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Elbit unveils the new space camera at the international space conference

Elbit Systems unveils "Jupiter" - a new space camera - at the Ilan Ramon International Space Conference. In addition to a variety of space cameras and sensors, there will also be an antenna for satellite communications in motion, which enables high-speed data transmission over broadband

"Jupiter" the new space camera of Elbit Systems
"Jupiter" the new space camera of Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems presented for the first time, as part of the international space conference that opened today (January 27-28, Air Force House), its new space camera, "Jupiter", which is in advanced stages of development and is intended for installation on the Israeli OptSat 3000 satellite.

This space camera has improved performance compared to previous space cameras and is designed for military and civilian applications. The separation capability of the camera will allow distinguishing objects 50 cm in size from a cruising altitude of 600 km.

Elbit Electrooptic Systems - Eloup, is a world leader in the field of space cameras, and its photography systems form the core of central and prestigious space programs, for military, commercial and scientific applications. At the conference, a variety of advanced space solutions produced by it will be presented, including additional space cameras, advanced sensors and satellite communication means.

Cameras manufactured by Alup operate in space when they are installed on the civilian Israeli satellites Eros and Eros B ("Mercury" and "Neptune" cameras) as well as on the two intelligence satellites Ofek 5 and Ofek 7. Also, cameras produced by the company are part of foreign space programs: Korea ("Uranus" camera on the KOMPSATII satellite), India ("TAUVEX" camera on the GSAT-4 satellite used for astronomical research) and France ("Venus" camera in the CNES program for global monitoring of ecological issues).

At the space conference, Elbit Land Systems and Communications-Tadiran presents the new military solution for satellite communications on the move (SOTM), which enables high-speed data transmission over broadband, in accordance with the growing demand on the modern battlefield for interactive multimedia transmission via satellite. This technology, which has already proven itself in the civilian market, creates synergy and complements the military communication technologies implemented in the systems and solutions of Elbit Systems.

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  1. Just as if you aim a telescope at a glass surface intended for viewing with a microscope, you will not get a clear image since the focus of the lenses is designed for distance, so if you aim the space telescope at the Earth, you will not get a higher resolution image.

  2. to 8 To your last question: It would be interesting to check with the NSA
    (The National Security Agency, as opposed to NASA) If not
    This is the real reason that grief is above us...

  3. What is the difference (in principle) between this camera and a telescope?
    It is not clear from the article whether the improvement in the performance of the new camera is an optical or electronic improvement, or perhaps both.
    If they point the space telescope at the Earth, won't a higher resolution image be obtained?

  4. With all these high and amazing technical capabilities (certainly even the previous ones before the current development were good enough), the State of Israel could not present to the world some decisive proofs regarding its arguments concerning "cast lead"?????????

  5. Didn't you find a Hebrew name that sounds good in Leaz as well?
    Anyone who wants to buy weapons in commercial quantities
    I know RAFAEL (the Middle Development Authority
    fighting) for example - a strictly Hebrew name; If anything
    You broke your head and developed such a camera
    Successful, you couldn't have invested a little more
    Finding a suitable name? After all, Jupiter became there
    Almost registered tomorrow by N.A.S.A
    And the Americans may still get angry...

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