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Compugen: cooperation for the development of diagnostic products with Johnson & Johnson

Compugen and a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson will jointly develop diagnostic products based on diagnostic markers discovered by Compugen

Compugen announces a collaboration agreement with Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Inc. (OCD), a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, for the development and commercialization of diagnostic markers. As part of the agreement, OCD and Compugen will jointly develop diagnostic products based on diagnostic markers discovered by Compugen. OCD will receive the global commercialization rights while Compugen will be entitled to payments for milestones in the development process, and royalties from sales.

In the first phase of the agreement, OCD will select up to nine diagnostic markers for development, from Compugen's growing database of diagnostic markers. The companies will collaborate in the initial development stages of the selected markers. According to the agreement, any marker that successfully passed the first clinical tests in the laboratories, will be developed into a product and commercialized by OCD. Compugen will receive payment for development milestones and royalties from sales.

The collaboration between the companies combines the unique discovery capabilities of Compugen and its existing protein database, with the global development and commercialization capabilities of OCD. Compugen's discovery process is based on predicting the set of human proteins using the company's LEADS platform. After that, the protein map is analyzed using the company's discovery engines to identify new proteins with desired specific characteristics.

Dr. Mor Amitai, President and CEO of Compugen said, "We are very happy to partner with OCD, one of the leading diagnostic companies in the world. This transaction is an important business opportunity for us. We look forward to collaborating with OCD in this new agreement to identify new proteins with diagnostic potential, as well as continuing to provide commercially valuable targets to our business partners as well as to our therapeutic development programs."

About Compugen
Compugen, a drug discovery and diagnostic marker company, increases the chances of success of developing innovative drugs and diagnostic products by integrating ideas and research methods from the fields of mathematics, computer science and physics into the life sciences. The product of this unique combination is predictive models and drug discovery engines that advance the understanding of important biological phenomena, as well as enable the discovery of potential therapeutic products and diagnostic markers. Several proteins with therapeutic potential discovered by Compugen are in initial stages of development by the company. The company has collaborations with leading pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies, such as: Novartis, Abbott Laboratories and Diagnostics Product Corporation.
CompuGen's headquarters, research center, and laboratories are located in Tel Aviv and its business development center is located in Silicon Valley, California. Compugen has related companies: Kedem Biosciences - a company that focuses on the discovery of small molecules for pharmaceutical purposes, and Avogen - a company in the field of agricultural biotechnology.
The company employs about 130 employees, about 100 of whom are mathematicians, engineers, scientists and doctors who make up one of the largest teams in the world for developing algorithms and models for deciphering life processes.
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