Wow, you're really mixing water for nothing...
    A pause, alas!!! why are you digging so much!!!! We built you! Enough!!
    I suggest you - my father, to try to deal with troublemakers of his kind!!! As soon as you have something of quality to say, and not the same things, maybe something that is more relevant to the media, then write back!! .. We saw Moshe as you wrote that people seek attention.. as you wrote "Man is fed by attention, it is the fulfillment of every person, without attention there is no fulfillment and without fulfillment the person prefers to die." Yes, yes.. we see that you are looking for Tsumi!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  11. Why do people still bother to answer Moses?
    Moshe is a troll. As he has written enough, it is quite possible that he is also on drugs.
    But he is a clearly harmless troll - no visitor to this site would think that not answering Moshe is a sign that they agree with him (unlike perhaps Hazi, Ron, Rafaim and their friends). So why waste your time on it?
    Give him the silent treatment.

  12. Moshe: "When I answer, I always try to ask, in order to develop in you new desires, new perceptions, the questions are shortcomings, therefore when I write the questions, I make you develop shortcomings that you did not have yet."

    First of all, you don't answer at all! You're asking completely unrelated questions that make me think you're on drugs.
    Even in 15,000 comments you will not be able to develop a new desire or perception in anyone here. I hope you give up before you reach the bar I set.
    You are not causing anything.
    Good Day!

  13. Moshe, you won't agree with all the things that are said here and we certainly won't try to understand your stupid you understand what you wrote in 126?!

    If you were born in 1800, maybe there were some people you would have managed to work with..
    You sit here for 24 hours in the forum and blow it up with your nonsense.. and you are really obsessed with what you post..
    You drive away people who want to read some comments.. by the fact that you write down your daily nonsense here
    Sometimes there are serious comments from interesting people - believe me just by reading the right comments without the articles you would be able to understand better.

    Do not blow up the forum with 75% unnecessary and unrelated comments

  14. It's not a one-off, it's close to the daily average, intelligent people don't need to write nonsense, so they don't always respond. When you enter YNET too, do you always comment, or do you mostly read? There are also regular commenters there.

  15. Hey, I didn't delete your comments, but sometimes you write a keyword that is blocked, and then I can decide whether to release it or not. Unless I happen to be online, but even then I don't always do that.

  16. Moshe, I'm so sorry I didn't put you on the sane list. But if you tell me one Hawking finding I promise to add your name in gold letters to the list.
    Say, how dare you underestimate one of the great physicists living among us today. A man who with enormous strength overcame terrible illness and disability and achieved incredible achievements. A person without legs manages to fly higher than most and perhaps all other people. So without knowing anything about the man you say "he's looking to be treated a little"? .
    Remember what was said to Moses the first? of your shoes over your feet!

  17. Hello to Moshe,
    You prove the point I was talking about that some of the writers here do not understand the reasons for Hawking's views. If you understood, you wouldn't write something like: "In my opinion, he is looking to be treated a little, that's all..."
    The clergy can say what they want, such things will only make fun of them. If they want to believe that aliens are angels, that's their problem, and it certainly doesn't mean that we won't try to break the limits of human knowledge because of strange interpretations by religious people. They will not stop us from trying to understand the world around us and discover the wonders that lie in it.

  18. to R.H. Hello
    You know I was really hurt that you didn't put me on the sane list.
    As for Stephen Hawking, in my opinion he is looking for a little attention, that's all, after all, if a scientist like that says there are aliens, all the religious people will stand up and say we told you there are "angels", we told you that "the stars went off the rails" we told you that the Creator has the "army of heaven" that we will fight Israel's wars"
    Now you want to settle in the stars, after all humanity does not want to have children at all, today people who bring more than 2 children are looked at as if they are harmful to the environment, humanity is in crisis and you want to settle in the stars, the maximum that will be is that every person from the earth will have his own star and remain physically isolated but Linked by waves...
    Where is the unity of humanity tell me? There is only distance and rejection towards each other...
    is that what you want Please take all the stars and go live there, if you want I will donate my stars too...
    All the best

  19. Moti, Noam, Abi and all the other sane people, there is nothing to be surprised about. This article is intended for all delusional and delusional people. Every time there was an article about aliens 2012 or evolution immediately a flood of nonsense appears. Maybe it's good because it filters them out of the more serious articles.
    Regarding the current article, as it was said in the discussion above with all due respect to Stephen Hawking (and there is a lot of respect) he is not an expert on extraterrestrials because there is no such expert at the moment. However, of course his opinion deserves to be heard and even taken very seriously. I do not agree with his words because what is implied by them? Let's stop space exploration, we won't broadcast, we won't send spaceships into the distance because maybe we will draw their attention? So what? Will we hide from a threat that may not exist at all?
    In my opinion, on the contrary, space exploration should be pushed forward, try to colonize the stars, take advantage of the asteroids and move forward.

  20. I suggest everyone to watch the video in response number 1, by the way the full video is an hour and a half long.
    In my opinion, it is fascinating to hear testimonies of people with the ranks of colonel in the US Army, honorable and reliable people who received extremely high classification ranks.
    They are willing to swear before Congress that they saw objects flying in the sky at tremendous speeds, the radars recorded those objects moving at a speed of 20 km/h, they are willing to swear that while they were sitting 60 meters underground guarding nuclear missiles, something mysterious that emits light neutralized them missiles.
    Strange balls of light in the sky that move irrationally at tremendous speed.
    Hundreds of such witnesses exist and this meeting took place under the auspices of the White House!
    50 years ago keeping a secret was much easier, in the information age everything will eventually become clear to us.

  21. Peace be upon you
    Be careful talking about properties and objects above the material, when you come across the word "sun" you will know that they are talking about an abstract light that fills the "moon" which equates to a black desire that doesn't shine by itself, because the moon doesn't shine by itself but shines because it receives a filling of light from the sun. The abstract worlds used this metaphor to explain the filling of pleasure (sun) within the dark desire without pleasure (moon).
    The "stars" are a metaphor for the desires found in a person that have been filled with pleasure from the source of pleasure (the sun) and therefore they are "illuminating" meaning full of pleasure.
    Don't read Zohar if you don't have a guide who will explain to you what each word means and what power is hidden behind it, you see what happened to our people because they did not understand the scriptures correctly...
    You want to read Zohar, please, but don't imagine and think that this is about the material world even in one word, because you will fail and start thinking that there really are people underground with two heads, and other people without noses and only with nostrils, and finally you will start, like most people here, to believe that there are aliens...
    All the best

  22. to my father,
    First of all - all the best for the invested site.

    Second thing - I don't understand why every comment is posted here. Skimming through some of the comments here, I saw that perhaps most of them have no place on a scientific website. There are so many comments here that laugh at and belittle Stephen Hawking - something that in itself is not worthy of publication here - which stems from a lack of orientation and a basic understanding of the starting points and reasons for Hawking's views. From this disorientation, things like talking about aliens can really sound ridiculous.

    Although I am not a professor or a doctor of anything, my sense of curiosity and the longing to understand the wonderful of me drew me to spend part of my time reading books on a variety of subjects in an attempt to understand the world around me. Therefore, from what I was able to learn, I understand Stephen Hawking's views on the existence of aliens, but most of the commenters here (it seems) did not do so, so it seems natural that they would react the way they did when it comes to such a topic.

    In conclusion: I don't think you should publish a disparaging comment - it has no place in a scientific discussion and it also shows in advance that the commenter does not want to be educated. Just takes up space and creates a feeling of a cheap and not serious site - and I know that's not true.

  23. A question for friends here:

    over 20 years ago,
    A small book called "The Solution to the Riddle of the Gods" by Dr. Rami Shekalim was published.

    It was told there about Rabbi Yossi's meeting with a man from another world.
    "The Outsider" told about several other worlds in the universe,
    And the strangest among them were:

    A- A world in which there were two suns. (Written before double stars were discovered in the universe).

    B - a world that was dark all the time and there were large animals walking in it. (Written before they discovered 5 years ago, closed life systems in the depths of the oceans, which were not based on photosynthesis at all)

    The book brought the story from what is written in the Book of Zohar (if I'm not mistaken).

