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Are you tired of spending tax money on alternative medicine: complaint form to the Ministry of Health

The Israeli ten23 group that organized the 1023 event for taking an overdose of homeopathic medicines to illustrate their ineffectiveness invites the public to complain to the Ministry of Health about dangerous alternative healers

Homeopathic medicine. From Wikipedia
Homeopathic medicine. From Wikipedia

So you went to the doctor. And the doctor, what to do, was wrong. He is also human. From here, your response can range along the axis of responses to dissatisfaction with service, starting with completely doing nothing, to an investigative committee of the Ministry of Health. Doctors have a lot of responsibility - they are no less responsible than the life of every person who comes to them with a medical problem. In addition to that, they are required to learn and keep up to date throughout their lives, work under the watchful eye of the Ministry of Health, and any mistake could cost them their license, or even more. In order to reduce the possibility of mistakes, they study for years, undergo an internship for additional years and if everything is fine, they are finally allowed to call themselves "doctor, MD degree" and earn 35-40 NIS per hour. Let us remind you that behind modern medicine are 100 years of modern science, research and procedures that are improving and perfecting from moment to moment, as experience increases.

In contrast to them, stand the "alternative healers". These are people who remind me more than the doctor, of the kindergarten games when we were little: "You will be sick and I will be a doctor". Yes. Just like that. Even the knowledge of those "healers" is not far from the scope of the medical knowledge of a kindergarten child, plus some mysticism and baseless theories. However, the human life they play with is real, absolutely real. Sometimes life is that of an elderly or adult, and sometimes that of a helpless toddler. Not for nothing do I write "helpless". This is a legal term. This term describes a person who cannot take care of himself, sometimes lacking any judgment and understanding of the environment or as defined by the law "who, due to his age, illness or physical or mental disability, his intellectual disability or for any other reason, cannot take care of his living needs, health or well-being". These helpless people (as well as others) are treated with methods that are hundreds and thousands of years old, which have almost no connection with reality and they "adopt" scientific terms in order to compare themselves to modern scientific standards. These methods, although they have hardly changed over the years, are primitive and based on logical failures and misinterpretations of reality, and are increasingly occupying a larger and larger share in the world of treatments, thanks to the public's lack of knowledge and the delegitimization campaign conducted by vested interests against medicine and science.

From time to time we hear in the media about a doctor who made a mistake, and what a great media "celebration": big headlines, colorful pictures, interviews and so on. Most of the time it will be a wrong dose, surgery in the wrong place and other mistakes that mainly result from fatigue after 15-30 hours of work in a shift. No matter what the consequences of the mistake will be, the main thing is that the victim has a listening ear and a place to complain to. Thus, as in any reformed country, the doctor gives an account of his actions to the Ministry of Health.

But what about the "healers"? These, it turns out, are completely free from any monitoring and reporting, and if a patient is injured, he has no choice but to return to the real doctor in the hope that his condition might be restored and cured. Fortunately, this is often the case. Fortunately, these are usually minor illnesses

It turns out that the Ministry of Health in Israel does not maintain records of therapists in Israel and anyone can get up tomorrow morning and declare themselves a "therapist" and take responsibility for human life, just like the doctor mentioned at the beginning of the article. Why? So. And who do you contact if there is a problem? Anyone. Up to now.

The Israeli group ten23 arose a few weeks ago in order to bring to Israel the British campaign against homeopathy, which took place this year in 25 other countries and was crowned with success. In light of the situation in which victims of complementary/alternative medicine (of all types, not just homeopathy) lack any address for inquiries and complaints, the group formulated an online form in which the patient can enter his details and the details of the complaint so that those authorized to do so on behalf of the group (only two) can collect and analyze Data received from the complainants and later to act against the Ministry of Health.

So if you too were harmed, if you were denied real medical treatment, if you were sold miracle "medicines", false promises, if you paid for nothing, this is the place to complain. Also, if you know a person who has been affected, please forward the form to them. This is the place to point out that you, or others who were hurt, are not "suckers" because you believed in a "healer", you are victims of cynical exploitation of your medical condition, of your lack of knowledge. And you have to fight exploitation!

The form is free and does not require registration or a password.

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  1. Homeopathic medicines can indeed be harmful, and have even caused a number of unnecessary deaths.

    On the other hand - antibiotics save lives. What is dangerous is "smart" people who decide to stop taking the entire amount prescribed by the doctor - the result is the formation of resistant strains.

  2. And in the end if we let science examine these issues then we find out if something has a proven benefit or not.
    For example, Ginkgo biloba, which they found does not help improve memory in adults.

  3. my age:
    In every website that deals with science, pseudo science is opposed.
    The reasons for this are completely clear because those who seek the truth reject the lie.

  4. I agree with the opponents of the article.
    It is inappropriate for the site to allow a pressure group whose motives are not clear enough on such a stage.

    The article is written in a rude and disrespectful manner.
    These are sensitive human issues.

    I respect the discussion that arose here.

    My partner is a therapist, and I am not yet ready to give my body to this medicine.
    But conventional medicine has let me down so many times, both in terms of service and professionalism.

