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Dear Arlette

Why are the women on the IWOMAN.CO.IL portal suspected by the site's operators of being fools, as this is revealed in the Q&A section for Itzetganinin * and also: the women and the extraterrestrial on duty

By: by Avi Blizovsky
My acquaintances will not suspect me of being a chauvinist, on the contrary, I even support the women's revolution, for some reason my letter was not understood that way.
and N.B. I also don't appreciate men who engage in or believe this nonsense.
Here is the letter and the strange answer of the website editor Michal Miron Shaked

When I browsed your site I Women I said to myself - here is a site that promises,
And more in an optimal dose, a mixture of content, community and other services, online shopping and all in all you promise to adjust to meet the needs of the internet surfer in the XNUMXs. In practice - it seems to be about the needs of the surfer in the dark ages -
Do the surfer's needs include the need to engage in mystical nonsense? Is this what you think about the intelligence of the readers? If someone could really guess the future by cards, dates of birth or just torn and burnt photos as your Arlette suggests, then he would have long ago been a millionaire, won the lottery or invested in the stock market.

I don't accept the answer that everything is allowed: this is a post answer
Irrelevant modernist. You can treat a woman with respect and the articles about Giuliani's wife, about the Indian girls who committed suicide, as well as the article about Merav Michaeli bring respect to the site, and it's a shame to spoil it.

Greetings: Avi Blizovsky
Editor of the "Hidan" website at I.O.L

The system answers:

dear father,
We are happy that you are surfing into our world and learning it. We are not surprised that you also rush to criticize him: how natural it is for a man to challenge our interests. How typical and condescending. Why bother at all and form a position and base it on, when you can simply read what is relevant to you and suits your needs. And enough. In short - your letter reveals a man who is not even a semi-modernist and on Post, there is nothing to talk about at all. But don't worry: additional visits to our sites may help you.

Michal Miron-Shaked
Girls and the extraterrestrial on duty

Channel 2 broadcasts in the morning are not intended for those with high intelligence. The women who watch them are exposed to the stupidity of the Middle Ages
Esther Zandberg on Channel 2 broadcasts on January 12.1.2000, XNUMX
By: Esther Zandberg
It would not be politically incorrect to assume that the majority of television viewers between eight in the morning and seven in the evening are women. It's also no secret that most of them watch the second channel. The channel is aware of the gender statistics and in the trailers the franchise invites its viewers to "a meeting of girls - Thursday evening - your hours".

The truth is that our hours start already in the morning, and they are bursting with nonsense in tomato juice, mainly from mysticism. Because nonsense is probably the favorite food of women, and mysticism all the more, since the days of the witches and witches of the Middle Ages.

The advertisements were also carefully chosen: the wonders of washing powder, the sieges of bleach and the greatness of a scale remover, in case you come across some stain on the faucet just as you are communicating with the extraterrestrial on duty. But we will come back to that later.

I do not have a sister

So what did we have, girls? After a poignant interview with the sexologist Ruth Hochner ("and behind the head there is such a valve that is the faucet of the sex. You get permission, the faucet opens and that's it"), Sivan Doron hosted Amir Abu Najam on the "Network on the Morning", reading inside. Doron volunteered to have her face read in front of the nation.
Najam: "I don't know you and I tell you, by your face, that you have one sister and no brothers at all." Doron: "I have two sisters". Najam: "Not true. You have one sister." Doron: "Yes, that's right, I have two sisters." Najam: "Not true. And you had a lot of suffering in your life, you and your sister."

And if we hadn't moved on to the next mystical item - a veteran singer who suddenly heard in her dream the sounds of violins and conversations in many languages ​​- we would have remained with the quarrel over the number of sisters to this very day. Chaya Schwartz, by the way, translated the Night of the Languages ​​into Hebrew, and she appears in a deep voice like an extraterrestrial (and we'll get back to that) with the New Age band "Beriat HaHalom", in the song "Take all the happiness in the world, collect all the beauty in the world and be happy".

sloppiness in clothing

And from all this happiness we will move on to alternative medicine, in Alona Friedman's program "In the Best Families", where we will learn to treat the flu with unconventional methods, not before special captions on the background announce throughout the morning, in the style of bazooka gum predictions, that "Geminis are expected to have a good day" And the offers that will be offered to you today will improve your status." And Aries will receive a "surprising invitation abroad as part of work".

And we haven't gotten to "Milkshake" yet - the late night program, if there was one, that was delayed until nine in the morning to completely confuse our slack minds from applying anti-wrinkle cream, on the recommendation of Andy McDowell's advertisement. Adrian Dvir, a computer programmer who believes in aliens, is staying with Scout Grant. What do you believe? It is not a matter of faith. Check it out.

There are literally 15 extraterrestrials in the milkshake studio right now, seven big ones with big heads and bumps, and eight different shapes and sizes. One of them is a scout herself, but neither she nor Adrian knows it. Only I know, as I am one of the 25% of the population who have supersensory perception (and iron nerves).

And for dessert, the journey of Judy-Lak-Nir-Moses-Shalom and her guests in the Astrology Naphtoli - Pisces with a Leo horizon and a pinch of Taurus. It is the downing of an age of vanity and snobbery, snobbery and know-it-alls, sarcasm.
{Appeared in Haaretz newspaper, 14/1/2000}

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