    You could not locate the source, which was written in Aramaic.

    Does anyone here know the source?

  24. Enough peace
    When I answer, I always try to ask, in order to develop in you new desires, new concepts, the questions are shortcomings, therefore when I write the questions, I make you develop shortcomings that you did not have yet.
    For example:
    Do you know this fruit "Ma'ilrak"? This is a very delicious fruit with a sweet and sour taste, have you ever wanted to taste this fruit? Have you ever wanted to find out where he grew up? Did you ever think that I, Moses, would make you think of such a fruit called "Mailark"?
    You have never had such a desire, such a thought has never occurred to you, until now you were without any desire or thought for this fruit called "Ma'ilrak".
    If you want I'll send you a box to test and let me know how it went.
    What is there, let me develop in you desires and thoughts that have not yet been revealed in you
    all good enough

  25. Moshe, you are hopeless. I wrote something and you answer me with memories clearly unrelated to anything. They asked you 1000 questions and you answer either with other questions or with a scroll unrelated to anything.
    Why can't you answer a question for once?
    You have no knowledge of science so why are you reacting? Everyone here including me (far from a scientist) sees how limited your knowledge is and how your responses suddenly branch out and get complicated.
    What are you doing in life Moshe? Selling something?
    are you sane
    Does Abarbanel have an internet corner?

  26. Hello extraterrestrial
    Even if you find 5-10 righteous people, won't you destroy the people of the knowledge site?
    Have mercy on us, Your Highness...
    All the best

  27. Avi Blizovsky
    It seems that apart from about 5 to 10 surfers there is no one here. Does everyone come only in the evening? Where did 11800 come from or is it a one off?

  28. Noam Shalom
    Why do you think I'm in the shackles of religion, it's probably you who don't read what I'm answering, secularism is the best thing that has been called to us, I wrote it to you...
    You tell me a quick release, I was released long ago from the religious terrorists even though I was secular all the time...
    It is science that is subject to religion and the worst thing is that it does so unknowingly and I will explain it to you.
    The scientists are constantly looking for ways to disprove religion, why try to disprove religion if it is not scientific?
    Scientists have already discovered that we are activated by genes, which means that if a person is born with a "thief" gene then he will steal, if he is born with a killer gene then he will murder and if he is born with a rapist gene then he is Janus.
    Why don't the scientists come and say, wait, if we were born with these genes then there is no problem in terms of nature, we are governed by the laws of nature and we have nothing to do against the genes we were born with.
    So let's start destroying people who have the genes of rapist killers or let them do it without any intervention because they are controlled by genes and just like we don't eliminate tigers that prey so we won't eliminate them because after all we have to protect nature right?
    Show me a scientist who will say that I have no problem sleeping with my daughter, raping her, and along the way stealing and murdering because the scientists discovered in me genes that make up all these qualities in me.
    Why do the scientists who brought conclusive and accurate proofs that we are controlled by genes, still cling to laws that have been forbidden to be followed since time immemorial and that were written by some people whom science probably calls "stupid" or undeveloped.
    After all, we are already developed and we have discovered genetics, now let's live each one according to the genes he was born with, after all, no one is guilty if he murders or steals or rapes....
    You are researching for us to be better and in practice the results are completely different results everyone is suffering more and less happy and the truth is everyone is already tired of science because in the test of the result you lost big and did not make the world a better place the opposite is true...
    So who is behind the religion if not the scientists...

    All the best

  29. Moshe,

    I understand that you recently finished a pans course, and you want to practice on us..
    Allow me to ignore all the irrelevant text you crammed in here.
    I only tell you this:
    Science fiction films try to predict the future, and sometimes succeed.
    Religion is trying to sell us an old, used hat in a new one. Religion is not a road sign but an archaeological find that for some reason continues to exist.
    Moshe, free yourself from the shackles of religion while you can.

    Besides, you didn't address my response at all, but now I understand why

    All the best and a speedy release

  30. Noam Shalom (I like this name, so I named my only son Noam)
    I can't help but get a little excited when you write me things.
    I am not saying that the religious are right, they are just as lost, wondering and wrong as the great majority and I will explain it.
    Man by nature wants to escape from suffering and get pleasures, without this mechanism science would not have developed in chaos, that is, all our lives we are looking for the greater pleasure, so that we will not suffer, God forbid...
    Religion is a series of actions that help a person to escape from suffering and to hold on to pleasures, if you make a person believe in something good, then by doing so you make him enjoy life and thereby make him forget the suffering, it is like giving a "placebo" pill to a patient and the patient already feels better psychologically.
    Now the question arises about the Jewish religion, what is so special about it?
    The Jewish religion is the remnants of what is left of the high state in which there was a special group of people who studied reality and discovered the legality above the material and which governs the material, to these laws they gave all kinds of names, every law they discovered above the material was given a name and recorded in a book, this is how the books of the Torah were created, Each and every letter is a supreme law that governs the world of matter, and they called the collection of laws by the name "one" because all these supreme laws fall into that "one law".
    When a person is not in the supreme legality, he sees only a carnal word and therefore also acts in a carnal way according to his understanding.
    Secularism is the best thing that he called to the people of Israel because in this way they freed themselves from the shackles of free will, in this way the people of Israel can examine themselves and the religion to which they were so attached, now they can observe from the side and ask what are these laws? What are these books? What is a Jew? Why do they hate the Jews?
    What is this black cube on the head and left hand???
    As soon as a person comes out of the bubble of religion, then he can observe the actions and then investigate why the Jews do this? Can a black box even move something to a creator who is not material or human at all?
    Little by little, through research, man comes to the conclusion that all religion is nothing more than "signposts" to the thing that is above the material.
    That's why I'm driving you crazy here to try to make it clear that you need to rise above the physical road signs and look for what is above materiality and above the senses (it's true that it looks like science fiction, but even in the old science fiction movies a lot of fictional things have come true today)
    Everything depends on the person's perception of reality, grasp more you will discover more, you don't need physical tools (microscopes and telescopes) to explore what is inside you, in your future state...
    All the best

  31. Avi,
    There are comments that are simply not worth reading on your site and it's a shame...
    Even in democracy there is a defensive democracy, it seems to me that the order of the hour calls for you to defend the worthy and honorable website you have established.

    The responses cause a deviation from the topics raised in the articles to very unscientific lines.

    Good Day.

  32. That's enough, hello
    Some of the grades I would get at school are "enough" that's about 60 or so, I wonder if I would get the grade because it was enough or the teacher didn't want to look bad in the eyes of the principal and therefore gave a grade that was enough to not get on the head from the management.
    Enough - what score would you give to "Moshe's rotation theory" ???
    All the best

  33. pleasantness,

    The one who doesn't understand is you...

    Read my explanation again and again, and maybe you will help someone to understand it...

  34. Moshe,

    You probably think that scientists, like religious people, study this or that book, or try to interpret the obscure things of some ancient sage.
    Well, you are completely confused.

    The scientists investigate reality, and do their best to understand.
    Tell me, what is this stupid sentence:
    "After all, if Darwin made a mistake even in the smallest direction, it is enough to skew the investigation by thousands of meters" ???

    Darwin got a lot of things wrong. Darwin did not even know the structure of DNA, and he had no idea that traits are not inherited.
    Who even studies what Darwin said except for a few historians?
    And I'll tell you a secret, science is wrong all the time, that's exactly how it progresses, by putting forward theories, by observations and experiments, and by attempts at refutation.

    Religion, on the other hand, is never wrong, and therefore has not progressed much for thousands of years.

    Your understanding of science is so superficial and embarrassing that there's almost no chance you'll understand what I'm telling you.

    Do the following experiment yourself:
    Thus a page, and write down on it all the scientific discoveries known to you in the last 50 years.
    Thus an additional page, a tiny page will suffice, and write down on it all the discoveries made by religion in the last two thousand years - but pay attention, without bluffing - only discoveries and not retrospective explanations, after science discovers.
    In other words, to come after science discovers something, to read the Bible, perform a few backflips, read in skips, mix with gematria and triumphantly claim that it was already known - this is not a discovery, it is wisdom after the fact.