    There will always be cheaters and everywhere, but also good people who look for the good and the pleasant for a person.
    I support them and am ready to bear the consequences.

  5. I would like to complain about a homeopathic doctor who treated my son (who was 10 months old at the time) who suffered from a severe skin problem from birth and all the doctors said there was no solution. She gave him sulfur in a homeopathic dose, said that if after the first intake the condition worsened, it meant that it was the right medicine, and the condition did get worse. We continued to give him the drug Ethel and two weeks later the whole problem disappeared as if it never existed, and has never returned.

    My question is who should I complain to, and what exactly?

  6. One of my favorite sections on the subject that pretty much sums up my feelings on the subject:

    "By definition", I begin
    "Alternative Medicine", I continued
    "Has either not been proven to work,
    Or been proven not to work.
    You know what they call "alternative medicine"
    That's been proven to work?

  7. Uncle
    You are so wrong! This doctor is not an isolated case. There are many doctors of KofH
    that they have no idea about medicine. I know this doctor personally. At the time he put a cast on a fracture incorrectly so I didn't expect much. He accepts in several cities. What is interesting is that in the big city he is registered as just an orthopedist in another small city he is considered and registered as an ankle specialist. The health insurance funds employ many doctors with very little medical knowledge who will push everyone much more dangerous drugs. Medicines that the companies push for them. Do you happen to know how many doctors have coupons like this for the first month of free Mega Gloflex. Check there are a lot.
    They continue to recommend it and earn. But it's not harmful as you said.
    On the other hand, antibiotics that are pushed and other drugs are very harmful.

  8. For simple logic (24) - I find it hard to believe that an orthopedist prescribed Gloplex. First, because it is an over-the-counter medicine, and secondly, because no reasonable doctor should believe that it is an effective medicine.
    But, even if there was such a case, this is an excellent example of the difference between the scientifically proven medicine and the so-called alternative medicine (because once it is proven, alas, it will not be considered alternative). Gloplex will be investigated, found to be ineffective (already declared as such, to the best of my recollection) and removed from the orthopedist's toolbox, if not from the shelves. A doctor who recommends her here and there may lose his license. What will happen to the homeopath (who advocates the boasting "Torah" that has not changed for several hundred years)?

  9. Simple logic:
    How do people despair of institutionalized medicine?
    One of the main causes of this kind of despair is the grandmother's stories that people like you spread.
    There are not many lies in institutionalized medicine. I'm starting to think that your words actually have.
    Alternative medicine is all a lie - by its very definition that any treatment that is proven to be effective is included in the toolbox of traditional medicine and for alternative medicine it remains only to rely on people like you who will try to convince people in every possible way and contrary to all logic that what has not been tested and what has been tested and found to have no effect or to have a harmful effect is good Because "the truth is not important to those who are sick", and "traditional medicine lies".

    Sweet dreams.

  10. Rothschild
    A small example, personal knowledge: the KOF Orthopedic doctor examines the ankle photographs very carefully. And I recommend with great confidence to the owner of the aching ankle to take megagloplex because there is erosion in the cartilage. And also gives a ticket to the first box of balls for free.
    The patient finishes the box and buys about NIS 500 more pills, but the pain remains.
    After an examination by another orthopedic specialist, inflammation of the ankle tendons is discovered.
    You know how many drugs are prescribed by doctors that the pharmaceutical companies bought in all kinds of ways through various gifts.

  11. Rothschild
    Most of the users of alternative medicine are the patients who do so by choice.
    long before they are terminal. Long after they have given up on institutionalized medicine, which too often sells very long words.
    The amount of lies of the established medicine is no less than the alternative.
    Anyone who has experienced the grind of health insurance funds and hospitals will tell you this.
    There are so many examples and lawsuits of medical malpractice.
    The only difference is that doctors have a license to kill.
    Do you know how many unnecessary surgeries are performed every year in Israeli hospitals?
    Some prescriptions that are not needed are distributed to patients by KofH doctors in Israel.
    So don't talk about liars and exploitation. The one who takes advantage of the patients is mainly the institutionalized medicine.

  12. She wrote bullshit for two shekels.
    The writer is funded by organizations from abroad that receive money from pharmaceutical companies.
    Sorry, but we do not buy your defective goods.

  13. Simple logic:
    When someone is sick, is he not interested in the truth?
    Maybe, sometimes, especially if he's mentally ill as well, but that's no reason to sell him a lie!
    You think I can't come to a dying man and tell him that if he reads the second Harry Potter book (which I'm willing to sell him for full money) he'll be well?
    The one who takes advantage of a person's plight to sell him keyboards is not only a liar - he is also completely unscrupulous.

