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Classical physics

Doctoral student Benia Gros from the Department of Physics, the President's Scholar, has so far published 15 articles and one book, and presented his works dealing with dependent physical networks, at 9 conferences
The research was able to find hidden order in apparently "messy" rotating physical systems, such as proteins and vortices
If you have ever stood on the side of a highway, or an ambulance passed you by at high speed, you must have noticed the change in tone that occurs exactly when the vehicle or the siren passes you by: the noise "drops" sharply
This research, recently carried out by Prof. Jay Feinberg and Neri Berman from the Rekh Institute of Physics, was published in the prestigious journal Physical Review Letters. The study revealed, for the first time, the behavior in the immediate vicinity of the crack tip.
In a series of experiments, Weizmann Institute of Science scientists solved the puzzle of the relationship between electric current and the freezing temperature of supercooled water. Beyond the scientific interest, their findings may lead to the promotion of applications in diverse fields
About lies we tell ourselves, the laws of traffic and Newton's, and how we can look at traffic jams in a positive light
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