  35. Why don't you believe in Moses' theory of evolution?
    Another proof, humans build houses for protection, this is a genetic inheritance from father turtle...
    The turtle has 2 legs and 2 hands and even nails on the hands and feet...

    Why does the earth revolve around the sun? Isn't he tired of hanging around her all the time, what interest does he have in hanging around her, is he courting her? Is he checking on her or spying on her? Maybe he is trying to attack her and therefore scans her?
    Very interesting. What do you say about "Moshe's rotation theory" literally...:)
    All the best

  36. There is a majority of anonymous ignoramuses here who have trouble understanding some basic things:
    You talkbackists, nobody really cares what you write here.
    You (oh how I die to know what you do in your professional life) are not professionals! None of you have a clue about science! The people who write here or are quoted are professionals, they know the field in which they work from A to Z and they make money with it! Their families depend on this livelihood, meaning their knowledge has enough power to feed several more people in addition to themselves.
    They earned all this after many years of study and investment.
    In contrast to that you (Moshe Hezi Rah, etc..) are probably doing something else with your life, you have no knowledge of science except what you may have learned in high school and National Geographic. You are pathetic. And I'm like you! I also don't have the faintest idea about half of the articles here. But it's really unacceptable and already excessive to come here every day and pour your NIS XNUMX theories on us. You have no background, therefore you have no right to argue and insult the knowledge of everyone here.
    Close your keyboard and you might also learn something here.

  37. You keep me busy in the middle of the day, when I have other things to do.
    Saying in short - Darwin made a lot of mistakes, he didn't even propose a good mechanism for inheritance, but only a statistical mechanism (from experience). If he was actually looking for traits that do not mix - those that work through individual genes, he would also arrive at inheritance like Mendel. The principle has not changed, as you say we are 500 years after Copernicus, and our distance from the sun is known more precisely today than in the time of Copernicus, does this change the fact that the earth revolves around the sun?
    That is why Darwin is relevant, and Moses' theory of evolution is not needed.

  38. I understand that it's your shift now to filter the forum, don't underestimate the garbage, without garbage you would live in a pile of garbage, you haven't invented something special yet that turns garbage into gold or something like that, start working on it.
    When is my father coming back?
    All the best

  39. Peace
    The chances of creating intelligent life on any Earth-like planet is tiny - less than 0.01% in 4 billion years. There are about a hundred billion stars in our galaxy, and therefore probably many thousands of Earth-like planets too - enough to make this small chance quite promising. But even then, you have to be tiny. "The concept according to which evolution develops in predictable progress and according to which the creation of intelligent life is inevitable, is now considered anthropocentric. "Any direction in evolution and in particular the result seen on Earth may be extremely improbable. "On the other hand, the rapid development of life on Earth immediately after it was formed suggests that simple microbial life is relatively common."
    All the best

  40. I repeat:
    As long as the spammers don't block it (such as Hezi, Moshe, Racha Rafaim, Ron) the site will continue to get trashed.

  41. Hello everyone
    I have a question, we are already many years after Darwin and science has developed dozens of times since then,
    Why don't the scientists try to study things that are not according to Darwin? Think for a moment if there was no Darwin what would you do? Where would you start researching? From what point?
    After all, if Darwin was wrong even in the smallest direction, it is enough to bias the investigation by thousands of meters and then continue to make mistakes and make mistakes and make mistakes...
    Darwin said so and the scientist investigates what Darwin said and then says Darwin was right
    But if I were to say that man evolved from the turtle and you researched it, you would see that I am right, don't you believe me? Start researching the turtle and you will see all the evolution of the turtle over millions of years, you can check in the ocean and see that there are sea turtles with a face with two eyes with a mouth and teeth a beautiful neck and even wrinkled skin like humans when they enter the sea.
    You don't take me seriously, but maybe in a hundred years someone will arise who will start to check this and call the Torah that I just invented "Moshe's Theory of Evolution"
    All the best

  42. Hezi,

    Why do you think you have to flaunt your incomprehension in public?

    Natural selection is a natural process
    Natural selection is not random
    Natural selection favors certain items over others
    Natural selection together with mutations creates new things

    Evolution according to Darwin is not random, it is not directed by an intelligent being and it does create new species

    Don't be in a hurry to prove to everyone that you don't understand something, put in some mental effort, learn a little, and then you won't be stuck in your ignorance

  43. Hello everyone
    A scientific question
    Is a person considered dead before he is born? And is he considered alive after he dies?
    How long does a person live or die, exist or not exist (depending on who you ask) before he makes his journey to the mother's womb?
    All the best

  44. My father 102

    It is clear to me that you run a science website. Good for you…

    just remember,

    I refer to "scientific" claims and try to refute them.
    I do not contradict with quotations from the Torah or the Talmud,
    But based on more basic and established facts of science...

  45. Hello father
    I said in most cases not in all cases, but try to find out more in depth...who knows, maybe you will understand why you are so researching and becoming to discover and know new things....
    By the way, for example, I don't understand what people are supposed to look for in a synagogue if they have no idea what the meaning of all the words that are written there is??? That's why I don't go to the synagogue even just to be with the company with the community or whatever you call it...
    All the best, my father

  46. Hey, no one is stopping you from opening your own blog and rewriting science as much as you like. The science website only expresses the scientific mainstream. Otherwise it was another New Age site

  47. Noam 92

    If the tea thinks that evolution is not random, Darwinian style you are wrong.

    The fact that you happen to her by "natural selection" doesn't make her bubbly.

    "Choosing" is a choice between good and bad, and not the creation of anything new.

    Brera only destroys and does not create anything...

    So what's more?
    Before Darwin: random mutations and not directed by reason.

    Lachkan: this evolution is of random mutations...

    I have no desire to explain this thing again and again...

  48. Hello father
    A somewhat personal question out of curiosity and not joking, your last name belongs to the Cohen family
    I ask this because in most cases the name Avi is a name that is passed down in priestly families
    For general knowledge, the name "Abi" symbolizes the 13 dimensions of God and therefore the priests used this name throughout history
    "My father" in Gematria = 13 = "one" = "love" which is the general law that sustains all reality.
    All the best

  49. Avi Blizovsky
    Ahaha... today is considered yesterday for you??? So what does the meter say about tomorrow?

  50. Hello extraterrestrial
    We turned to peace, please don't destroy our planet because we don't have another land, it's Stephen Hawking who told you that you're dangerous... he's tired of searching and searching all his life without finding happiness and that's why he called you to come and destroy us, give us another chance and we promise we'll stop researching Whether you exist or not and we will continue to investigate only the Big Bang alone, by the way a new theory by Professor Mordechai claims that the Big Bang was created on the holiday of Purim.
    By the way, is "Hizar" kosher?
    On behalf of all the inhabitants of the earth
    All the best

  51. Avi Blizovsky
    How will they know we visited your site if you don't have a daily visit counter.

  52. Hezi,

    Everyone is of course entitled to hold their own private beliefs, and even be deeply surprised that all the others do not share their beliefs.

    With such a strong belief, it is not clear to me where your need to knowingly falsify scientific theories comes from - perhaps because it is easier to deal with a falsified theory than a real scientific theory?

    The theory of evolution is not random, and is not directed by an intelligent creature - it is directed by natural selection. This is a completely non-random mechanism. I mention this not to convince you - after all, you are a prisoner of your baseless and unfounded belief - but to avoid misleading people who are less knowledgeable about the subject (you probably think that a lie that is repeated many times becomes the truth most of the time).

    Just a short note to finish: the belief that intelligent beings direct evolution on Earth, not only has no proof, it also does not solve any mystery, but altogether moves your lack of knowledge about the formation of life from Earth to another planet.
    This is both a baseless belief, and a belief devoid of any intellectual benefit, and not that it will interfere with your grace and peace to believe in it...

  53. my father

    I don't know and I don't pretend to know.
    In the same way, you do not know and cannot know who determined the laws of physics (perhaps you will claim that they were determined "by themselves"?).

    You are not obligated to know who made the computer you are using,
    To prove that the computer did not create itself...

  54. My father is 80

    I have no connection to "creationists".

    I continue to claim (and the majority here will continue to be opaque)
    Because Darwinian evolution is based on random evolution,
    which is not directed by reason.

