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When the next dangerous virus is released into the world's air, it will find a deep moat courtesy of science that will make it possible to understand its operation, and a wall in the form of technology that will stop it. The way the virus works will be deciphered within a day. The drugs and vaccines will be developed within a week, with minimal clinical trials thanks to the precision of the cell and body simulations.
In the current article, I want to go over the way in which the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were developed, how they received emergency approval, and what this means in the end for their level of safety and effectiveness. To do this, we will go through each step in a typical vaccine development and approval process, and see how it went over the past year
Contrary to the popular opinion of some of the commenters here, I'm not just trying to scaremonger about the virus. Therefore, today I want to cover the most surprising trend in the last five weeks: the incidence of corona is decreasing in large parts of the world. Is this a seasonal phenomenon? Do the vaccines work? Dr.Roey Tsezana reviews all the alternatives
A week ago a study was published in Nature in which the researchers described how they closely followed the evolution of the virus in the body of a cancer patient whose immune system was destroyed and discovered mutations that are also able to deal with a large number of antibodies produced against the virus
The discussion, in my opinion, is puzzling. Isn't it enough that the vaccine prevents the vast majority of those who receive it from getting a serious illness? But since the question comes up so often, it's worth addressing
As a result of the restrictions such as social distancing, not only the spread of the corona but also that of the flu was limited. Will the absence of a flu epidemic in both hemispheres mean that we will not know which strain to prepare for next winter?
We must start thinking far ahead - on the order of at least a year - to prevent the fourth, fifth and sixth closures. Or, if these are the obligations of reality, then at least we will enter them prepared.
The question that repeats many times comes from pregnant women who want to know if they should take the covid-19 vaccine. I do not intend to provide recommendations in this record, among other things because every pregnant woman is a special case in herself. I will try to provide all the scientific knowledge we have today, in the hope that it will help women make a more informed decision
Two new studies - one from Britain and the other from Israel - have recently clarified the deadly meaning of the same burden for patients, especially Covid-19 patients
In recent days there has been a big uproar regarding the Helsinki Committee, what it determined or did not determine, and what it means for the vaccine. So let's break down the issue, to understand what the Ministry of Health really did wrong, and what this means for Pfizer, the vaccine and the Helsinki Committee. Dr.Roey Tsezana makes order
Recent studies in Nature and Science have tried to examine the issue, but many forget that closure is only a last resort, therefore treating it as a separate solution misleads decision makers and serves the supporters of conspiracy theories
In this entry I will tell about three wonderful developments in genetic engineering from the last year. All of them, by the way, are the product of genetic engineering technology so sophisticated that we are still trying to understand what its limit is. And the meaning is that these developments are only the tip of the iceberg, and many more will follow
The year 2020 has come and gone, and here we are entering 2021, and everyone wants to know what the technological developments and predictions will be for the new year. We are about to simply experience the same thing - but more
Researchers have developed an algorithm known as ART - Automated Recommendation Tool. Art received an enormous amount of information about the set of proteins in the cell, and as a result he could predict how changes in those proteins would affect the substances that the cell is supposed to create
If they had to choose the outstanding scientific development of 2020 it would undoubtedly be an mRNA-based vaccine. Dr.Roey Tsezana explains
The mRNA vaccine has no effect on the genetic code, it does not contain biological substances, does not cause sterilization, every technology was once new, and the corners that were rounded for the acceleration of the vaccine were not in the medical field but in the bureaucracy * Dr.Roey Tsezana answers these and other concerns that arise Opponents of vaccines have gained traction with the public
Many theories have been proposed in the past - and are still being proposed - as a way to explain the phenomenon of aging. In recent years, a new theory has been added to them that explains aging. Apparently, there is nothing new in this, except that just last week a fascinating study was published that demonstrated for the first time how aging can be reversed in tissues that have undergone appropriate treatment
Dr.Roey Tsezana explains the importance of the development of Google researchers who succeeded in developing an artificial intelligence that can understand how proteins fold
And here is the question: think about the annual resource consumption of countries. In the United States - a developed country by all accounts - has the annual consumption of resources decreased, increased, or remained the same in the last twenty years?
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