  14. Modern medicine is not perfect
    And that's a fact
    There is much we do not understand and much we do not know
    And studies sometimes contradict each other

    So you can understand and even support people who use valerian root to sleep and za'atar against strep throat
    There are things that are correct and helpful in traditional medicine

    But at the same time every person has the duty to check and make sure what he puts in his body
    When someone sells snake oil and calls it a miracle cure, they are a fraud
    Today they don't even sell snake oil
    They sell water
    And people buy lockets by the kilo
    Too bad

  15. For simple logic:
    Maximizing results is obtained when proven methods are used.
    And the meaning of proving it is that they met the test of the result in controlled experiments.
    So it is true that there is no solution to every problem, but this is the best that can be done.
    It is not very wise to come to a terminally ill patient and promise him various promises that have no dawn behind them.
    And as they have already said: scientific medicine advocates let it work.
    If they do a controlled experiment with reading in coffee and a positive result is obtained, then believe me that many pharmaceutical companies will jump on the idea and sell "coffee". It is much cheaper than developing drugs.
    The point is that you have to go through a series of experiments, and until now there has been no non-scientific treatment that has shown results.

  16. Rothschild
    When someone is sick they are not interested in the truth.
    When the established medicine lies and it lies in many cases it is a fact.
    What remedy do you suggest when there is no established solution. read in knowledge?
    You need to find the balance between the different medical approaches to maximize the results.
    Do not exaggerate the alternative medicine and see where the limits of the established medicine are.

  17. The New Age and its offshoots have fooled too many people and here too you can see how many confused people jump.
    Water does not cure (apart from dehydration of course) and homeopathic medicines are water. If homeopathic remedies worked, they would be in medical use. There is no place for conspiracy theories about complementary medicine (an annoying expression because it has nothing to do with medicine) for the nation of modern medicine, the claims should be reflected in scientific studies. The only advantage that complementary medicine has is the therapist's attention to the patient, which can contribute to healing because of the placebo effect, and this should also be understood by doctors.

  18. Simple logic:
    Offering false alternatives for money is no alternative to telling the truth.
    There are no shortage of cases of people who died because they trusted this lie instead of trusting the established medicine.

  19. Avi Blizovsky
    Check in the departments of serious diseases in hospitals how many patients out of all the secular patients where alternative medicine turns to the various issues.
    For the simple reason that medicine based on science has no answer for many diseases.
    Check how many of those who turned to the alternative were convinced that they were helped by it to one degree or another.
    I think you are fighting windmills. And there is no justification for that.
    Because the war against the alternative actually takes away the option of hope that patients have. Because the fighters against the alternative do not offer alternatives.

  20. Bet-ya:
    You demonstrate exactly why it is difficult to be reasonable to an ordinary person.
    You attack the scientists and support the liars and dare to compare the results of scientific studies with false stories.

  21. According to the simplistic logic of "simple logic" the most declared secular is religious.
    According to him, even what does not affect at all or affects in a negative way "helps luck".
    Apparently his poison seller is called Mazal and it helps her financially.

  22. Every era and its witch hunter. Those who believed that witches should be hanged, because they are harmful, believe today that homeopaths should be hanged. Why is it so difficult to attribute intelligence to an ordinary person?
    and besides that:
    A. Regarding the helpless: first of all, they "throw" thousands of shekels at different rabbis, with alternative medicine being the last on their list.
    B. Regarding the form: after all, it emphasizes sexual assault, and sexual assault can be committed anywhere, at any time, and the alternative therapists are not the first on the list.

  23. Well done.
    But it's a bit funny that under the article there are two advertisements for Chinese medicine.

  24. Up until now it seemed that you actually tried to separate homeopathy from the rest of alternative medicine. In my opinion, what you have done here now is really wrong. There are cases where even doctors say to turn to alternative medicine in order to solve problems, I'm not talking about curing cancer through acupuncture, but migraines, irritable bowel, many things that conventional medicine can't solve. These treatments cost thousands of shekels if they are not subsidized by the health insurance funds. And what about herbs? It is wrong to go against all alternative medicine

  25. Conventional medicine should be the last resort after the person first went to homeopaths and naturopaths. A recent huge study revealed that the number four cause of death in the world is the correct use of drugs. correct use. Do not overdose or use pills unnecessarily. Correct usage!! The pharmaceutical industry is the most predatory and corrupt industry on earth.

    When someone comes in with a vague sense of unease, a touch of the nerves or even just more money than sense. We'll be there for them: a bottle of basically just water in one hand and a huge invoice in the other.
    It's just a shame to see people being exploited like this, even if the exploiting party believes they are doing good.

  27. The "declared secular" goes to the accepted ones? These are exactly the people who are secular in terms of behavior but not in terms of essence, in the absence of exposure to science in the media, we are left to believe what is written in the newspaper or shown on television - vain beliefs in pseudo sciences such as homeopathy.

  28. Please read Simon Singh and Ezard Ernst's book Temptation or Healing. The answer is unequivocal, the scientific studies prove that there is nothing wrong with homeopathy. point. No need to repeat it over and over again.

  29. It is not appropriate for a website as respected as science to hold such a discussion that is not based on real research and facts.
    If there is truth in the matter, where is the reinforcement from scientific studies as is found in every other article on the site.

  30. The usual medicines only help some diseases and some people.
    A lot of luck is needed in addition to medication.
    So if there is a choice between surrendering to luck and actions that might help luck.
    Why not use such drugs especially in situations where all other options have already been exhausted.
    Even the most avowedly secular goes to the accepted ones and goes to the wall to put a note and pray
    When all scientific options have been exhausted.
    Science and logic have nothing to say when luck is the main influence.

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