    The term "creationists" should refer to those who believe in creation by God in 6 days.
    I don't believe in it, so I don't belong to the creationists...

    I repeat and repeat and emphasize that I believe in evolution that is purposeful and not random...

  55. Clarification regarding what I wrote about time,
    In the human ability to look through the telescope into the past for example.
    The present can be described in at least 7 billion different descriptions.
    We cannot see or predict the future. But that doesn't mean the future doesn't exist. The future exists.
    The concept of time from a philosophical point of view allows for the existence of the past, present and future together at the same time populated in the same space. Just as it is possible for our mind to understand the other 3 dimensions in a mathematical, physical and philosophical way.

    (R. H. R. Faim)

  56. If we consider evolution then it can be argued that after humans there will be a new race. I don't know what kind, but it doesn't matter either. The thing is that there will be or will be more new species or races of organisms in the future whose ancestors will be humans.
    Even if it happens in a billion years. This is how it should be if evolution is taken into account.
    Maybe they are actually the ones who will discover aliens.

    But if we take time into account, then we can say that in the universe itself, the past, the future and the present exist together at the same time, and this creates a possibility that those who, a billion years from today, will meet aliens, are actually 'humans' who meet aliens. And if this future is already happening in the universe and 'humans' (the future aliens) are supposed to meet aliens, then there is a chance that we in the present will meet 'humans/us' (the aliens) from the future.

    (R. H. R. Faim)

  57. Tell me, are there people here who have an existential fear of:
    * Jovians are wrong
    * GRBs
    *Biochemistry labs with the expectation of a report so short and simple that a short and orderly sitting will finish it in half an hour and the urge to procrastinate that prolongs that sitting for days
    * Sudden change in physical constants
    * Other heavenly bodies are wrong of all kinds
    * Zombie epidemics
    * The heat death of the universe
    * Mass extinction that will cause the collapse of the ecosystems that man still depends on in many ways
    * The impossibility of traveling faster than the speed of light and the consequences of this factor on the feeling of worthlessness in such a vast universe? (All these cultures and they don't even have the ability to communicate! ;_;)

    The last line is the only one really related to the content of the news...

  58. The attitude towards evolution is an attitude of knowledge, not of faith. An attitude of faith is maintained regarding that which we do not know if it exists, or know that it does not exist, but various constraints require that we continue to demonstrate a connection to it.

  59. But chest #73,

    I don't know about cosmological theories, but…
    Evolution is not random.
    Natural selection is not random.
    Only the variety of processes that create variation and variety in the population are random processes.

    But.. why do I do this? After all, these words fall on deaf ears.
    This is chronic procrastination and an urge to self-destruction that causes me to try to forget about a biochemistry lab report that I have to submit tomorrow at 15:00 PM on the subject of the dependence of the amount of MDA on a certain amount of sperm cells exposed to oxidation for a certain time in the presence or absence of the various factors: denaturing heat that eliminates the activity of enzymes that work against Oxidative stress, h. Ascorbic acid returns h. Peroxide and hydroxide ion and hydroxyl radical and iron ion that is used as a catalyst for this redox action ((nan) oxidizer H. ascorbate and (nan) reducer H. peroxide)
    But what does all this matter?! SOMEONE IS BEING WRONG ON THE INTERNET!

  60. Lehazi - indeed I have a nickname for Noam and anyone who believes in evolution (and the creationists added the random word so that it would be easy for them to attack) and the Big Bang - an enlightened person.

  61. Noam,

    If you think you are ignorant, and you believe in the theory of random evolution,
    So you know I have a much worse nickname for you...

    The words "ignorant" "troublesome" nonsense" only show how vile and uncivilized those who need them are.

    This is not a convincing argument even for a blind "scientist" who believes in the big bang...

    Despite the nicknames that members here need to justify their blindness,

    I feel a fresh breeze blowing here,

    When people change even slightly their "scientific" view. That's what we discussed.

  62. My physics teacher in high school would answer the claim "but it doesn't make sense" that logic is related to knowledge.
    There are opinions here that are expressed without any knowledge and without any basis in the relevant field and even without any support from any scientific source.

  63. Hezi,

    If you thought you had something special - you were wrong. There are many more who prefer to remain in their ignorance, and make every possible mental effort to seal their minds so that, God forbid, even a small drop of knowledge will not enter their heads.

    And for the readers on the site - not always someone bothers to refute the nonsense of Hazi that he usually repeats non-stop, in the hope that he will succeed in confusing someone:
    The theory of evolution is not a readable process - this was explained to Hazi a long time ago, even though he did finish high school, he was able to understand the explanations.

    Regarding the universe - there are many convincing confirmations that indeed at the beginning, i.e. the moment of the big bang, the universe was concentrated in a very tiny point.

    And one last thing: the scientific method has several binding principles that scientists use to separate the chaff from the chaff.
    At least until recently, I didn't know that one of the principles for confirming or refuting any theory is "does the theory seem logical to Hasi (or Sedramish or Rf*im and the like)".

  64. Moshe, if you've already opened it, it's amusing what you find in gematria, in the end I'll start to believe it too. What do you think about:

    Science = he understands

    Torah = conspiracy


  65. Moshe, I'm interested in what you say about God = nature in Gematria. You know what else is interesting? Nature too = Videonet = Bibi the Homo = Nosy = Deformed = Ahlan = God of the Sea = Auto Saab and of course everything equals: "It hurt a lot". So what do we conclude from this?

  66. Hey, don't flatter yourself. As stated above (25) you are a "compulsive scientific troublemaker" who thinks everyone is wrong and underestimates the intelligence of not so stupid people who have spent the best of their time and years thinking and experimenting on the subject.
    I have no problem debating any theory, but the disdain and dismissiveness indicates troublemaking.

  67. Moshe,

    I never claimed to be a "scientist".

    I claim that I am able to beat the scientists with arguments that can embarrass them...

    What scientists have long forgotten, that solid physical facts and laws must be taken into account,
    And don't limit yourself to "theories" that are pulled from the finger, for example:

    A- Random evolution, Darwin's formula.
    In the big bang that started from a point the size of a pinhead, and created the entire universe...

    Only Soma can believe in these theories.

  68. Moshe (60):
    "Both the religious, the secular, and the scientists are wrong."
    You forgot to say something along the lines of "only the wise are right"

  69. deer,
    I enjoyed reading your comments 63 and 68, and first of all your opinion is relevant to the discussion on this site.
    1. Regarding the expertise for life in the universe, it's all conjecture, until we travel a few light years, or we finally catch some sweet alien and we can test. Until then any expertise for life in the universe is nothing but a blooming crow.
    2. Your mother's claim, that the chance of life forming tends to zero is far from certain. Given the necessary conditions, somewhere at the beginning of cosmic history, hydrogen atoms were formed, and today the chance of their formation tends to zero. And the same about life. As I wrote, since the physics is the same (according to the physicists), the biology is similar (since it is a different aspect of physics), therefore there are quite a few chances that the biochemistry will also be similar on distant planets similar to Earth, of which at least one has already been discovered.
    3. Since the number of stars is huge, okay, finite (but we don't know what is beyond the visible range), the chances that there are many planets with physical conditions similar to Earth are great. "A lot" - enough to be orders of magnitude of thousands.
    4. "Sane observation" requires certain knowledge, even if it does not require complex mathematical calculations.

  70. Yair, assuming that life in other places is similar to ours and based on cells (of course this is a very weak assumption, but it's easiest to look under a lamp). It must also be assumed that intelligence requires complexity and many connections of cells so that an intelligent creature would require at least the size of a brain + organs to build devices.
    One can also think of creatures without a defined size such as biofilms of bacteria that organize and disintegrate while cooperating or ant colonies where each ant has no intelligence but the entire colony behaves as if it is intelligent. Then the size of the production will actually have no meaning.

