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China and Italy will hunt cosmic rays

The two countries will establish the world's largest observatory on a mountain peak in Tibet to study the mysterious phenomenon of cosmic rays; These are particles with enormous energy, which create luminous streaks in space. The cost of the project - 13 million dollars

China and Italy will cooperate in building the largest observatory in the world to be built in Tibet, and will focus on one of the most mysterious phenomena in the universe - cosmic rays.

The observatory, whose construction cost about 13 million dollars, will be built on an uninhabited mountain in southern Tibet, Yanbajan, at an altitude of 4,700 meters. The works will start next month. The high altitude and dry air there are the ideal conditions for observing the cosmic rays, according to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, which reported on the establishment of the observatory.

Those cosmic rays are extremely high energy grains. The grains create luminous streaks that flicker too fast for the human eye when they enter the atmosphere from outer space. Although they are smaller than atoms, cosmic rays are the most energetic particles in the universe - a hundred times more than the most charged atom.

No one knows where the cosmic rays come from, or why they are so powerful. Some scientists believe that they are thrown into outer space as a result of the creation of black holes.
Italy will contribute 9 million dollars, and the Chinese government will complete the amount. On the same Tibetan mountain there is already a small observatory that was established with Japanese assistance in 1990. The observatory will be built on an area of ​​10,000 square meters. About half of them will be dedicated to cosmic ray detectors. Today, scientists from 12 countries are already working there, and after the new observatory is established, they will be joined by scientists from other countries. The largest observatory in the world tracking cosmic rays is currently located in Utah, USA.
Avi Blizovsky adds: Italy is building itself as a space power, and among other things, it will build a residential area for the International Space Station instead of NASA, which was caught in a budgetary crisis. In return, it will be able to launch more astronauts than its relative share of the International Space Station allows.

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