  71. Omar Shalom
    You write :
    "According to what you say, the Big Bang can be called God, or as you call it, God."
    I will tell you more than that, the Big Bang is nothing more than the eruption of a small spark from an abstract world without matter without time without motion and without space.
    There is a process called four examinations of straight light, that is, four states of development and dangling of immaterial forces abstracted from any form, at the end of which a small spark is created that erupts and creates the so-called big bang.
    You are studying this spark, that is, this big bang, if you study the four stages before the creation of matter, you will discover the entire sequence of events and thus understand the system more clearly.
    So will you understand which creator we are talking about? Then you will understand that the Bible, the Gemara and the Kabbalah do not talk about anything that belongs to the physical world and they only describe to us the powers of what is outside of matter.
    After all, the Creator does not need Moses to climb the mountain for 40 days in order to give him the Torah, it is only about symbolism, you need to know what this power called "Moses" is, what is this power called "40 days", what is this power called "Mountain" what is the power The one called "Torah" ????
    By the way, "God" in gematria equals "nature" and we study it in order to know it perfectly.
    All the best

  72. I'm not really saying that I think there is intelligent life somewhere in the universe.
    Actually the main point of my argument is that my opinion is not relevant because it is not a question of common sense but of calculations.

    I have no doubt that the calculation of probabilities is not trivial and I would not be surprised if there is no agreement and differing opinions between different scientists - what is important is that this is the way to determine and it is wrong to simply decide that "there are many stars, therefore there must be life on some of them"

  73. The logic hidden in Hawking's words, as I understand it, is not mathematical, but a logic borrowed from political science. A Hobbesian extension to the state of nature that exists at any scale of perspective. If we are human beings, and our intelligence is human, what in human history makes us think that an alien civilization would be peaceful? All we can extrapolate from our human concepts on the simulation of a future encounter with aliens, which should be a revelation for both parties, is that we and probably they too have reached the same point out of an evolutionary goal that governs every form of life on Earth, to gain control of space. If I have to sum things up in a sentence, then I will quote the famous quote from Cato's words and prophecy: "Carthage is doomed to destruction"

  74. Moshe,
    I don't really understand what you are talking about and I am not sure you know exactly what you are talking about or where you are getting your ideas from.

    For your information, economics is not a science, the whole economy is activated due to human desires, opinions, etc., economics is something very close to psychology.

    I don't know exactly how you came to the conclusion that economics needs logic and mathematics needs a robot, probably the reason is that in economics you hardly study mathematics at all, you wouldn't say such a thing, in economics you have to try to think how people will behave in a certain situation.

    If you knew a little more math you would see the genius in this.

  75. deer,

    According to some formulas of scientists whose names I have just forgotten but if you insist I will find their names, the chances that there are other life forms in our universe is very high. It is true that it is impossible to determine how many variables in the equation precisely - but the universe can be very strange - and basically I am convinced that Hawking is right...

    By the way, that doesn't mean I don't agree with you

  76. "The system is constantly upgrading itself, soon everyone will join this upgrade"
    I wonder if you understood what I meant...
    In the end:
    After all, it is clear that there is life outside the earth, it is true that there are no facts yet.. but that is only because we have not gone out to look for it.. It may take a few more decades but eventually it will happen. Isn't that clear to you?
    There's so much universe out there...and you're sure there's nothing there

    According to what do you write down what you wrote down? Where did you get all this wrong information? You think people don't listen to you because your name isn't Stephen Hawking?! Even Stephen Hawking who was a child was not listened to.
    But over the years people became interested in how much he had to say and not just where he is today..

    According to what you say, the Big Bang can be called God, or as you call it, God.

  77. Yair,

    Several comments on your response:

    1. It is understood that there are people who understand more about a certain subject than other people, even if they do not know enough about it. Dr. Omri Vandel is a physicist, probably knowledgeable in biology and chemistry dealing with the subject of life in the universe - this makes him the optimal possible "expert on life in the universe" at this point - what more could you want?

    2. You claim that since there are an infinite number of stars, there must be life somewhere other than here. This claim is incorrect in two respects. First, if the chance of creating life tends to 0 then we have a case of 0 multiplied by infinity and it may be 0, we need to know more details. Secondly - there are not an infinite number of stars as you say, but a finite number of stars (in the visible universe - and this is the only thing to discuss), so it is quite possible that there is only one star in the entire universe where life (or intelligent life) originated if the probability of this is low enough. Note that the argument of "and what is the chance that we live precisely on the planet where it happened" is of course not relevant, since if it only happened in one place, that is where we live (the entropic argument).
    How do we then decide whether the probability of life forming is less than twice the number of stars, significantly less than 1 (then it is likely that we are alone) or significantly greater than 1 (then it is likely that we are not). This requires knowing all kinds of parameters relating to the creation of life and their likelihood (see the Drake equation) and this means that one must have knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology and not just someone with a "sane perspective".

  78. Omar Shalom
    Unfortunately, people like me are beginning to multiply in recent times, nature has its own laws, the system is upgrading itself all the time, soon everyone will join this upgrade, this is evolution and it cannot be stopped, the next level of humanity is: knowing the divine system and connecting all people in the world wherever they are to one system Harmonious, complete and infinite...
    What did you think all the time you would remain a beast walking on two feet and talking nonsense all day and then signing a card and burying yourself under the dirt? After all, nature shows you that it is constantly evolving from a dead plant to a living plant to a desert and now the last step... "Above nature and complete independence from nature's control over us".
    Regarding the Creator... if you stop treating him as a figure and replace your attitude towards him as an "abstract force" you will see that this force is nothing less and nothing more than a force that pushes for the constant development of the entire system...
    All the best

  79. Fewer people like Moshe in the world and we would be organized
    I can't understand and probably never will in my life how people can make such stupid claims.
    Moshe, do you know Stephen Hawking? Have you read any of the books he has published over the years?
    Do you think a man in his position needs more publicity? What is a footballer?!
    There is a production for the series..and they are trying to milk as much as possible from it, don't forget that the series is not at such a high level.
    The meaning is that the content there is presented at a level that a 14-year-old child, if he turns on the television at that time, should also understand..
    Don't underestimate Hawking...30 years from now he will be talked about like all the greats.

    I have no idea how people in 2010 talk about such a concept called God...there is no place to argue about such issues

  80. Nahum Shalom
    Yes, the scriptures should be read correctly, but unfortunately you are not reading them correctly either
    There are no aliens and they are not the angels you think of and certainly there are no demons and spirits.
    The Torah is indeed written in a language that humans apparently understand, but it does not speak of turmoil in the physical world, in this both the religious, the secular, and the scientists are wrong.
    All the best to everyone

  81. Nahum:
    What should you call a rabbit?
    How should you read "Maale Gera"?
    What should you call Farat?
    What should you call Tigris?

  82. Chest:
    You have really already written a lot of nonsense and there is no need to repeat it.
    So your excellent mind can solve the question that it always manages to forget?

  83. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the Jewish tradition, and not only, there are aliens (or as I prefer to call them, "extraterrestrials"), they existed and they still exist. Simply, in Kabbalah literature and Jewish tradition, they are called angels, demons, etc. Kabbalah and Jewish tradition do not contradict science, you just need to know how to read.

  84. Improvements - my father took a piece of news from the field of entertainment and with the help of an "expert for life in the universe" turned it into one of the unsuccessful articles of the excellent website he manages.
    On what basis is Dr. Omri Vandel defined as an "expert on life in the universe"? About nothing of course. When a claim is made about the world, it doesn't matter if Einstein or Feinstein said it. It is important how it is reasoned, and how it corresponds to reality.
    Here is a section of improvements to the article:
    Hawking's name should not mislead anyone, he has no more knowledge about the possibility of extraterrestrial life than you have since your birth.
    1. It is not a mathematical mind that is needed to conclude that there is life in space, but a sane observation: if there is a virtually infinite number of stars, what are the chances that the sun and the earth are the only ones in the universe?
    2. What is the nature of life in other places?
    In the same sane mind it can be concluded that they are quite similar to what we know. Physicists all share the opinion that those physical forces that operate within kissing distance of the Western Wall
    also operate at a distance of 13.7 billion light years from it.
    From this it follows that the same aspect of physics that we call life is very similar to life here.
    3. What about biochemistry?
    In one fundamental aspect, life on a distant planet should be similar to life here: the molecules of life must be large and complex, to allow animal, mechanical movement, yet self-repair and great stability. Everyone is welcome to discuss the issue for themselves, which I cannot go into in depth. Animal molecules, even the largest of which are small, cannot sustain life.
    4. Does the element of the skeleton of life have to be carbon? There is not enough knowledge about it. On the other hand, from the knowledge of life we ​​are familiar with life (bacteria) at the salinity level of the Dead Sea, and others at a higher temperature than most organisms are able to tolerate.
    The size of life is affected by the mass of the planet and other objective conditions. Therefore there can be large differences in the size of intelligent beings.
    The study of the beginning of life hypothesizes that it began in an oxygen-free environment. Is it possible for evolution to continue in the same environment? We do not know of life beyond the bacterial level that exists in an oxygen-free environment, but this is no reason to reject such a hypothesis.
    The heavenly intelligent needed to be able to process information at a high and free level, and to have working organs such as hands or a trunk. But there is no certainty that it is necessary to have a mind centered in the head.

  85. To 49

    I already wrote that the slanders only indicate the lowliness of the writer.

    To satisfy your curiosity, I have a degree in economics from the Hebrew University.

    It seems to me that math graduates find it difficult to become economics graduates at the Hebrew University...

    Economics needs excellent logic,
    A robot brain is enough for mathematics...

  86. Hawking is right, it is not recommended to communicate with the aliens, most of them are really quite dangerous.
    But who is even asking you, do you really think you have the ability to control whether or not to communicate with the aliens.

  87. Hawking is right, it is not recommended to communicate with the aliens, most of them are really quite dangerous.
    But who is even asking you, do you really think you have the ability to control whether or not to communicate with refunds.

  88. Scientific evidence?
    Avi Blizovsky quotes Dr. Wendel who tells us "there is no scientific proof that a UFO ever came to Earth".
    I am not sure that Dr. and many others understand the meaning of the word "scientific proof" in our context.
    I suppose there is no scientific proof that the 4 bus ever came to Allenby Street, nor is there any scientific proof that the 15 bus ever came to Kubiba.
    A mathematical theorem can be considered a scientific proof.
    Human testimony about some observation, even if the witness is a great professor, always stands the test of credibility.
    Ignoring the testimony I gave here, and I did not attribute to her any UFOs, aliens, or any other sublime quality, but only presented to you an unresolved matter that may seem to be related to the subject of the article,
    The number of people whose credibility there is no reason to doubt who gave evidence of sightings of aircraft that are not recognized by the known industry in our sphere is quite large. But if the above doctor, and every other doctor and professor ignore their testimonies, then of course "there is no proof".
    Of all the witnesses who were completely reliable until they testified about the sighting of unfamiliar aircraft, I would like to mention only the first American pilot who coined the phrase "flying saucer", more than 60 years ago. He was a seasoned, experienced, and reliable professional, who testified about unfamiliar aircraft that surprised him greatly, while flying. Then there was still no trend of aliens and aliens, and that pilot simply testified about an observation he made. His professional credibility then received from the American Air Force the grade "Mirage".

  89. It is also possible that there is a single superior alien who created everything, and in the event that he also has a name...
    And after he created everything he moved on to other dimensions, that's why we won't meet him or other aliens because everyone follows him, and man is just at the beginning of the journey. Therefore no courtier has any interest in humans.

    Guys, God is bullshit. It's a pass.
    Believe in Hawking, believe in aliens. This is the next thing in leftist fashion 2010….

  90. To 37
    Too bad your reading is bad. I didn't write UFOs but UFOs, and I didn't give them an interpretation. And it's a shame that you try to refute what you have no idea about. "Suppose you really saw something" - why would we assume? So you can cancel what you have no idea about?
    This is exactly how you dismiss many testimonies about the circumstances of which you know nothing.
    I didn't just give my full name for the purpose of this testimony, because every word is true, and I didn't offer any interpretation, but clearly, ordinary explanations of the type you offered have no meaning in this case, nor do the interpretations of 47.
    The fact is that even the senior commanders on both sides had no idea what the unidentified lights were, so they gave the order to fire.

  91. I think humanity should fear the exploitation of the earth's resources by Stephen Hawking.
    He is without a doubt the representative of the aliens here (and I'm not just saying that...)
    He is trying to make us isolated from the rest of the galaxies so that he (the Hawkings) can quietly take over the rest of the universe and at the same time hypnotize us in front of the Discovery Channel with his soft and pleasant voice (albeit a little mechanical - that's what made me suspect him at first...)
    He invented all kinds of flowery theories about the history of the universe to divert our attention from his real intentions!
    This is a final warning:
    Don't listen to Hawking!
    Don't watch his show on the Discovery Channel!
    You will end up like him soon if you don't heed the warnings!
    If you see an alien - contact him without fear!! Only the aliens will save us from the Hawkings!!!

    wait... who is this?
    I knew you would come!
    I…h…hh…my life….must….send…..the roofer…comment….

  92. The response about the climate was sent to the post about the climate.

    Okay, I'm not welcome here - one last comment that may not be relevant to our case:

    Luckily for us, there is also Mordechai and his answer to the issue of extraterrestrials:
    In the system that deals with this, they are called EBE
    extraterrestrial biological entities

    Victor (pseudonym) ex-employee sneaked out and video footage of EBE handing out
    S4 in the famous area 51:

    This is the only non-false video called "the extraterrestrial interview" that he gave
    "Victor" in 1997 is a video that has never been disproved
    In the video "Victor" through a device that changes his voice to maintain anonymity - will describe what we see in the clip

    + Analysis clip of the video

  93. Look how beautiful:

    Maybe Hezi wants to compete?
    It is true that it is only for high school students, but it seems to me that Hazi can prove that he did not finish high school.
    There are a few more who can compete, I won't mention their names because they know who they are.

  94. I quite agree.
    If they are at a similar level of development to ours, there is a chance that they will be aggressive like us. On the other hand, if they are a little more developed than us, there is no reason at all for them to come visit here because we are a rather shameful species overall.

  95. Since UFO is the acronym for unidentified object - all you need to see a UFO is to see something and not know how to identify it.
    The greater your ignorance, the greater your chances of seeing a UFO.
    For example, there are those who "identified" lighting bombs as UFOs, there are those who "identified" the light of a spotlight shining on the clouds as UFOs, there are those who "identified" meteorological balloons as UFOs.
    Of course there are also those who have not seen anything and believe in all nonsense (including ghosts).
    Regarding Hawking's words - I agree with his assessment that there is more life in the universe.
    I can even believe that there is other intelligent life here and there.
    I don't believe they could get here, but in any case - our desire, our ambitions and our fear have no effect on the matter - since we started broadcasting radio broadcasts, everyone who the broadcasts reached can know that we are here.
    I do not believe that now someone will suddenly decide on media silence to reduce the chances of discovery.
    Therefore, this is not about any operative proposal

  96. Troublesome ghosts, you or I develop unfounded physical theories based on arrogant ignorance and disdain for all scientists? After all, you admit that you don't have the knowledge and you still insist on making unfounded and strange claims about parallel world photons and particles of different types.

    So who is the delusional troublemaker among us?

  97. I don't know, unfortunately Hot is not broadcast but only a bite, and I am a Hot subscriber.
    Unless someone knows where it is received on a free satellite (Hotbird/Neilsat/Amos)

  98. Does anyone know if the international Discovery channel that the article is about is the same Discovery channel that is broadcast here in Israel on YES\HOT?

  99. Ron, how many comments have you already responded to? At least stick to the topic, any comment about global warming or anything else will be deleted because it interferes with the debate.

  100. Yair, you didn't imagine anything - the phenomenon is real.

    The case of US Navy pilot Commander Graham Beighton

    In the testimony itself - there is no doubt at all
    He saw, the co-pilot saw, the passengers saw, the radar picked up, some of the magnetic devices stopped working.

  101. The sensation in response 29 is that the Egyptian and Israeli forces cooperated in the Yom Kippur War, against a common enemy - "aliens".
    There is not a single reliable evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials, despite the great efforts of the followers of this madness, we have never received clear and unequivocal evidence of this. Because of these followers, we are flooded with extraterrestrials who visit here day and night, science does not know even one proof of this and there are enough real scientific fields that would be happy to discover such extraterrestrials here under our eyes.

  102. Nimrod

    What Shimron saw, which is exactly the description of what I saw about 10 years ago, is true.

    On the other hand, I don't believe and I didn't believe then aliens asked. These are definitely unidentified objects that were in the sky,
    But I personally attribute it to 'human technology' rather than aliens.

    In any case, his story is completely true in my opinion.

  103. Shimron,
    Begins by refuting the claim that a pilot is unable to be in the sky without any noise (if there really was anything there at all):
    Let's say you really saw something and your machine guns didn't get to that thing, so probably what you saw (or think you saw) was at a distance greater than 20-30 km and therefore that is also a reason why no noise was heard if there was.

    Until today, the testimonies about UFOs were from people who, not knowing what they saw, were making things up, there was no testimony about UFOs, etc.

    My opinion on the subject of UFOs is that there are probably people who have observed flying objects that they do not recognize (the rest of the people are delusional, making up stories, etc.) but these things are completely mundane and stem from experiments that I assume are mostly under the classified category of experiments with various flying objects, experiments are also known in prototypes of airplanes in the shape of flying saucers to test their aerodynamics, etc.

  104. R.H

    The link you brought talks about people just like you.

    "Bertrand Russell: "Mathematics is the field in which we never know what we are talking about, and if our words are true." - For your attention and the mathematical genius Rothschild.

    Another quote from your link:

    "There is an alarming amount of people who are in no way prepared to accept that 0.99999... is exactly, but exactly, one, according to the definition of decimal development. Many of these are easy to find by searching for "0.999" in sci.math. Are troublemakers rare creatures from the fringes of society, or is the troublemaker's core hidden in every person?"

    The trouble is you.
    Because I'm trying to prove to troublemakers like you similar claims that you call delusional.

    (R. H. R. Faim)

  105. Ghosts, what is the connection between intelligent planning yes or no and aliens visiting us yes or no? We currently have no solid evidence that aliens are visiting us although it is a possibility.
    In contrast, not only do we not have any evidence for intelligent design, we have solid evidence for another theory that explains life much more convincingly with tests and observations to match it. If one day there is evidence of intelligent planning, the opinion will change.

    We also have no evidence that Zeus doesn't exist or that the spaghetti monster doesn't exist, does that mean they exist?

  106. Samaria

    Regarding your story, I want to say that I saw a phenomenon exactly like this and tell me if I'm right:

    Red disks appeared in the sky that clearly stood out from the dark sky.
    The disks at first were single numbers maybe about 5 6 7 but after a few minutes they multiplied.
    After a few more minutes they multiplied to a higher number, but some of them also changed location.
    In the end, the prisons disappeared, but quickly and gradually one after the other.

    I watched it a little less than 10 years ago, and it took about 30 minutes. And it happened in front of the window of my house.

  107. Noam

    As far as I remember you are denying intelligent design.
    But you accept the claim that there is a chance of the existence of aliens more intelligent than humans.

    It is your logic that is crooked.

  108. ABMs - eyewitness testimony
    I never told about the event that happened 37 years ago, and many hundreds of other people saw it, it wouldn't hurt to tell about it here. Maybe because it was incomprehensible and unimportant no one published it. And maybe after my testimony more viewers since then will testify.
    In the Yom Kippur War I was with the company and the division in the northern part of the Suez Canal, in front of the Egyptian forces who, as I remember, were sitting in the outposts of the Barlev line on the canal. To the best of my memory we were about 10-20 km south of the Budapest outpost which was on the seashore.
    In that area, the fighting would stop with dusk, and the two sides, who were a kilometer or two apart, would organize themselves for a guarded rest. It was probably the second or third week of the war.
    In the twilight hours that evening, still light, we saw in the south direction, about 6-7 red lights in the shape of discs. When it got dark, we saw more red lights, bigger than the size of stars, maybe 15. No one thought they were stars and we all watched them. There was no noise, and you have to understand that in the complete silence that was there we could hear engines from many kilometers away. The lights stood in a small area in the sky, without any movement.
    We were not given any explanations about their nature.
    At a certain moment, we started shooting in the direction of the lights, and almost at the same moment the Egyptians also started shooting in their direction. We did not fire at the Egyptians and they did not fire at us. When the tracers were fired, we could clearly see that the red lights were completely out of range of the machine guns, and yet the firing by both sides continued for about 20 minutes, and stopped about the same.
    I didn't know then, and I still don't know today, an aircraft capable of staying in the sky without any noise, in one place without moving.
    After the shooting we ate and I slept for two hours, and when I got up to watch there was nothing strange in the sky.

  109. And what about Paul Hiller, the former Deputy Minister of Defense of Canada and many astronauts who are willing to swear that they have seen aliens in space and other types of senior military personnel? And regarding how they arrived, who are we to really understand how they arrived when 150 years ago we were still riding horses? The problem with humans is that if something is not It works out for them with the physicist's logic according to current knowledge, so it is not possible for them. Friends, be honest with yourselves, how do you think a physicist in the distant future, say 20.000 years from now, will look at a physicist who lives in 2010

  110. ghosts,

    Your logic is completely crooked, and only your conclusion is even stranger.

    It is certainly probable that there is life outside the earth, and there is no reason why there should not also be more intelligent life "out there" than here (and especially in relation to some of the writers on the site).
    As long as there is no confirmation for this, it remains a form of belief.

    It has nothing to do with the theory of intelligent design, and certainly there is no way that your stories will become scientific theories.

    Simply, the ability to draw conclusions is so stupid - but at least you won't understand it, too bad

  111. Lerah Rafaim (who suddenly started using R.H. and please don't confuse him with me), Moshe, Chazi and a few others,

    Please read the article and the discussion that developed as a result, and perhaps you will learn an important lesson:

    About compulsive troublemakers in math and maybe you will realize that you are actually compulsive troublemakers in science. Ignorant people who try to deny established and accepted scientific theories without having performed a single experiment or observation and have not even read all the scientific literature on the subject. You are only based on a strange gut feeling and disdain for scientists. Because what do they know? So what if they devoted their whole lives to the question in question, they are all a herd.

    Troublemakers, relax a bit!

  112. Everything Hawking says is what many scientists have claimed before him, for statistical reasons that there is a chance that out of every few tens of thousands of planets there is some kind of life, due to the huge number of stars it is deduced that there are probably still all kinds of life and some of them may even be intelligent to a certain extent, until today the studies that were carried out looked for the possibility of finding life according to the requirements of life that exists on Earth, no one said that in order for life to exist it needs similar conditions, for example a few days ago an article appeared here about a species being found on Earth that lives without the need for oxygen.

  113. Mathematically, it makes sense that we have no logic and we imagine things every moment, and there is no reality between us and the real reality.
    Mathematically we are living a lie,
    Mathematically, Stephen Hawking hallucinates from most of the information in his brain
    Mathematically, the world has a creator
    Mathematically, you enjoy less and suffer much more...
    Mathematically there is no universe and all the galaxies and stars are atoms and particles that are inside one big person.
    Mathematically we are in a dream
    Mathematically, we are nothing more than structured software within one body of which we are small parts.
    All the best

  114. How can this conclusion prove the theory of intelligent design?
    And besides, what can it prove? Either she proves or she doesn't.
    For our purposes - Hawking claims that there may be life elsewhere in the universe. They may be intelligent. They may be less intelligent than us. They may be smarter than us. All this depends on the conditions of the star, the time of the appearance of the initial life, luck, and other factors that affect the development of life. What does it have to do with intelligent planning?

  115. Adi

    First of all it is already known that Hawking believes in aliens. He expressed himself in a similar way in the past.
    Aliens are considered 'science fiction', there is no proof of their existence.
    Mathematically it makes the most sense for there to be aliens, and not only that but they could be even more intelligent than humans, Hawking thinks. (I agree with this only because mathematically it is possible)
    a quote:
    "But Hawking prefers not to risk meeting representatives of the rare civilizations either, because then the chances are that they will be more intelligent than us and will be able to use up the Earth's resources more efficiently than even us."

    But this conclusion can prove the 'theory of intelligent design'.
    And if the theory of intelligent design is proven, who but Hawking himself will contribute to it (if not directly, then indirectly).
    When a person at Hawking's level contributes to the confirmation of the theory of intelligent design, it is absurd, at least in my opinion.

    (R. H. R. Faim)

  116. Rah, I didn't understand where you were going with your comment, but I am certain of one thing:
    Hezi will not win the Nobel Prize next year.

  117. There are people with a very high IQ, people who are considered rational, respected from the scientific world,
    Who with the help of their knowledge build revolutionary theories and the most advanced technology, but

    Isn't it strange that the same people believe (and with such certainty as Hawking) in something that even today still
    Considered science fiction?

    Even if Hawking says that according to his mathematical mind there might be aliens, and even if that makes sense mathematically, it is also
    Says that the life that can be 'out there' is a more intelligent life than man!!!!!

    Intelligent design, anyone?????
    aliens???? Hawking????
    Ron was right???????????????
    Maybe my theories are also correct?????
    Maybe all the scientists have really gone crazy??????? You too from Kal!
    Maybe Sabdarmish is right?????
    Maybe Hezi will win the Nobel Prize next year after the meeting with the aliens????????

    It is strange that there are smart and respected people like Hawking, who have already proven themselves, but believe in aliens.
    He is not the only one, I have read about such people (scientists) who believe in aliens, and believe in God, and believe in flying spaghetti but not in God, and also those who believe in intelligent design and not in evolution.

    But when such people deny things that seem reasonable to millions of others (like God)
    So as far as they are concerned, they are right and it is nonsense to argue with them.

    (R. H. R. Faim)

  118. If you manage to come up with nonsense as high as mine, I take my hat off to you.
    You put up an article here about aliens (which is definitely not nonsense) and you probably have scientific proofs about aliens and I am the one talking nonsense...if my name was Steve Hawking or Steve Austin I am sure you would publish my nonsense and even try to investigate what I write and that without feeling God forbid that you are wasting your time.
    All the best, my father

  119. In my opinion, Stephen Hawking is looking for publicity, so he added a bit of mystery in order for him to get some attention, after all, man feeds on attention, it is the fulfillment of every person, without attention there is no fulfillment and without fulfillment, man prefers to die.
    Shame on him, but to say that aliens exist? After all, humans have always, so to speak, with an emphasis on so-called, seen giants, they have always described them in a more or less human way, this is because they see images of this world and therefore distort them into creatures with big eyes, a small mouth, a big head, etc.
    Why don't the creatures even appear to them in a different way than what the brain is used to seeing???
    I was also a fan of UFOs when I was a child, once I was even 10 percent sure that a spaceship appeared in front of my eye and I started chasing it and after XNUMX minutes of tracking it was revealed to me that it was a huge balloon that was illuminated with a very strong light "Advertising of a cellular company"
    All the best

  120. Believe me that my comments are real, the fact that you see it as nonsense is because you have not yet studied and researched in depth the inner Torah that encompasses everything that exists, everything that we will discover right now and more that will be discovered in the future.
    You always investigate outside why not investigate inside? After all, we always miss what is so close to us. You know that the eyes do not see what is close to them....
    Complete nonsense? Maybe ? But at least you will learn the gibberish and investigate it and then draw questionable conclusions and refute it as befits any person engaged in research.
    All the best

  121. Moshe, I am sad that I even have to address your nonsense. Save it from us, you're ruining my mood.

  122. The forum is intended for real responses. I'm not just looking for gibberish to fill the talkbacks. The bickering interferes with a real discussion that has begun to develop.

  123. How are you, my dear father?
    What do you care if it's nonsense, at least the forum will be a little active, it will promote your site
    You see, you didn't think about it, did you???
    All the best

  124. Ours, not beyond that. If we had more attributes, we might perceive the essence of the Creator in a different way. Today we feel the Creator as he wants us to feel him. This is how he created us, and what he really is, we cannot say, but only what is revealed in our senses according to the law "from your deeds of kindness" - according to the way in which the Creator reveals himself in his actions towards man, that is how we feel him and think about him.

    Was it unnecessary to reach the moon?

    definitely not. Man should explore the universe in which he lives. The demand for this was planted in us by the higher power, and we need to realize it. But we should not turn this into some statue to be bowed down to. While research will help us know more, it will not make us happier. Due to these investigations of the near and far universe, we were able to prove that we are the only beings in it.

  125. There can be no extraterrestrial life
    According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the existence of other intelligences is not possible, because we, who attain the upper worlds, know that the way to attaining the upper world exists within us, and we do not need to look for it in the universe. She has to be born from us. We ourselves consist of a body which is a "beast", and a desert consciousness, which is our inner human essence. After that, the point in the heart is revealed, and this is the beginning of the spiritual work, until reaching the spiritual root of the first person. Those who have achieved this root within themselves, reach the attainment of the upper worlds, and see the highest form of everything that the Supreme Power created, and therefore there is no point in looking in other stars for what the Supreme Power did not create. There can be no evolution of human beings closer to a higher power than we are.
    And what about the testimonies of people who are convinced they were abducted by extraterrestrials?
    Everything comes from the developed imagination and nothing else.
    There are theories according to which the Creator is, on the whole, a higher intelligence than us. We can achieve the term "Creator" only within the limitation of the five senses

  126. Moshe,

    Also yesterday, in the article about the confirmation of the theory of general relativity by a comprehensive sky survey, you wrote a response in a very similar spirit in which you did not say anything in more words.
    Please spare us the constant response of "nothing exists if we don't know it exists" - there have already been a large number of discussions on the site between people who think like you and normal people and none of them have produced even an ounce of knowledge in any of the readers - mainly because what you bring up is An anti-scientific view on a site that is supposed to provide people with scientific knowledge.
    I have no doubt that what you are looking for is to continue to voice your pointless agenda and therefore I tell you that I have no intention of starting a debate with you on the subject of objective reality yes or no - scientific thinking says that reality is objective (and to anyone who raises this - quantum theory really is not claims otherwise!).

  127. The 'universe' is all that man can sense or imagine, so even if there are apparently aliens, it is all a product of man's senses. Before we were born we did not 'know' and after we die we will not 'know'. Even at night in apparent sleep there is no sense of space and no real time, until you wake up.
    As if there is no radio receiver, we will not know about the existence of radio waves, even though they surround us at any given moment.

    Also for reaction 3 Max Power - strong and courageous.

  128. To responders 2,3,4

    I thought that Hawking was acceptable enough not to make fun of him...

    I understand the mind of the "scientists" who will be forced to abandon Darwin's theory...

  129. I don't understand what the media uproar is about, around arguments that Hawking has been making for more than 12 years, especially against the works of Prof. Alexander Zaitsev and others.

    What Hawking didn't notice, is actually creating a kind of paradox for all those who claim that intelligent extraterrestrials can't get here.

    If Hawking and his friends claim that extraterrestrials cannot get here, because of the vastness of space and the claim that they must travel enormous distances that will last millions of years, then there is no reason to be afraid. If our transmissions will reach hostile aliens only after millions of years and it will take millions of years for them to arrive (if at all), then why worry?

    On the other hand, if Hawking is worried, then what exactly? If he's worried, then there's a chance that the aliens aren't that far from us, or maybe they can get here in a relatively short period of time.

    Hawking and his friends contradict themselves. For this reason, all the arguments of Hawking and SETI and other greens, who claim that extraterrestrials cannot get here because of the vastness of space, are simply meaningless. They knowingly ignore the phenomenon of UFOs and UFOs, firmly state that it will take millions of years for extraterrestrials to arrive, and on the other hand, are afraid that our transmissions will reach them and they will soon.

    Hanan Sabat

  130. A spaceship cannot sail interstellar distances. She will evaporate on the way.
    Space jumps, it is not likely at all that such a thing is possible.

    Therefore, there is no way we can meet life from other planets face to face.

  131. Aliens and extraterrestrials have always existed, in the Middle Ages they flew with wings and horns and were called demons and angels, they evolved into aliens that fly in spaceships to kidnap people for various experiments, the cases are mainly discovered in the center of the USA, the bourbon production area, thank you Mr. Hawking, you protect our folklore.

  132. Who determined that life is a common thing? And that someone has already shown the formation of a living cell? In my opinion, this is wishful thinking...

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